K-render: Mysterious and luxurious black interior design apartment rendering

Apartment interior design in black tones conveys power while also expressing luxury and mystery. Coming to the K-render apartment project below, you’ll see why so many people now prefer black for modern interior design.

Project overview

During a conference on 3D architectural rendering in Italy, we met Brian Garrick. He expressed his desire to renovate his apartment using black as the main color. Before starting the apartment rebuilding, he wanted to visualize the space in his new design using 3D rendering service to ensure everything is ideal. Later, after a more in-depth discussion about the concept, K-render decided to do Brian’s Black Diamond rendering project. The effective use of black in the apartment design will create a luxurious, modern image that is both sharp and appealing. It not only conveys the owner’s personality but also creates a difference, not as monotonous as the usual apartment as you can see from K-render output below.

black-diamond-rendering-project-by K-render

Black Diamond rendering project by K-render

Living room design

In addition to being distinctive, black has the capacity to hide any flaws and undesirable qualities. Black walls help the space have more depth, thanks to the combination of light from large windows, the room doesn’t feel dark and dull. The use of big window frames and white curtains, like in this design, helps to maximize the black interior for the living room area. A gray sofa with a basic and minimal design will be a resting spot for you and your visitors to stay overnight or when the host wants to relax.


A part of living room render by K-render

The wall separating the living room and the hallway is made of black stone, increasing the elegance and nobility of the room. It shows the harmony in combining traditional and modern design styles. The delicately designed TV on that wall adds to the room’s uniqueness. Besides,  we designed the ceiling with matte glass surrounded by bright LED lights, emphasizing the special feature for the room.


Overview of living room

We take advantage of the large window design to look outside to create a feeling of a larger room. Many architecture design companies utilize the black ceiling lamp and distinctively designed tables and chairs to emphasize the room’s wealth and unique features.

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Working room

Under the skillful hands of the architect, the apartment has a modern, comfortable and sophisticated living space. The choice of simple furniture has helped the apartment feel more spacious and airy. Design doors with transparent glass panels to reduce stuffiness in the room. Besides, the working room furniture is also decorated simply and compactly to help save space. We design black bookshelf to be simple but convenient. The white ceiling combined with the wooden floor creates a comfortable and peaceful feeling for the room.


Working room rendering by K-render

Changing room

Nowadays, wall cabinets or glass sliding cabinets are more popular in changing room design than traditional cabinets. They have the benefit of having a design without drawers or cabinet doors, which helps to fully utilize the space in the room.


Changing room in Black Diamond project

When designing the light for the wardrobe, K-render chooses lamps with gentle colors, not too dazzling to avoid feeling difficult to use. In particular, choosing the directions where the dressing room can let light in will bring life to the room, helping the homeowner feel more comfortable.


There are two master bedrooms and one guest bedroom in Brian’s apartment. Let’s see the design of the bedrooms with K-render – top 3D rendering studios in the world. Our architects render combines modern black bedroom interior design with various colors of furniture, ornamental accessories… or a mixture of appealing and floating light effects. This makes the bedroom stand out, attractive and unique, expressing the owner’s sense of style. Nowadays, many people prefer simplicity in interior design. Therefore, the Minimalist design style will bring a spacious, comfortable and airy bedroom space. Because with this style, all the furniture is significantly streamlined. 


Bedroom in Black Diamond project

As you can see, based on the dark color features, light and the art of using light are crucial when designing the bedroom. In order to efficiently balance the color of the room and add coziness to a gloomy area, as a firm provides 3D interior visualization services, we utilized yellow and white light from ceiling lights, led wall lights, and night lights. Helping homeowners get the ideal space to rest and relax. Besides this, K-render built the bedroom with an open area that receives natural light through the window system to provide warmth and softness to the space.


Another master bedroom in the house

The elegant gray color combined with natural deep wood grain makes the room more luxurious, elegant, modern, deep, discreet and creates a cool and pleasant feeling for the owner. The desk, the bedside tab, the bed, the wardrobe are connected to each other through the paneled wooden walls, along the length of the wall creating a versatile, convenient and complete interior block serving the multiple uses of the homeowner.


Guest bedroom in Brian’s apartment

Our architect design bedroom in a simply way but no less luxurious. The headboard wall is clad with natural split stone, combined with the deep wood color system below, which is luxurious. Creating the feeling of being in a certain 5-star hotel, not in the usual bedrooms.


The images and materials we use in this post are all from the Black Diamond project on which Brian and K-render worked together. This is one of the very special projects that we received as this owner’s individuality has to be highlighted and black is used throughout the entire design as the main color.You can consult this design style and visit our website to easily visualize, choose the right design and how much to charge for rendering for your apartment.

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