Motty Office – a perfect interior design by K-Render

Motty office is a K-Render’s project of renovate the office of a company specializing in mechanical engineering, an office with 2 floors and an area of ​​185m2. The client wants to renovate it based on one of our previous designs, we will apply that style and create a new look for the company.

The interior design of the office is something very important to the company. It can affect employee morale, as well as bring comfort to customers when they come to work at the office. After a long time of researching and trying out different design styles, K Render has found the most suitable style: Minimalist. Minimalist home office design is an ideal style from a home office where focus and organization are top priorities. The inherent nature of minimalist design is streamlined and stripped back, which is very conducive to working. The Motty Office project is one of our best interior designs that was ever made: simple, but very elegant.

The purpose of client

Motty Office is a project where our client wanted to renovate their office, to create a professional workspace that reflects the company’s style.
The office has up to 11 rooms:
– 1 Executive, 2 Engineers, 2 Drafters, 1 Reception, 1 Estimator, 1 Service manager, 1 Service call taker, 1 Service technicians computer desks. (For now, but they want to make room for more staff in the future)

– Every room needs a window so that natural light can circulate throughout the office.

Function floor plan

After knowing the purpose of our client, our next step is to design the function floor plan. After a few days of crawling and working, here’s K-Render studio‘s design:

This first design did not really satisfy the customer at first, we had to make some changes:
+) Executive room: a restroom and the main door should be towards the open space.

+) Add some restrooms

Interior renders

After the customer is satisfied with the function floor plan, we proceed to the next step: render the rooms in 3D format based on the 2D plan and the style that the customer has chosen. After about 10 working days, we sent the customer our first design, and then we continued to make changes according to the customer’s feedback.
+) Only conference rooms should have glasses

+) The company’s logo at the entrance
+) Keep the wall in the kitchen

CEO Executive Office

Project completed

Project management room




Conference room

CEO Executive Room

After more than 10 working days (including the day of additional editing based on customer feedback), we went to the rendering step and this is Motty Office through the hands of K Render:

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