How to find a 3D exterior rendering services provider

Recently, there are many people and organizations that want to hire a company specializing in 3D exterior rendering services. To meet that need, many companies providing that service were established. So to hire an exterior 3D rendering services provider, what steps we need and how to do it. We’ll answer your question through the article below.

About 3D exterior rendering services

In the first part we will introduce the 3D exterior rendering services in detail.

Definition of 3D exterior rendering services

Similar to 3D rendering services, exterior 3D rendering services are a commercial job that you can hire an organization or company. In order to show the clearest view of a design you want.


What can 3D exterior rendering services do for you?

3D exterior rendering services include: 3D front view exterior rendering, 3D corner view rendering, 3D house perspective, 3D elevation visualization. Currently, 3D exterior rendering services have gradually become popular along with 3D rendering services in general. And also interior 3D rendering services in particular.

The importance of 3D exterior rendering services

For architectural design companies

If you are an architectural design firm, you will have to provide clients with blueprints of projects submitted by your clients.

The process of construction works and projects bring quite a lot of difficulties. From receiving information and ideas from customers, to implementing and developing them into a complete design.


The advantage when you use 3D exterior rendering service

Therefore, it will be useful if you hire a party specializing in providing 3D exterior rendering services. They will help you save time and construction costs, helping you to complete the milestones on time.

For customers (investors and retail clients)

For customers who are investors or retail customers, 3D exterior rendering services will also bring benefits to them.

Firstly, the investor will be able to see the entire exterior scene of the project they want to bid in the most detail.

Secondly, for retail customers, if they have 3D renderings of the exterior of their apartments, they will not have to spend a lot of time searching, collecting parameters or input data as difficult as before.

Projects that can use 3D exterior rendering services

A large commercial building, many pieces of furniture (about 500 sqm or more): Such works have large investment capital, detailed contracts, need to be transparent. So it is necessary to be careful from the stage of exterior design ideas. Therefore, 3D exterior rendering is essential to ensure the correct construction according to the original idea.


How can you find a 3D exterior rendering service company?

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At the same time, the places with too many details and exteriors must use other methods of conveying ideas. You can’t convey that to the investor or retail clients that this room will put the table, how the light, etc. The 3D exterior rendering is the solution you must have.

Specific commercial projects should have exterior structure: Complex of hotel, resort, gym, restaurant, villa,..

Things to keep in mind when working with 3D exterior rendering services providers

In the next section, we will cover issues related to things to keep in mind when you hire a 3D exterior rendering services provider.

You need to provide project parameters 

Parameters are the input data needed to make an architecture. Those parameters could be:

Area: The area of ​​the building is very important. Based on the area, 3D rendering artists will be able to grasp the space of the project, thereby using the corresponding techniques and software to complete the rendered product.

Location of the existing land: The position of the project in the architecture is very important. Not only in interior render but exterior rendering is also very important. To render the exterior of the building, the rendering artists needed to know exactly where the building would be built. It can be near the sea, or surrounded by many trees, or in a place surrounded by empty fields, outside the road, or in an alley, etc. From there, the artists will combine light as well as color schemes to make the exterior look like real life.


The ideas of 3D rendering you can refer to

Building standards: the building standards are also a parameter you should provide to the 3D exterior rendering services provider. Rendering artists need to know how your project includes design criteria, color schemes, and space to be able to bring them into the final product.

Purpose of the project: This issue is not a must-have in the process of working with a 3D exterior render services provider, but you should still have it yourself to be able to use for the best architectural ideas.

You need to provide material board of the project 

The project materials table is a summary of the materials used in the project.

After working with the company, dealing with the customers or investors. You will have a discussion with the 3D exterior rendering services provider about the previously decided materials.


You need to provide material board of the project

The artists of the rendering service provider will look at this board to be able to find and use the right colors, and how to make the color in the rendered image with these materials be 99% similar to real life.

For example, you want a project that uses wood materials with the outside walls of the building. The rendering artists will be tasked with using skills and techniques along with brown tones and natural light to give you a wooden wall that looks exactly like real life.

You need the quality of the exterior rendering when working with 3D exterior rendering services providers

Firstly, the quality of a rendered image ranges from low to high quality. Normally, if you want your customers or investors to be able to clearly see every little detail of the project. Then you should choose HD or 2K, 4K quality for the photo.

And the sharper the photo, the more realistic. That will convince your customers or investors when use a 3D exterior rendering services.

You need to provide the scene number and project completion timeline

With an exterior project, the number of exterior scenes will range from 4 or more depending on the area of ​​the project.

For a project with an area of ​​​​about 500-1000 square meters, the corresponding number of scenes for a final rendered product is 4-6 scenes. In which each scene will have a different shooting angle and camera angle.


What projects that you should hire an exterior 3D rendering services

If the customer or the investor wishes to add/remove the number of scenes from the project, you need to notify us so that the changes can be promptly changed to complete the final rendered product on schedule.

In addition, you also need to provide the 3D exterior rendering services of the timeline as well as the completion schedule of the work. You should also monitor that progress so that you don’t miss a single discussion or project outcome.

Suggestion of 3D exterior rendering services provider 

After knowing the considerations when hiring an exterior 3D rendering services provider, you should consult a number of companies that specialize in this kind of services. In this article, we will introduce you to K-Render Studio, a company that offers the service you are looking for.


Some examples for 3D exterior rendering services

Criteria for choosing 3D exterior rendering services providers

Selection criteria include:

  • The company must be reputable, have a specific address, important certificates
  • Gain fame from the product you’re selling
  • Good feedback from clients

Top 3D exterior rendering services providers

K-Render Studio

  • Firstly, K-Render Studio Company was established in 2013. To this day, the company has implemented many large and small projects, combined with many large domestic and foreign corporations. For example, Collin Celeste Resort, T PLACE project, Star lake project, Euro Style,.. are use K-Render 3D exterior rendering services.

Some of K-Render Studio’s best 3D exterior renderings:

First of all, T PLACE project: The highlight of this project is the very realistic 3D exterior rendering services space. K-Render artists are all seasoned architects who can master the use of perspective rendering software techniques.


An exterior project taken by K-Render

Next, Collin Celeste Resort: is the project used 3D exterior rendering services with the largest area of ​​all the works that K-Render has ever done. Collin Celeste Resort has become a tourist attraction to visit this architectural work after it was inaugurated.


Collin Celeste Resort with exterior view

Inhouse Design Company

  • Secondly, Inhouse company was established in 2012. With many years of experience, Inhouse Design company deserves to be listed in the list of companies with the best 3D exterior rendering services.

Leo Design Group

Finally, We can call Leo Design Group with another name as Leo International Design Group. Leo Company is a party specializing in providing 3D and 4D rendering services, along with interior and exterior architectural design.


Leo Design Group and 3D rendering services


Hopefully, through the article and suggestions about K-Render Studio, you will be able to gain more knowledge about exterior architecture, perspective rendering and also understand more about exterior 3D rendering services. Hope you will find yourself the most satisfactory 3d rendering studios!

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