How to design your apartment and apartment rendering it again

What did you equip yourself with before using the apartment rendering service? Next, you need services to be able to renovate and redesign your apartment? In the article below, we’ll show you how you can accomplish what you want as you get started with rendering and architecture.

What is apartment rendering?

This is a job that requires a good level of expertise. Apartment rendering is a job where you have to use a lot of techniques as well as professional rendering software. This way, we can bring customers or viewers the best quality rendered images.

The easiest steps to hire apartment rendering services

In this section, we will show you the steps to do apartment rendering easily and quickly.

Step 1: Consider the materials you already have on hand

In the first steps, you need to define a clear purpose when you want to change the style or design from scratch for your accommodation. Then you need to consider the factors or interior design render materials that will bring you closer to the right apartment rendering professionals for you.


Choose your suitable furniture for the house

The initial documents can be photos of the house, room by room.. Or even a short video so that designers or experts can evaluate the house overview for the party.

In addition, PDF drawings, 2D space design of the house itself. Or maybe 3D modelers if you are someone who has thorough knowledge and specializes in this apartment rendering service. You can completely send all that information to the experts. This will help them understand the floor area, wall area, area of ​​each room and the layout of your apartment.

Step 2: Send the collected material to experts for analysis

To find reputable and suitable apartment rendering experts or designers, you have the following ways:

  • Firstly, you can refer to those experts from existing relationships, or are referred to. That way you will have enough confidence to entrust the design of your home to them.
  • Secondly, you should search for visualization companies on the internet or google. You will have the most authentic information to help you consider whether to cooperate with them or not.

After selecting the right professionals for you, you will need to share the information you have with them. The main purpose is so that you and the apartment rendering service provider can go quickly and smoothly.


Notice of the your rendering company skill

See more in skyscraper renderings.

Step 3: Conduct the contract work and the relevant procedures of the apartment rendering service

After the apartment rendering service provider has received and analyzed for you the directions in the design and rendering plan for you.
You may decide to proceed with contracting with such experts if you are confident enough and negotiate a good price with them.

Step 4: Receive demo apartment rendering from the service provider

The apartment rendering service provider will have demos sent to you in advance according to the plan agreed by the two parties in advance. You can completely comment on editing and changing that demo. However, all the details that are changed will not exceed the limit for super photorealistic rendering. You won’t be able to force a 3D artist or architect to completely redo the design for you. This is a business, you should think about reputation and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings so that the working process of both parties is beneficial.

Step 5: Complete final checks and payments

Payment is also an important step. You need to clearly check the account to which you will transfer funds for a successful and smooth transaction.


Luxury bedroom you can refer to

Sometimes when it comes to paying for apartment rendering services, you should present yourself as a professional, working quickly and accurately. You need to take pictures of all bills, messages as well as the beneficiary’s account numbers to avoid confusion and unnecessary complaints.

Step 6: You can give feedback and talk more about your next projects

You should also take the time to review and give feedback to the apartment renderings service provider. If you are satisfied, you can give a positive review. If you are not satisfied, you can also underestimate or warn those around you.

Featured apartment rendering projects for reference

In the section below, we will provide some apartment rendering projects so you can get more ideas for your project. Besides, you can also define more clearly the style you are looking for in that apartment.

Sunshine Apartment Rendering by K-Render Studio

This is a project K-Render implemented and completed in 2020. This is a luxury style apartment. Although all the furniture and the layout of the house are not expensive high-end interior designs. But it still brings a cozy feeling for the people who live here.


Sunshine living room we want to describe for you

Starlake Villa of K-Render Studio

Starlake project is also one of the apartments that are invested a lot. Therefore, customers coming to K-Render are usually very professional and have a basic understanding of apartment rendering. You can also refer to the pure and blue style of this apartment.


The best furniture in Starlake apartment

K-Render Studio’s Osama House

Finally K-Render’s Osama House. This is a project to be completed in 2022. These are the latest contemporary styles that K-Render has applied to this project. If it matches the style you are looking for, then you can list this new style to unleash your design and apartment rendering for your home.


Osama Kitchen brings you comfortable and relax in that house

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