How to choose 3D furniture for your living room rendering

Living room rendering is a relatively new topic, but it is still an extremely popular topic in the field of 3D rendering. If you are a person interested in this industry, the following article will be the best choice for you. You will learn more about furniture selection not only in real life but also in 3D rendering – visualization as well.

When you need a living room rendering service

In this first part, you will understand when you will need a living room visualization service.

When you need to design a new home

Do you have a plan to build and design a new home? This is completely possible if you want your house to look spacious and aesthetically pleasing. For living room rendering, you’ll be able to ask rendering experts to visualize for you the living room you’ve always wanted.


Did you want to have a beautiful living rendering room?

  • Firstly, rendering the living room will make your ideas come to life in just a few days. You will not need to spend too much time planning and searching for how to create 3D images for that room for too long.
  • Secondly, with every new home, the living room is probably the most important room and will take up the most time and money for each homeowner. The living room can represent your entire home. Therefore, you need to elaborate and pay attention to this room. Living room rendering will help you directly observe what your living room will look like after it is built. Besides, there are details that you want to change in terms of layout, color or layout.. you can completely ask 3D rendering experts to help you edit. This will make your living room more perfect.

When you are a realtor who needs beautiful images for the sale of real estate

The second case, if you are a realtor who wants to market beautiful images for the real estate project you are participating in and wants to sell it, you will probably use the living room rendering service.


You can be a realtor that need the living rendering room services, ain’t you?

  • Firstly, the visualization of the living room will help your real estate become more attractive in the eyes of customers. Rendering experts will use methodical techniques to mix colors and select scenes to make the living room image more beautiful. Your clients will be able to consider investing in that real estate project.
  • Secondly, beautiful real estate images will also help you attract more customers. Today, customers will choose to see images rather than spend a lot of time reading and researching. Therefore, no matter how good your content is, but the image to advertise a real estate project is not eye-catching and not invested, the possibility of customers asking for your goods will be very little. Therefore, you need to invest in the living room rendering of the project you are working on.. Start from the room with a large area that is the living room.

When you want to have beautiful advertising images for interior products

And the case we can list more is the case that you are a company that designs common interior products in a house. For example, sofas, beds, kitchen cabinets, etc. Or additional decorations for the house such as carpets, cups, chandeliers, night lights… You can completely use 3D rendering services.


One of the best living room made by K-Render

In the topic of this article, we want to focus on living room rendering, so if you are an architect or a furniture manufacturing company, you can use this service. From there, your company will attract more customers not only by the real, good and durable product quality, but also by the product image with high aesthetics and sophistication, matching the customer’s style like school rendering. The advantage you have is posting promotional images for that product on the company’s website and social network. In addition, when you write content articles for your product, you can use such illustrations to increase trust for your customers.

How to get a satisfactory rendering of the living room?

In the next section, we’ll show you how to get a decent living room rendering.

Cooperation with the rendering company

To have satisfactory and aesthetically pleasing living room renderings, you can learn about 3D rendering services. This is one of the most famous and popular services in the field of architecture today. This service can come from animation companies. You can completely consult or search for reputable companies through social media channels and Google..


Some samples of trending living room

When you search for keywords related to living room rendering companies, you will get countless results about information you are looking for. However, you need to filter information accurately and appropriately to avoid unnecessary situations.

  • One thing you should consider before choosing to cooperate with visualization companies is that you should ask the price and negotiate with them first. Although there are large and very famous companies, but the price they offer you may not be able to meet. Therefore, you will lose time when that option is not right for you.
  • Next, you should also consider living room rendering companies that have a professional and clear workflow. Regarding billing as well as major revisions, you must be the one who knows best to keep abreast of the project progress and the living room you are trying to render.

Partnering with an interior designer

The second way is that you can partner with an interior designer. These will be people with extremely high and deep professional qualifications and skills. They will be able to advise you on what you are wondering about your living room rendering.


You should choose to cooperate with designers

Besides, if you work with your own interior designer, your working process and that person will not have to go through as many steps as working with a 3D rendering company. That is an advantage that you can consider choosing to cooperate with interior design architects.

Partnering with freelancers who specialize in rendering

And finally, another option you should consider is working with rendering freelancers. This is probably the fastest way to get living room rendering.


You should choose to cooperate with freelancers

However, quick forms have never been as effective for you as the ones we introduced earlier. Because visualization freelancers will not be able to have formal skills or professional workflow like the above illustration companies or architects. You can refer to villa rendering services. They will work quite rigidly and may not understand what you want to render for your living room.

How to choose 3D furniture for your living room rendering?

The next part, after you have decided to work with living room rendering experts that you trust and are suitable for you, you will have to plan with them to choose 3D furniture for that living room. . Here’s how to choose them correctly and logically.

Choosing 3D furniture that suits your style

First, you can choose 3D furniture for your living room according to your own taste and style. This is the simplest way for you to get the best living room rendering. However, the color and style of 3D furniture still have to follow the basic principles for the room to have overall harmony. You can completely break the way and create your own highlight for your room. In the end, you should still think, calculate and invest in your living room the most suitable things.

Choosing 3D furniture according to the color tone of the living room

Next will also be a good way for you to follow the overall color tone of the house or room. Usually, a house will be designed, built and modeled according to a dominant color. And all the big and small rooms in that house will contain that main color, more or less.


You can refer to this step to have a better living rendering room

  • For example, your living room has a dark color as the main color. So you should also choose a sofa with a similar tone but at a brighter level. Specifically, the main color tone is dark blue, then the sofa you choose can be a lighter blue. However, many cases will choose a unique color play to create contrast and difference for the living room. That’s why we recommend a way that can help you choose the right 3D furniture for living room rendering and also hotel room render design.
  • Besides, if you have the main color, the tone of the room is light, vintage. You can plan to have similar interior color tones. Thus, the space of your living room rendering will create a cozy feeling but also extremely bright.

Choosing 3D furniture based on each available collection

The third way you should refer to it is to choose furniture according to pre-existing collections. There are customers who will not hesitate to buy and invest in a certain brand’s furniture for their living room rendering. The furniture collections will include sofas, beds, lamps, kitchen cabinets, bedside cabinets, reading cabinets, accompanying tables and chairs… You can apply these steps and methods in best office building renders too. Buying under such a collection will help your home get unity and logic in many respects. Colors, styles, and even the soul of the room will be evident in every interior detail you personally choose.

10 latest trends in 3D rendering living room with furniture

In the last part we will suggest and list for you 10 latest trends in living room rendering by K-Render Studio.

Rendering of Mandarin living room with luxury style

This is the living room of a luxury Mandarin project with semi-antique style combined with a contemporary and dominant bright white tone.


Top 1 space in 3D living rendering room with furniture

Casa Moderna living room interior in contemporary style

Next is the living room and living space inside the Casa Moderna apartment. A private house for the family with full space and amenities.


Top 2 3D living rendering room by K-render


The most prominent are K-Render’s unique interior details and creative color schemes.

Vartalet House – one of the features living room rendering of the year

Here is K-Render’s latest project for living room rendering.


Top 3 latest trends in 3D living rendering room with furniture

The room has a view overlooking the outdoors with a fairly moderate height, creating a feeling of relaxation for users.

Oscar Wistings is an interior project with a brown-toned living room rendering

Next is one of those projects that combines different rendering styles in one room.


Furniture 3D in the apartment

Even so, the viewer still feels every outstanding detail of the room without feeling overwhelmed by the spacious space of the room.

Render the living room from different angles with Tiller Apartment

This is a rather special apartment because it has many angles and approaches in the same room.


Top 5 latest trends in 3D living rendering room with furniture

Besides, you can see the living room rendering of this apartment is infested extremely carefully with excellent image quality.

Minimalist contemporary style and living room of the Fu-shin-kai project, Japan

Next let’s take a look at the images of the Fu-shin-kai project. This is one of the most special projects that K-Render has the opportunity to work with Japanese customers. They provided us with very clear and authentic input.


Top 6 latest trends in 3D living rendering room with furniture

The finished product is beautiful and satisfied with the customer, so K-Render was very grateful and made a lot of efforts.

Sunshine apartment style with exquisite 3D furniture

Standing at 7th place is the special living room of Sunshine apartment focusing on the delicate and eye-catching details of 3D furniture inside the room. .


Top 7 latest trends in 3D living rendering room with furniture

Private house project Sweet Butter Home with special living room renderings

In 8th place is Sweet butter Home. You can completely check out the latest images of this project through our website!


Top 8 latest trends in 3D living rendering room with furniture

La Veranda house and the collaboration with Mr. Ken living room

Coming in at number 9 is the living room rendering of La Veranda house.


Top 9 latest trends in 3D living rendering room with furniture

The owner of this project is Mr. Ken. We had a productive and enjoyable time with him. The final product was satisfied and praised by Mr. Ken.

Living room for villa Collin Celeste with special color schemes

And finally, the top 10 main trends are the living room of Collin Celeste villa located in Flamingo Vietnam.


Top 10 latest trends in 3D living rendering room with furniture

With a special color scheme, cozy and luxurious, this apartment room has created a new trend for living room rendering in particular as well as the field of living room design in general.

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