Mandarin Project is a luxury interior rendering house

In the following article, we will introduce you to K-Render Studio’s process of creating a quality rendering. The project we refer to in this article is the Mandarin Project!

Client’s Idea and Purpose of the Mandarin Project

We receive input from the client. They want to build an architectural house in a luxurious and modern style. Family members of the client can enjoy the large and comfortable space of the house they need to render.


Client’s Idea and Purpose of the Mandarin Project

After talking with the customer, we also received the mood board and the material board that the customer provided according to their wishes. Next, they also completed the deposit payment for this Mandarin project and Starlake exterior rendering.

The process of working with the client and the Mandarin project

Next, this will be the main part of this article. Below, we will introduce the process that K-Render created the Mandarin house with our client.

The process of rendering Mandarin project before the revision 1

First of all, the professional architects will help customers get a sketch of their dream house as quickly as possible.


The process of rendering Mandarin project before the revision 1

After that, we will make the details and arrange the furniture for the Mandarin project as soon as the customer approves the sketch.

There are 3 factors that architects specializing in rendering should pay attention to, they are:

  • First is light: Lighting is an important factor determining the success of the rendered product. Therefore, in this project, we advised customers to choose natural light to make their room more spacious and bright.
  • Second is materials for furniture inside the house: Wood and stone are the two main materials that customers want us to put in each of their furniture. To create the shine of wood, the sharpness of stone, the rendering architects of K-Render Studio used the most professional rendering software we own. Therefore, customers can be assured of the working method as well as the output quality of the products that K-Render provides.
  • Third is the right angle for the Mandarin project: Finally, the photography angle factor. This is a fairly large project. Therefore, K-Render and the client also agreed on the scenes and views of the Mandarin project from the beginning. The angles and views are completely chosen and decided by the customer. K-Render will be the ones to rearrange those great ideas of our customers. With the sole purpose of helping the Mandarin project to be built successfully as planned.

Revision round – Send demo product for customer to check

In this part we will send some demos of Mandarin project renderings for customers to check and comment.

For edit 1, we needed to correct the color and brightness of the living room sofas. In addition, customers commented that they were surprised at the progress and speed of project implementation by the whole team. They received the edited demo earlier than they expected.


Revision round – Send demo product for customer to check

After receiving the customer’s comments, our architects will edit and send the second rendering of the project like Dreams Ville to the customer.

Next, after receiving the second edit, the customer was completely satisfied with the rendering quality of K-Render Studio. Compared to the original consistency, the image quality of the latest renders is not as sharp as they imagined. As a result, the client asked us to tweak the image quality of the render to a little higher. From there, we will be able to send back the final rendering of the Mandarin project to the client for project completion.

Payments and customer feedback

Our customers are completely satisfied with the customer service as well as the quality of the renderings of K-Render Studio. They have also completed a final payment policy and hope to work with K-Render Studio in the future.

As for the production and customer care team of K-Render Studio, we feel extremely grateful that customers have trusted and chosen K-Render Studio as an important and reputable partner. Hopefully with the efforts of the whole team, the Mandarin project will be successfully built and inaugurated.

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For product articles, we always want to bring you different perspectives on K-Render’s ability to work as well as in-depth expertise. From there, you can rest assured and choose us as your most reputable rendering service provider.

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