Minimalist Style: What BringsThe Beauty In Interior Design – Motty Office Project

THE MOTTY OFFICE is a renovation project from a house with 2 floors to a fully furnished office. Although the client wants a similar design to our previous project KDI Building, the artist from K-Render team still does their best to bring a new version for the company. To bring the best experience as well as the convenience for the employees, please follow our process in the article below.


First ideas of Motty project

To begin with the project, we need some information from the clients, following:

+ Floor drawing, CAD file of the house

+ Style: Minimalist style

+ Budget: up to 75000$ for interior designs

+ The layout of the office: Divided into 12 rooms

  •         1 room – Executive/Reception/Estimator/Service manager/Service call taker
  •         2 rooms – Engineers/Drafters/Service technicians computer desks
  •         Total area: 185m2


The process of Interior rendering in Motty Project                           

During this time, K-Render studio had to work with clients to confirm the office’s final image. We always hope to bring the most professional experience to our customers during the service. So, with only 3 stages in the rendering process, keep following our steps to see how we undertake this project.

Edit 2D floorplan

The first step of this project is to rebuild a 2D floorplan based on the client’s demand. To illustrate a better vision for the Motty office, the K-Render team needs to ask some important questions following:

+ What is the profession your company operates in?

+ Are there any employees working overtime or working on a night shift? Do you need rooms for that?

+ For renovation design, do you keep any rooms or make a completely new design? (Staircase, door entrance, floor, ceiling, and WC)

After 3 days of collecting information and designing the feature, here is the drawing of the 2D floorplan base on those questions:


However, the design doesn’t fit our customer’s demand, so our team needs to add more detail on:

+ Executive room: a WC room and change the main door of the room to the open space area.

+ Hallway: 2 more toilets, next to the bathroom.

When the shaping step is all done, our team will move on to the next section.

Build 3D rendering

The next step of the process is that the artists will have to build a 3D rendering model for the materials and furniture designs.

To get better at understanding our customers, we want to build a comfortable workplace for the employees. After our team defined the style for the office, we continue to go through all 3D model libraries to seek furniture that is suitable to the customer’s budget.

And, after exactly 10 days of working, K-render sent the first revision to the client. They immediately sent us comments and asked us to:

+ Delete all the glass walls except the Conference room

+ Add company symbols on the wall across the entrance

+ Keep the present wall in the kitchen

We’re really happy to see the feedback from the customer, although it takes us more time to fix. Now, when 90% of the project is done, it is time we move to the final stage.

Final rendering

At this stage, K-Render artists only need to adjust the lighting for furniture. Since Motty is an office, open space and natural light are ideal when it brings more productivity for the employees. Moreover, we also have to find a perfect shooting angle for the scene, so that the customers can check for the views of their working space.

Now, the only thing that needs to be done is running the software to simulate the final product.


The final result of the interior rendering project

After all of the process, K-Render has successfully done the interior rendering of the Motty office project, and here is the output of the project:






 Customer’s feedback

The entire K-Render team is very proud after sending our final result to the customer and receiving positive feedback. We hope that through rendering products like this, more and more customers will know about the K-Render studio. We are always available to work with you on your project, so please feel free to contact us anytime!

For more information, please contact: 

Whatsapp: +84 855555 229



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