Meizhou Xiyuan Villa Interior Design – The beauty of the times

Background design of the villa interior design project

Meizhou Xiyuan Villa was redesigned by K-Render Studio – one of the top 3d visualization companies, the design inherits the ancient style of traditional Chinese culture and the spirit of Meizhou local culture. In the meeting of the intentional and the intangible, we cut into a comfortable spiritual space, clear and humanely authentic, condensed squares, colors, and patterns. Traditional wisdom into a new spatial art, creating a new aesthetic texture of life.


Villa interior design Project by K-Render

Complete process

With a house size of 1200m2 along with very specific and detailed requirements of Mr. Alex Wang, to be able to design beautifully in every detail is not an easy challenge for K-Render. But with K-Render Studio’s meticulous, professional and international standard working process, not a single customer feels uncomfortable or dissatisfied with the results.


Meizhou Xiyuan Villa by K-Render

From the information about the construction site for a villa interior design project, the requirements of the client, we will discuss the design price of for our client the company. Right after Mr. Alex Wang agrees with the design price, we will send our client a contract to agree and ensure payment. Then decide whether to sign the contract or make any changes to the terms of the contract.

Since this is a completely new design project, right after signing the contract, our architects will give specific design ideas, and customers will also directly participate in the discussion to make sure no request is missed.

Next step is the 2D and 3D interior layout plan. At K-Render Studio, we have 2 options for you in terms of interior layout. To make it easier for customers to visualize, we will make a 3D plan to help customers easily imagine their room. As for the 2D floor plan, we will still send it back to the customer so that we can send it to the contractor to complete the house when construction with specific dimensions and more expertise.


Meizhou Xiyuan Villa by K-Render Studio

Finally, complete the 3D perspective drawing to help customers document their home as well as help them visualize 100% of every detail and angle of each room in the house. With 3D high quality rendering service, Mr.Wang has obtained a standard 3D perspective drawing with only details about the lighting and materials of each household item

Let’s admire the magnificent beauty of Meizhou Xiyuan Villa that K-Render has made!

Meizhou Xiyuan Villa Interior Design Output

Living room – villa interior design

Fresh, beautiful and remote style, high spatial structure, floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides of the wall bring beauty from many different angles to the space. Between the coin-patterned rug, the side-color matching curtains and the sofa cushions, they create restraint and rhythm for the whole room. 


Meizhou Xiyuan Villa Living Room

In the design of the living room, while inheriting the modern Western design, we direct our attention to the local cultural heritage of the Chinese national tradition. The main color is blue, which embodies the symbolic spirit of the Hakka blue shirt in Meizhou. Ancient colors, simple shapes and dignified decorations, all show a close relationship with the costume culture of ethnic minorities.

Dining room – villa interior design

The restaurant design combines Hakka’s simple, natural and casual features with a modern lifestyle and a more youthful and dynamic aesthetic to create a modern, artistic dining environment. and concise, orderly. In the aesthetic defined by the modern European-style wireframe, the designer subtly incorporated traditional symbolic elements, such as border, ginkgo leaf decoration, etc., neither abstract nor philosophical, but integrated in a way that builds space in a more subtle and atmospheric way.


Meizhou Xiyuan Villa Dining Room Design

Master Bedroom – villa interior design

In the design of the master bedroom suite, the sense of balance, color, rhythm, ingenuity… all follow a common understanding of the law of formal beauty in design. The air is harmonious, fresh, pleasant and quiet. The gray rug with geometric frames and lines, and the paintings of natural flowers and birds reflect the creativity of the design and the beauty of dynamic harmony in conflict. Not many 3d architect studio can harmonize the modern and traditional in a perfect way as K-Render Studio.


Meizhou Xiyuan Villa Bedroom

Second bedroom of villa interior design

The second bedroom is designed with unified and restrained gray tones, simple Chinese-style furniture placed firmly and logically on the warm wooden floor. There is a trace of Zen rhythm in the details, but there is no feeling of loneliness, the quiet and still space is the inner richness, freedom, also the stillness after the vanity disappears.


Bedroom Design by K-Render


Music-themed daughter’s room. The soft background color highlights the unique purple-red color, decorated with musical icon elements that have a cheerful and beautiful meaning, with tenderness and possible temperament. The low and simple wood color highlights the simple beauty of the local culture.


Meizhou Xiyuan Villa Bedroom

Hidden Club villa interior design

The design of the underground hidden club highlights the unique consumption needs of the modern elite. In the space, the main color tones are high-class gray, orange with earth tones are placed to enhance the trendy beauty and vitality for the overall space. The underground wine storage space breaks away from the conventional design. The wine storage shelves are made of clear acrylic, accented with a long, arc-shaped crystal chandelier, while displaying crystal clear visual charm.


Meizhou Xiyuan Villa Hidden Club

Working Room – Villa interior design


Meizhou Xiyuan Villa Working Room

The original texture of wood material creates a rich, realistic and unremarkable atmosphere of the office. The dark wood grain is presented naturally without artificial decoration, it naturally resonates with the wooden floor of the same color. Absolutely beautiful space. and delicate. Instead, it highlights the clear mood and the spirit of seeking new and improved.


Working with K-Render Studio, we are happy in accomplishing large projects such as Armani Apartment. We are continually striving to give the best experience to our customers. It gives us great joy to make such a work of art.

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