Interesting facts about furniture visualizers not everyone knows

Furniture visualizers are increasingly sought after due to the increasing attraction of furniture rendering. From big furniture manufacturing companies to small decor factories, they are also looking for a suitable furniture visualizer. What is a suitable furniture visualizer and what is a reasonable price for them will be answered in this blog post.

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Basic information about furniture visualizer

A furniture visualizer can be an individual or an organization that has the ability to use software to create three-dimensional spaces with objects, especially furniture in that space, to look like real life.

Where can you find a furniture visualizer

Depending on the characteristics of the furniture visualizer you are looking for, we will offer several effective ways for you to choose a partner.

The ways to find individual furniture visualizer out

Individual furniture visualizers have their own ways to approach customers, which can be described below:

  • Job search sites for freelancers. This is where a furniture visualizer can up its projects and connect with customers. You can search on Upwork or Fiverr, they are completely free for you.
  • Social networks: Visual social networks, especially with furniture visualizers, often use Behance, Instagram or Pinterest to directly post their projects. So you can search furniture visualizer or furniture visualization keywords to search and filter accordingly

The ways to find individual furniture visualizer out

  • Another pretty safe way for you is to rely on your relationships to find the right furniture visualizer. They can recommend a furniture visualizer that they have worked very well with before.

The ways to find out a organization as furniture visualizer

In addition to the ways above, like when searching for an individual furniture visualizer, you can find a few other reliable sources:

  • Take the most advantages of Google: The best furniture visualization studios are always displayed first on Google. So this is an easy way to find, however their prices will probably be the same as their quality, quite high. To help you with this, I have a suggestion. You can refer to K-Render, you might be surprised at what they can give you.

The ways to find out a organization as furniture visualizer

  • You can try looking for a furniture visualizer on B2B e-commerce exchanges such as Alibaba, Tradekey, Ec21, … all have the appearance of studios that can meet your demands.

Things you need to learn about furniture visualizer before cooperation

After you’ve compiled a list of furniture visualizers, the following step is to learn more about them in order to select the most appropriate one.

  • 1st step: Check the ability of the furniture visualizer in visualization: You should inquire about other projects that are comparable to what you’re searching for. Continue if you’re satisfied.
  • 2nd step: If a furniture visualizer is a studio, you should find out how long their website has been established, the exact address or not to make sure they at least have a certain reputation.
    If the Furniture render artist is an individual, you need to check other social networks to see if it is someone who has visualized for many years, whether their social network is trustworthy or not.

Things you need to learn about furniture visualizer before cooperation

  • 3rd step: Price negotiation: You should consult the prices of studios and individuals. Of course, an organization will cost more, but you will face less risks when working with them. So you should consider carefully when looking for a furniture visualizer.
    After finding some furniture visualizers that have both good visualization quality and reasonable prices, you can haggle further by giving them a fixed budget. This budget should be in the 75-90% range of the price they offer
  • 4th step: Consider payment and contracting policies: Usually a professional furniture visualizer will have a clear payment policy, that the payment is divided into how many parts, how much deposit in advance,… You should ask clearly and that must be clearly stated in the contract.

Top furniture visualizer you should consider

Below is a list of furniture visualizer for both studio and individual options for your reference

K-Render Studio – The best studio of furniture visualizer you must to know

K-Render Studio is a studio with many years of experience in rendering interior spaces with different types of furniture.

They can identify which space is right for your furniture, which is a huge advantage of K-Render that makes K-Render the first choice for furniture visualizer.


K-Render Studio – The best studio of furniture visualizer you must to know

In addition, K-Render is reasonably priced among furniture rendering studios. You can be completely satisfied.
You can take a look at some furniture showrooms that this furniture visualizer has made.

Contact: Ms Kaylin – Client Manager: (+84)855555961

Ryan Josherpher – The second option for furniture visualizer

Ryan is an architect specializing in the design and visualization of interior spaces. With 10 years of experience in the industry, Ryan has a huge number of interior design and product 3d rendering projects. This is the first choice for you if you are looking for a personalized furniture visualizer. You can be assured of Ryan’s reliability and quality of work.


Ryan Josherpher – The second option for furniture visualizer

You can check out the projects of Ryan and his team here
Behance: Ryan Josherpher

Cgi Furniture- Another studio of furniture visualizer

This is a pretty famous studio in furniture visualizer. They have many years of providing high quality service. This is a great choice if you need a top notch service.


Cgi Furniture- Another studio of furniture visualizer

However, there is a drawback of this furniture visualizer, the price of their service is quite high compared to other studios.

 Maksim Parashchuk – Oleksandr Cherniatin – Options for individual furniture visualizer

They are freelance furniture visualizers for 5 years. They specialize in interior visualization and furniture rendering.

Now, they also have a studio named Asgard Interior. Their projects are appreciated by many architects on Behance.

Some furniture project of Maksim Parashchuk and his team
Contact: Behance: Maksim Parashchuk

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