How well you know your partner exterior rendering companies?

Exterior rendering companies were established to provide the needs of clients’ exterior renderings. They played a very important role in the exterior rendering and architectural field. However, people are still struggling and don’t know how to choose good exterior rendering companies. This article will help you understand more about that information.


Overview of exterior rendering companies

Firstly, we will give you some overview of exterior rendering companies.

What are exterior rendering companies?

Exterior rendering companies are companies that provide the 3D architectural services and make an image, video of the future building looks exactly like real life. Then, exterior rendering companies will consult, provide the information that customers need to develop their exterior ideas about the work or project they are about to do.

Benefits of cooperating with exterior rendering companies

If you cooperate and work with exterior rendering companies, you will get the following benefits:

Cost and time savings during implementation of your work or project

Firstly, exterior rendering companies will save cost and time during implementation of your work or project.


  • Exterior rendering companies will be the ones that can recruit talented and technically skilled rendering artists. They will use their skills to help make the rendering you desire more beautiful, more like real life. From there, you will save time for yourself to find and do other work for your project or work.
  • Then, if you cooperate with exterior rendering companies, you will be able to save costs when buying machinery, equipment as well as exterior rendering software. Besides, you can also save a lot of costs to update that software every year. With professional visualization software, you have to spend $2000-3000 to buy the license of that software. Excluding the annual app update amounts will be around $400-500 per year. Therefore, you should choose to cooperate with exterior rendering companies to save those costs as much as possible.

The quality of the renderings is better.

Secondly, exterior rendering companies will make the quality of your renderings better.

  • Rendering artists will assure you of the quality and aesthetics of the renderings they produce. Because they are professionals and qualified in exterior rendering. Compared to having to learn about each step of exterior rendering by yourself, you can hire and cooperate with reputable exterior rendering companies.
  • In addition, exterior rendering companies will be fully equipped with the most necessary, professional new tools and software that you do not have to serve your exterior rendering needs.

Increasing the brand value of the architectural design company

Finally, exterior render companies will increase the brand value of the architectural design company.



  • Firstly, when cooperating with reputable exterior rendering companies, your architectural design company will be able to increase the value of your brand because they are the companies that specialize in providing best 3D architectural visualization services. They gain the recognition of customers and experts in that field. Therefore, when cooperating with reputable exterior rendering companies, the reputation of those companies will also contribute to promoting and increasing the brand value of your company.
  • Secondly, increasing the value of your company is also shown: exterior rendering companies will deliver quality visualization products thanks to the professional rendering software they have. So in the eyes of your customers, your company will always be a reputable business, saying no to low quality rendered products.

What characteristics will the suitable exterior rendering companies have?

So in this part, we will let you know all characteristics that suitable exterior rendering companies must have.

Exterior rendering companies need to have a license and a clear business address.

Licensed exterior render companies are usually reputable. If those companies have full business documents, it means they have been recognized and verified by the government, so you can completely trust them.


In order to identify exterior rendering companies, here is tips we recommend:

  • Tip 1: You can contact exterior rendering companies that provide business licenses as well as legally published information. If the information provided matches the information licensed by the government and is fully posted on the official website of that country, then the exterior render companies are reputable enough for you to work with.
  • Tip 2: The way to check the business license of those exterior rendering companies is: You can go to the internet and search for “the national portal for business registration” in each country. Or specialized websites such as “reputable government/legal business information lookup”..

Famous exterior rendering companies need certifications and awards

Exterior rendering companies work well, get good feedback from customers and have a steady volume of orders even surpassing those other companies in the industry. They will be recognized and have worthy certificates and awards for their hard work. Certifications and awards of this field are the recognition of clients and professionals for those exterior rendering companies.


In addition, exterior rendering companies have more certifications as well as important awards, the position and credibility of that company also increases. Then you will feel secure and trust such companies.

Next, tips to check the certifications and awards of exterior rendering companies:

  • Tips 1: You can consult and search on the company’s official website.
  • Tip 2: On the portals, newspapers and fan page of that award, the list of winners will also be announced. If that company is present, you can count on their reputation.

Exterior rendering companies need to have outstanding portfolios

The portfolios of exterior rendering companies will be shown through the individual profiles of each rendering artist as well as the company’s staff.

  • Staff’s profile will include information related to contact addresses, phone numbers, email boxes or personal social networking sites..
  • In addition, capable and experienced rendering artists will publicize some of the projects they have worked on.

Tips for you to check the portfolio of exterior rendering companies is: you can refer to the staff and project profiles on the website or you can ask the company to provide you with a portfolio.

Exterior rendering companies have cooperated with major partners

Then, the portfolio is also reflected in the projects that these exterior rendering companies have done and cooperated with. In addition, it also reflects the level of expertise of the company.


  • The projects or products represent the experience and capabilities of the exterior rendering companies. When those exterior rendering companies have more and more large projects, their ability has been recognized, attracting customers to come and sign many contracts. Therefore, the more projects an exterior rendering company has done, the stronger the company’s portfolio will be and the more confidence it will gain new clients.

Tips for you to check the portfolio of exterior rendering companies is: you can refer to the staff and project profiles on the website or you can ask the company to provide you with a portfolio.

Exterior rendering companies need to have in-depth knowledge of exterior

In order to render realistic pictures, exterior rendering companies as well as rendering artists must be highly skilled and specialized. And also they have deep knowledge and understanding of the work and process of exterior rendering.

  • Rendering artists need expertise to understand that exterior rendering is the process of depicting the landscape of trees outside. The outside space will have more details, the difficulty of rendering a realistic exterior photo is more difficult than an interior photo.
  • In exterior rendering, there will be professional elements such as lighting, color, material selection and final angle for the photo. The rendering artists will have to be those with long experience in the visualization industry to be able to understand and reinterpret from a dry design into an emotional and lifelike illustration.

Exterior rendering companies also need to have in-depth expertise in exterior rendering and 3D architectural services to understand the client’s ideas and be able to respond to each client’s unique style.

  • The rendering artists of the exterior rendering companies need to have deep expertise to be able to understand your architectural ideas. From there, the process of working for you and that company will be easier and faster.
  • Understanding customers’ ideas, rendering artists will be able to meet different styles and ideas of customers: Each project has its own style and has its own story behind. Professional exterior rendering firms will be able to develop a client’s initial exterior architectural ideas to collaborate and create a beautifully rendered product.

Signs that you are dealing with fraudulent exterior rendering companies

Following part is the signs for you to recognize when encountering fake exterior rendering companies

You can’t find the basics info of exterior rendering companies

If you can’t find the business registration certificates or any information, or the resources are few, limited.. Or you can’t find the website of those exterior rendering companies. That may be because they have a short lifespan.


There will be two cases that the company has just been established and has no working experience. Or it’s a scam party, posing as exterior rendering companies to benefit themselves… In either case, you must not cooperate with such companies.

Those exterior rendering companies are trying to push you to pay as soon as possible

The mentality of scammers usually wants to get the money quickly and leave as soon as possible, leaving no trace. Therefore, if you encounter exterior rendering companies that are trying to urge you to quickly pay. Then you have to be careful and be wary of whether this company is a scam or not before transferring money and paying them.

Exterior rendering companies often offer partnership offers with unbelievable benefits

Scamming exterior rendering companies will often make enticing, unbelievable offers in order to easily trick customers. than with just a few words of seduction.


  • Firstly, people are often easily attracted by great benefits while their costs are low.
  • Secondly, They will give you a lower than market price to get their attention and entice you to place their order. Before replying to messages or calls from exterior rendering companies that want to do business with you, you need to check the verified information of that company.

Paying for your product is a very easy picture. You just need to transfer money to the exterior rendering companies to have them work for you. Due to the nature of the industry, scammers will take advantage of those weaknesses to scam and take money from you. As a business person and operating in the field of exterior rendering, you must be very vigilant and watch out for those who have suspicious actions.

These exterior rendering companies don’t understand the client’s ideas well

Exterior rendering companies can’t understand the client’s initial idea because:

  • Firstly, they are start-ups. The rendering artists do not have enough qualifications and professional knowledge to understand and develop the client’s ideas.
  • Secondly, those exterior rendering companies have been established for a while but have not had the experience to participate in many large and small projects. Their ability to work and implement projects is slow and unprofessional.
  • Thirdly, those companies were only created for the purpose of fraud, without any preparation to serve customers who have needs of exterior renderings.

In all three cases above, it is best not to cooperate with them to avoid loss of money, time and effort.

Tips for working effectively with exterior rendering companies

In the next section, we’ll give you tips on how to work effectively with exterior rendering companies.

Tip 1: Negotiate the price

So tips 1 includes the following steps:

  • Offer a price about 20% less than your budget.
  • By setting prices below your budget as well as clearly stating why you want to hire them, you will benefit both financially and in your relationship with the rendering agencies. The exterior won’t be overstressed.
  • You should only lower the budget price by 10-20%, you should not offer a price too low for partner exterior rendering companies. Because of this, they will think you are demanding and not willing to cooperate and work with you.
  • Always offer long-term benefits with exterior rendering companies so they can pay you a fair price.
  • Next, the process of cooperation and work will go more smoothly if you are always the one who proactively gives benefits to exterior rendering companies. This way of working will make the partner company always appreciate you and the party can cooperate with each other longer.

Tip 2: Sign a contract

Normally, exterior rendering companies will not issue a service contract when there is an order for renderings. However, you should still ask them to provide a payment contract and terms related to the work of both parties because this contract will be the proof if you and the exterior rendering companies happen. dispute.


The contract will also help you to check the information about those exterior rendering companies such as address, representative name, bank account number.. Based on the contract, information and terms, you will be able to know whether your partner is really a serious and thoughtful working company. In addition, you can also check whether the information on the contract matches the information on the homepage or the system verified by the government of that company.

Therefore, the signing and handing over of the contract is what you need to do with the exterior rendering companies so that the two parties have a commitment to each other about the working process at that time as well as in the future.

Tip 3: Payment methods

You should ask the exterior rendering companies to provide the terms, methods and forms of payment.
The payment process should be divided into several stages and have specific terms for each payment. And you will be able to get this information when working directly with exterior rendering companies. They will be responsible for providing you with a full payment method and form.

Usually, if you are working with international exterior rendering companies, the only form of payment will be an international wire transfer. You need to double check the information provided by the partner company to see if it is a real account or a scam account. Only then do the transfer.


Next, for exterior rendering companies, they split the payment process into three installments. You will have to deposit 50% of the amount in advance to be able to start rendering your project. Then during the rendering process you will forward 30% of the amount to them. And finally when they have finished the work, you will have to transfer the remaining 20% ​​of the amount to be able to receive your exterior rendering product. Finally, you should follow and do exactly as the steps above. This will benefit both you and the exterior rendering companies.

  • They will be able to control the source of funds being transferred and carry out the work as planned.
  • You will also be able to take extra consideration when dividing the payment process into several stages.

Tip 4: Get product, feedback and edit requests if needed

Finally, you should follow the working steps of the exterior rendering companies, providing them with a timeline of the work and the time it needs to be completed. .

If you are an investor and are working on a large project, you should have a clear timeline for partner exterior rendering companies. Regularly remind and monitor their work progress. From there, you will have the initiative in your work as well as the project you are working on.

Next, if you are an architect and your client is an individual, providing a timeline for the rendering artists will help you report the progress of the work to your client as soon and accurately as possible.

Effective way to find reputable exterior rendering companies

Then, effective ways to find reputable companies are:

Searching for exterior rendering companies by network, by existing relationships

Firstly, when you want to search for reputable exterior rendering companies, you can use existing relationships. The relationships you have are the most stable and surest connection. From personal/ common relationships, you will be able to get to know the other person as well as their abilities. From there, you will be able to trust and cooperate with your acquaintances.


This will make the working process of you and the exterior rendering company easier, more comfortable and more convenient.

  • Firstly, you will not feel shy and formal when working with people you already know.
  • Secondly, the comfort and trust when working will make the working process of the two parties easier, disputes and disagreements may be reduced somewhat.

Search the forum, the community of exterior rendering companies

Today is the development of information technology. There are many forums and communities in the field of rendering in general and exterior rendering in particular. Exterior painting forums are places where exterior rendering companies, organizations or individuals share their information about rendering products, industry-related questions. So people will know more about their talent profiles and force. It’s also where people look for jobs, top 3D rendering studios in the world and attract new clients.

In addition, if you are a social networker, you will be able to easily search for communities about your field of work on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Youtube.

Search for reputable exterior rendering companies on e-commerce websites

E-commerce platforms are websites where not many exterior rendering companies participate and sell their products on it.


However, you should still try to search and find out about exterior rendering companies on sites like Alibaba..

  • Pros: If it’s exterior rendering companies that are seriously working, they will post them. upload all of your products to most sites where possible. Therefore, if you find exterior rendering companies on Alibaba, you can rest assured and trust that the company is a real company, not a scam.
  • Cons: However, Alibaba is an exchange with a lot of products listed for sale, artistic work such as illustrations posted here will likely be diluted. So it is best if you find exterior rendering companies on Alibaba, you should visit the official website of that company to learn more about them.

Suggestions about the best exterior rendering companies in the world you should know

In the last part, we will recommend to you the top exterior rendering companies in the world.

K-Render Studio – Top 1st exterior rendering companies growing up bigger and bigger

K-Render Studio is best 3D studio architecture founded in 2013. With more than 7 years of working experience, K-Render Studio has done a lot of big and small projects and created a lot of performance products and quality exterior rendering.

And below are K-Render exterior rendering products:


In addition, K-Render Studio’s outstanding certifications and awards are the Soul of Stone and the Washington Board of Architectural Examiners..


Moreover, the staff and rendering artists working at exterior rendering companies all have many years of experience working in the visualization industry and are fully qualified and capable to fulfill the projects and requirements of customers. .

Some of the large-scale partners and projects that K-Render has implemented are: Euro Style, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Vin Group, ..

The Pro 3D Studio – The second ranking of exterior rendering companies list

The Pro 3D Studio has been toprendering studios in the world with providing high quality. And affordable exterior 3D rendering services to customers from diverse businesses many years.


Moreover, The Pro 3D Studio also offers solutions that extend its services to other verticals by providing comprehensive 3D rendering services to a number of architects and individual homeowners.

Real Space – The 3rd one named in top exterior rendering companies list

Real Space is one of architectural exterior rendering companies, especially one of the best exterior rendering companies located in Vancouver, also British Columbia in Canada.


And Real Space specializes in the creation of interior/exterior renders, and has a strong team of 3D rendering artists.

Yan Tram architectural animation – Top 4th exterior rendering companies in the world

Finally, Yan Tram is one of the architectural exterior rendering companies with offices in New York, USA.


The company focuses on consulting and rendering for exterior and interior projects with a team of professional staff.


Through this article, I hope you can find suitable exterior render companies and useful information for your life and work!

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