K-apartment by K-render

Mr. Ryan has seen the renderings of K-Render Studio in the early days of 2022, during the British New Year holidays. He decided to contact K-Render after his vacation. He was instantly persuaded by the experts and architects at K-ingenuity Render’s and excited.


Living room

Mr. Ron sent us a floor plan, a 3D model and some design styles that he has always wanted. The K-Apartment project was established as a result.


Another camera angle of living room

  • This villa has three storeys, each of which is 300m2.


  • It is very mild, not too colorful, but it combines appropriate hues to produce luxury and comfort, with an extraordinarily huge living room with bold European design.

K-apartment’s living room


  • A pleasant style with all the best for the family is adjacent to the living room.
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