How changing in the style of interior design could transform an office

Whenever we come to the workplace, the work environment always affects the experience of workers. How is the furniture arranged? Does the color of the walls make the staff feel comfortable? There are just two example questions that every manager needs to address in their office to give the employees a productive work environment. Scrolling down and keep following, you would be amazed at how interesting it will be!

Original idea about interior design for Motty office

Our customer contacted us with the demand for renovating their office but not changing its original structure. When we received customer’s input, we looked forward to carrying out the project.

Motty company specializes in the mechanical field, they sell and do services on electrical products such as air-conditioner, heater,… Our mission was interior design visualization of an office with 185 square meters. The customer provided us with their idea about the office’s new look. After considering their orientation, we showed them a project that we completed a few months ago. Surprisingly, they just loved the style of that interior design at first sight when it totally fit their budget of construction at $75000.

How many rooms do we design?

Motty’s original office has many rooms, in this project, we did redesign up to 11 rooms:

  • 1 Executive, 2 Engineers, 2 Drafters, 1 Reception, 1 Estimator, 1 Service manager, 1 Service call taker, 1 Service technicians computer desks.
  • The office is about 10 feet (3,048 meters)

2D floor plan & preliminary plan, 3D for interior design basically completed

Several days later, K-render always carefully followed the original idea of the customer. The 2D floor plan and the preliminary plan in 3D of Motty’s interior design took us nearly 2 weeks to complete. However, that does not mean that our project is done, this is the stage we need the customer to review the design. Our principles at work are to always listen to customers, giving them the best experiences at K-render. 


Motth office structure


As usual, we keep contacting the customer during the process of the project. The representative from Motty had required to change the material of the walls between rooms. The wall on the entrance was inserted with the company symbol… After only 2 week from scratch, we finished this stage of design.  

Project completed for interior rendering

Subsequently, we were both unanimous about the design. In order not to make the customer wait longer, we did jump right in the final rendering. This is the most exciting part, the sooner the customer receives their office new look, the happier we would be because that is the practical evidence of our professionalism and thoroughness to our customer. 

One more satisfying project

After sending our final document, the customer felt pleased not only about the all new look of the office but also the workflow we provided. Motty’s office is just one typical project that K-render did complete. We offer interior/exterior design visualization to all kinds of demand. Whether you had an idea to renovate your office, build your house or not, contact us to experience great things.

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