KDI Building – New Version Of An Office

The KDI building is an office. With the requirements dealing from the beginning with the contractor, the artists began the process of rendering the work. Despite the difficulties, our artists did their best to deliver a beautifully final rendering product. To learn more about interesting things around KDI building, please refer to the article below!

Client’s idea

First, we will share the initial idea and customer input on KDI building

The light of KDI building

The lighting of the KDI building chosen by customers is daylight. This will help:

  • First, the space of the office becomes more real, more emotional and similar to real life.
  • Second, the interior details in the office will also be illuminated by the light from the outside environment. The accents of the room will also attract the viewer’s eye.

The furniture of KDI building

All furniture used in the KDI building is made of wood and stone.

KDI building - A big standard office

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Next, the workspace of KDI building will be suitable for such objects because:

  • We can paint different colors on furniture made from industrial wood.
  • The main colors of the office should be white, black, brown tones.
  • In addition, stone and brick materials should also be used in the office. Avoid using glassware, which is fragile, and interferes with the working process of employees.

The layout of the villa

With an area of ​​up to 600 square meters, customers have arranged for KDI building to have the following layout:

  • Large meeting room: closed space, dark brown tones
  • Lobby room: dark brown tones but using light from the outside environment.
  • Office: The interior is neatly arranged, the main color is white, using daylight.

Rendering process of K-Render

In this part, we will introduce about how to render KDI project.

Modeling for KDI building

The first step of the rendering process is to build the construction.

Receiving input parameters, rendering artists will proceed to shape objects in the software’s workspace.

This step is very important. Because if the artist is correct from the first steps, the next steps will be much easier.


The layout of KDI building

From the shaping step, rendering artists must identify and understand each shape being rendered. Then, they can use supporting software to create 3D objects with the greatest ease.

Materials and interior details

The next step is that the rendering artists will have to choose the color schemes for the materials and interior details of the building.

The artists will have to do how to color the materials according to the client’s wishes?

An interior detail will be divided into two elements: shape and material. For example,

Material in the rendering means that the rendering artists will have to color the interior and make them look like real life as possible.

  • The first one: As for the shape, the rendering artists will use software specifically for the rendering process. They had the necessary items for the project. Now they need to choose wisely so that the shape fits the requirements that the client gives.
  • The second one: As for the materials and colors of the utensils, the rendering artists will have to customize according to the original parameters.

You can find out more information in the Collin Celeste project.


The wide space in KDI building

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In addition, they need to mix colors with the help of rendering software.. so that the items in the photo look like real life.

Editing lighting for KDI building

The element of light is a very important element in a rendering photo.

We can see a lot of ambient light appearing a lot in the final renderings of the K-Render artists. Since KDI is an office, the open space and natural light will be suitable for the building.

Moreover, understanding the design intent of the project, our renderers chose the location to place the light for the room.


Next is the light used in KDI building

For example, a desk or a meeting table is the highlight of the room. Viewers will pay attention to those details when looking at them. Therefore, the artists arranged the light element to shine clearly on that desk or table. To be able to attract the viewers and contribute to making the space of the room more beautiful and emotional.

Find a photo angle

The final step of the entire rendering process is to choose a photo angle for the project.

In rendering, finding a shooting angle for a scene is the fact that rendering artists will have to use different perspectives for a room. The purpose of this step is so that the viewer can have the most views on the work.

Depending on the size of the room or the large and small area, the rendering artists will allocate different shooting angles.

In addition, to be able to choose a suitable angle for the room, the artist will need to add factors such as aspect ratio, image resolution, white balance, noise, etc. More advanced factors such as parameters of light photons traveling in space, sharpness, panorama images, etc.


Finally, a largest meeting room of KDI building

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After adjusting these parameters and conducting many tests, the rest of the work for artists is to let the computer or software run the simulation to produce the final product. It can be a photo or a video, depending on the client’s request.

Customer’s feedback

Firstly, after completing and delivering the final drawing to the customer, receiving positive feedback from the customer, the entire K-Render team is very proud.

With large projects, over 600 square meters like KDI building, Showroom Di Interni or Piccola Casa project, the rendering process will not be easy.

However, based on the capacity of the staff, we will create a 3D rendering product exactly as the customer wants and meet all the criteria for a rendered product.


Hopefully with rendering products like this, customers will know more about the K-Render Studio brand. We are always ready to receive great ideas of exterior rendering or interior ideas from you. Come to K-Render Studio to experience our service!

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