Luxury house interior rendering in Singapore by K-Render

K-render is a notable provider of 3D architectural rendering services for luxury house interiors. This article reviews a K-render project for a Singaporean entrepreneur’s – Mr. Richard Aditon home rendering.

Workflow of the project

K-render recently had the opportunity to work with Mr.Richard Adition to implement a luxury house rendering project for a Singaporean businessman. Let’s take a look at the process of how K-render created this luxury house interior rendering in Singapore. The process starts with an initial meeting with Mr.Richard where we discuss requirements, budget and timeline. He planned to create a luxurious design for the home that would harmoniously blend modern and traditional aspects. Our interior designers begin creating realistic visualization after they have received a thorough design from the customer along with a list of the furniture, a mood board, and a material board. We base the color and material of our home furnishings on the requirements of our client. 


A part of Singaporean entrepreneur’s home rendering project

Living room

The Architecture of K-render utilizes the contrast of the two dominant colors, white and black, to design a room that is luxurious but elegant. When it comes to having a delicate and luxurious beauty that the majority of consumers appreciate, stone-grained brick is one of the most popular brick types available today. Choosing stone-grained floor tiles for the wall of the living room creates a stunning, modern space that is equally fascinating. 


Living room design by K-render

In order to increase the amount of natural light entering the room, we design large window frames and thin white curtains. This is the best way to effectively extend the space and will give the living room a clean, appealing elegance. The designer used a variety of natural wood for the window frames, doors, and ceiling features to add warmth, interest, and texture to the space as you can see in our living room renders output.

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Dining room

The dining room is spacious and airy. The grace and warmth of the room are increased by the use of porcelain and glass in kitchen accessories like bowls, chopsticks, and cups. Additionally, we add trendy ceiling light to highlight the central part of the room. Furthermore, images rendered by K-render – one of the best 3D rendering studio bring authenticity to every detail for customers to help customers imagine what their home would look like in real life.


Objects rendered by K-render

Working room

Our client is a book enthusiast, therefore he wanted a workplace that satisfied his interests. The primary color of the working room is white combined with minimal style. Behind the desk, we have designed a delicate bookcase. Wood grain elements on bookshelves provide the customer’s space consistency. 


A part of working room

Mini bar and Wine room

The bar is used not only to decorate the kitchen and divide the area, but it also serves as a dining table when necessary, allowing family members to come together. Therefore, when designing a mini bar for the kitchen in the household, as a 3D rendering firm, we designed it to suit the space, bringing an impression and uniqueness as well as a modern style to the house. 


Mini bar and Wine room

We design the wine cellar in a modern style, different from the traditional cellar. Modern wine cellars are a little different, often using modern materials such as Acrylic, frameless glass, clean space, eye-catching and trendy designs. Modern cellar furniture tends to be lighter in design, often used to create accents rather than as a main material. Wine racks tend to be acrylic or metal. Lighting can be more than traditional cellars.


Cold colors were used as the dominant color palette when designing the bedroom to add a sense of luxury. Additionally, we choose the nightlight to match the decor and enhance the space. Silk is known as one of the most premium materials in the textile industry today. We take advantage of high-class silk bedding to make the bedroom more noble and luxurious.


A part of bedroom design by K-render


We appreciate Richard Aditon for trusting  and cooperating with K-render. We always try our best to bring the best experience to our clients, offering designs that suit the style, personality and preferences of our clients with a reasonable cost of 3D rendering. K-render is specializes in  interior rendering and exterior rendering, which helps you visualize the interior design style you desire in the clearest and most realistic way.

We look forward to having many opportunities to cooperate with potential customers like Mr. Richard Aditon in the future. 

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