How to find a suitable architectural visualization company?

On the market today, there are many large and small 3D architectural visualization companies, and you are wondering which company to choose to cooperate with. This article will provide you with the information you need to find the most suitable architectural visualization company.


Overview of an architectural visualization company.

First, this paper will provide you a brief overview of an architectural visualization company, what it is and why you should cooperate with an architectural visualization company.

What does an architectural visualization company do?

Architectural visualization company is a company that provides professional architectural 3D rendering services, including 3D modeling products and perspective simulation images. Particularly, to help architects convert the blueprint to 3D images.


Example of K-Render architectural visualization company’s product


Example of K-Render architectural visualization company’s product

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By using the most advanced software, combined with a team of professional architects and marketers, in each project, to show the most realistic and objective description of the product to clients.

Benefits of cooperating with an architectural visualization company

Firstly, cooperating with architectural visualization studios is cost-saving. When architects or architectural firms cooperate with an architectural visualization company, they may be able to save money on software and computer purchases, as well as the yearly cost of program updates. Furthermore, architecture companies provide frequent client discounts which can help to cut down the cost a lot.


Hiring an architectural visualization company helps reduce the cost

Secondly, as the visualizing process takes a lot of time, to reduce the working time and reach out to new potential clients, architectural firms should cooperate with architectural visualization studios. By doing this, architectural firms can keep the work on the right track, discover new clients, and enhance revenues.
Finally, 3D architectural visualization companies can deliver superior quality goods in a shorter period of time.
Architectural visualization firms have been utilizing visualization software for many years, therefore their products are always technically superior to those of architects who just know about architecture, but have no skill in using visualization software.
Furthermore, an architectural visualization company is equipped with the latest technology, so the job will be done in a timely manner and at a higher quality than a business that designs and renders its own 3D renderings.


The high quality image was rendered by K-Render Studio – the 3D architectural visualization company

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An example of high quality images visualized by K-Render architectural visualization company.

What characteristics should a suitable architectural visualization company have?

There are some characteristics you should know about suitable architectural visualization company

Architectural visualization company should have a clear license and business address

When you need to find an architectural visualization company, first you need to make sure that the company has a clear license and address. Often, companies with clear licenses are reputable companies.


A reliable architecture company must have business license

Such documents are often not found on the company’s website or social media pages. So to make sure that you are cooperating with a reliable company, you should ask for their licenses.

Architectural visualization company should have certificates and awards

In the architectural visualization industry, there are a number of awards not only in the country but also abroad. The architectural visualization company that is effective and produces the most professional illustrations will receive certificates and awards in the industry. These awards and certificates can be seen as proof of the quality of service as well as the productivity of the company.

Architectural visualization company should have an outstanding portfolio

To learn about an architectural visualization company, the clearest evidence is shown in the profile and the projects done.
All completed projects will be shown in the portfolio, therefore customers can learn about service quality, work performance as well as find out if the company is right for them.
Therefore, customers are advised to consult the website or ask for the portfolio of the graphic company they are interested in to get a more detailed view of that company.

Architectural visualization company should have cooperated with famous partners

An architectural visualization company can have many partners. And having worked with big partners will be a plus point for the architectural visualization company.
Because, in order to work with big and famous partners, these 3D architectural visualization companies need to meet the criteria of quality, price as well as working performance. Providing information about major partners they have worked with along with that joint project information will help strengthen trust with customers.
Projects with major partners can also be consulted on the website or in the portfolio.

Architectural visualization company have in-depth knowledge of architectural visualization and style matching

In order to render a photo like a real one, qn architectural visualization company is required to be highly skilled, experienced, and in-depth expertise in understanding the lighting and materials of each location in the world to show all the advantages and utilities of the project with the best photo angles.
Need expertise in interior and exterior because of the following difficulties:

+ The interior is in the style of the furniture brand in it, describing the natural light, lighting and many other elements.
+ Exterior: describe the scene of the trees outside, more details, the lock to render a realistic photo is more difficult. As architects need to present visualization in a real environment and simulate it to spot any flaws, make changes or simply for presentation purposes.

Suitable for each style: each project has its own style and has its own story behind, each architectural visualization company with their own color rendering does the best in that style, so you should choose the style that suits you for the best quality.

Signs that you are dealing with an architectural visualization company scam

There are some signs you can know about an architectural visualization company scam.

You cannot find basic company information

If you are working or interested in an architectural visualization company but you can’t find basic information such as no business certificate or no information at all.


Architectural visualization company must have basic information (Website)

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In addition, the information is little or the website has a short lifespan (it may be because it has just been set up, maybe that architectural visualization company has just established inexperience, or is a scam, both of which you should not do with them).

The architectural visualization company tries to push you to pay as soon as possible

The mentality of scammers often wants to quickly get money and get away. Therefore, if you come across a company that urges you to make a quick payment, then carefully check that the company is not a scam before transferring the money to them.

3D architectural visualization company offers an invitation to cooperate with incredible benefits

Scam 3D architectural visualization company often make attractive, unbelievable offers for the purpose of making scams easier. Because for them, people who are deceived are often easily attracted and attracted by the great benefits while the cost is low. For example, these companies carry the image of another company to carry out advertising to deceive customers.

The 3D architectural visualization company does not understand the ideas well

Scam companies are often unprofessional or professional companies that are difficult to communicate between the two parties, you should also consider cooperating with them.

Tips for you to work effectively with architectural visualization company

We will list some tips to help you work effectively with architectural visualization company

Negotiate the price with architectural visualization company

To get the most suitable price, you should negotiate the price.


Tips to negotiate the price

-> Tips:

  • You should offer a price that is about 20% lower than your budget.
  • Always offer long-term benefits to people so they can pay a fair price for you
  • After bidding, asking for the quality and quantity of more views, when I ask for more like that, I can achieve the goal of reducing the amount.

Contracting with architectural visualization company

Usually, 3D architectural visualization company does not offer a service contract at all, but this contract is quite necessary when a dispute occurs. Check the contract carefully before signing, there are some points that are easily overlooked such as time, dispute terms


Payment in the business with an architectural visualization company is another thing that needs to be taken into consideration.
Ensure clear and unambiguous payment terms. Payment should be divided into several stages to ensure benefits for both parties.
Pay only part of the payment at a time, not pay it off in full, to avoid bad situations.

Get products, feedback, and request corrections if needed

To work effectively, you should have a clear work cycle:
Follow the working steps of the 3D architectural visualization companies, have a timeline for them, and have a clear editing time for each stage.
In case your client is an architect, then you need to show it to the final client to make corrections for the visualization team.

Effective way to find a reputable 3D architectural visualization company

There are some effective ways to find a reputable 3D architectural visualization company

You can find 3D architectural visualization company by network, by existing relationship

The way to find a reputable architectural visualization company without spending too much time is to rely on the relationship to ensure the sustainability, certainty, and competence of the partnering company.

You can find 3D architectural visualization company through different forums on social media and websites

The first way to find a reliable 3D architectural visualization company is to search on different forums
In addition, on social networks, there are many information groups or artworks that often have their own forums, where visualization companies, or architects share information so that customers know more about an architectural visualization company.


Find information about architectural visualization company on different forums

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Some forums about architectural visualization that you can refer to are:

+ Architecture and Interior Construction Forum
+ Architectural renderings
+ Structural Engineers Forum
+ Hanoi Architecture Student Forum
+ HCMC Architecture Student Forum
+ Topic “Architecture” of

You can find a reputable 3D architectural visualization company on social networks

One platform where you can look for a 3D architectural visualization company is Behance. Behance is popular because it has no ads, natural views, and is reputable and has no advertising tricks.


Behance is a reliable platform to find an architectural visualization company

For example, the company K-Render is one of the emerging architectural visualization company on the Behance platform. With project Views up to 4,917, appreciations about 3,100 and 501 followers. The available images are presented neatly and beautifully. The information about the company is also provided concisely, and easy to understand.

Another way to find a reputable architectural visualization studio is to search on e-commerce sites

The last way to find a 3D architectural visualization company is to search on e-commerce sites you can try. However, the disadvantage of this way is that there are few parties involved such as Alibaba.

The list of best 3D architectural visualization company

Here are the top 5 architectural visualization studios that K-Render provides to you for you to have the best choice.

K-Render Studio – the best 3D architectural visualization company on our list

K-Render Studio is one of the best exterior rendering companies besides the best interior rendering companies.

– Experience: K-render was established in 2012 and up to now, the company has nearly 9 years of experience in the architectural rendering industry.
– Reliability:
+ Certificates: This architectural visualization company has received many awards as well as certificates of different organizations for service quality as well as work efficiency. Here are some pictures of some of the company’s certificates:


Certificates of K-Render – Architectural Visualization Company

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+ Outstanding portfolios: With an outstanding portfolio, K-Render deserves to be one of the best 3D architectural visualization companies. Some highlights of K-Render portfolio are as follows:
Previous partners: There are many large and small companies that have cooperated with K-Render. Through this, you can somewhat understand the quality of the company’s services.


Previous cooperated partners of K-Render – Architectural Visualization Company

Featured projects: Some outstanding projects with pictures of those projects that partners have done with K-Render are:


Completed project of K-Render – Architectural Visualization Company


Completed project of K-Render – Architectural Visualization Company


Completed project of K-Render – Architectural Visualization Company

– Contact:
Hotline: (+84)855555961
Office: Ha Noi, VietNam
San Antonio, Texas

V Render – one of the company in the list of best 3D architectural visualization company

This is a great architectural visualization company for rendering 3D models and images. From lifelike interiors to experimental animations, they have it all. Provide this firm with details about your idea and a 3D model, then wait for the designers to get to work.


A rendering product of V Render

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Architectural and design firms turn to V Render for its high-quality rendering services. The company’s artists work with architects and designers to bring their concepts to life with crystal clarity. Definitely the finest value for your money with this firm.

Brick Visual – one architectural visualization company of our list

This leading architectural visualization company is recognized to have supplied work for some of the world’s most renowned architectural visualization studios. This is not by coincidence, but because the firm has built a name for itself as one of the top quality 3D rendering services in the industry.


A rendering product of Brick Visual

They are professionals in high-end architectural visualization, and you will be blown away by our level of knowledge.

Easy Render – one of the company in the list of best 3D architectural visualization company

Due to their experienced architects and 3D rendering artists, Easy Render is one of the top companies in the list of best architectural visualization company that offer 3D rendering services.


A rendering product of Easy Render

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In today’s fast-growing 3D visualization sector, they’re a well-known platform for architectural rendering and 3D visualization. An integrated job-finding service is also available. Easy Render’s team of professional 3D designers is ready to work with you on concept models, marketing materials, video game and visualization content.

Power Rendering – one of the company in the list of best 3D architectural visualization company

Power Rendering – one of the companies in the list of best 3D architectural visualization company. This firm specializes in high-speed 3D renderings and visualizations. As a smaller organization, it can deliver outstanding outcomes at a price that small businesses may afford. We can match your project with the appropriate professional, no matter what sort of rendering you require or where it is needed.


A rendering product of Power Rendering

You will be able to see how your project will turn out with comprehensive landscaping, exterior, interior, and other architectural detail, thanks to the company’s aid in experimenting with ideas and models.

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