Interior design project of the Elegantia Home

A home is where we nurse dreams and love, which is the place all family members can turn back to whenever surrounded by difficulties and weariness. Comfort is one of the most significant points when designing a home. Understand it thoroughly, K-render Studio has fulfilled our client’s demand

The general structure of the project

It is important to indicate clearly our interior design project structure. Scroll down and you will find this home wonderful! The whole inspiration is similar to New Kenli Showroom


Living room of the Elegantia Home

Living room

Based on the idea of interior design for family with 4 people, the design of Elegantia Home consists of 3 bedrooms and a total area of 148 square meters. It is much different from the sensation of warmth brought in by a smaller interior design. The tone is light grey, and the highlights of the furniture are sculptural works of art and a black spiral staircase. All of these things bring in a modern art place interior design

The transparent glass window of Elegantia Home paves the way for light interior design to the area of the living room. A lacquer coffee table looks like the Pensieve of Dumbledore in Harry Potter. 3D house renderings not only reflect the light after the rains, but the window also makes the family members feel the dynamics in a relaxing place of the family

The works of art

The contemporary works of art in this interior design based on grey color are stuck in the corridor, indicating the difference between white and grey agate snuff walls. This brings an elegant and pleasant atmosphere in the interior design of Elegantia Home 

The second floor

Climbing upward the wood stair and the parapet made of transparent glass to get to the second floor of interior design. It looks like you are attending a modern art museum but have reduced the size. Let’s say that is Elegantia Museum

The second floor rejects the partition and is divided into the bedroom, living room, and bathroom. Among the transparent glass wall, it is connected to the vision of the first floor, which gives an extensive view of the whole space 

Second floor of Elegantia Home

The bedroom

In the bedroom, it is the pure white of the winter, and also ablaze of the summer. The sculptural works of art in interior rendering and paintings are chosen carefully in harmony with the light and darkness of the room’s interior design. Every day, when you fall into your sleep, the color of the room helps a little to relieve your eyes

Master room of Elegantia Home

Kid’s room and family activities’ room

The idea of a room for kids and the room for family activities with many children and extended family is pretty similar to other interior design. Elegant gray walls paired with playful blue furniture. The environment can create an interest in abstract art for children in the early

Kid’s room


A is a satisfactory project that K-render completed, it requires not only the profession of our artists of interior design but also the ability to understand the demand from the client thoroughly. With the style of architecture which is a combination of modern and contemporary styles, we create a harmonious space for our client – Elegantia Home

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