Nature Beauty Project : A special gift for minimalism lover

Minimalist interior design trends are becoming more and more popular these days. We designed this project for Mrs Eve, who is a young adult and wants to build a house in the countryside to stay away from urban areas. In this article, we will introduce a closer look at this interior design. Through this project,we want to send our sincere thanks to our clients who have always trusted in us so that K-render can grow up like today. 

Overall of Nature Beauty project 


Modern lover project

This project is designed for a bungalow, which has a total area of 400m2. With regard to living close to nature and trees, Mrs Eve hopes K-render studio would make her dream come true. Along with the simplicity and subtlety, Nature Beauty project also evokes a comfortable feeling and homey living environment. With a budget about 4000$, our team has worked out to completely design this project.

Nature Beauty project – The Living room 

Mrs Eve has chosen the light color to be the main one of this living room. This style helps to brighten the room and give out the feeling of calm and relaxed. Besides, adding some trees to the home can make interiors feel fresher as well as more peaceful. We also take advantage of urchin light to draw a dose of drama to an understated interior. 

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Modern lover project

Nature Beauty Project – The kitchen 

In this project, the kitchen is a connecting room with the living room. We have decided to use wood as the main material of the room and lantern is also used to make the room more different and special. K-render – top 1 of  3D rendering firms would bring out psychological effects on people and similar stress-reducing effects to nature such as proximity to nature, warmth, homeliness and a relaxing effect.



Modern lover project

Nature Beauty Project – The bedroom 

Here is the bedroom of Mrs Eve. We make the most use of  natural light sources rather than using artificial lighting. Mixing the window with gray curtains is to help to maximize the room’s natural lighting source.  This would bring the living space a fresh, inviting elegance, and it is also the key to efficiently expanding the space. The most special feature of this room is the window with the view outside, which brings the feeling close to nature.
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Modern lover project


Nature Beauty Project – The bathroom 

Our team has designed an eco-friendly bathroom by adding wood furniture and plants. We also make use of natural light by putting a big window to the left of the room. The grain and tones of genuine hardwood bring warmth and character to this Nature Beauty Project. modern-lover-project

We can also see the simplicity in this room with black tiles together with a white curtain. Using white as the main color helps to have the feeling of neatness and cleanliness to the homeowner.


Modern lover project

Nature Beauty Project – The Workroom 

Mrs Eve would like to have a simple workroom for herself, as she would spend most of her time in this room. We use yellow light to make the room warmer and more comfortable. Light gray is also used for the walls and curtain that bring to the owner the feeling of concentration and not easy to be distract. This is the most satisfied room of Mrs Eve as she always dreams to have her own workroom.


After about 2 weeks, K-render finally completed the interior design and received nice feedback from our customer. This was one of our qualified projects and she was very impressed by the quality of the project. Thank you Mrs Eve for trusting and choosing K-render as a partner to carry out this interior design.

These are all the information about the Nature Beauty Project. We are happy in working with Mrs. Eve and accomplishing this 3D rendering product. We are continually striving to give the best services to our customers. It gives us great joy to make such a work of art. We are ready to counsel you to find out the most suitable design style for your own home. 

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