House exterior design: 8 crucial things to know in exterior design

Exterior design is mostly ignored as we think we simply live inside, not outside the house. So, when building the construction, we don’t even pay attention to the house exterior design, which is a mistake of many people. In fact, the exterior of the house will not only create aesthetics but also bring spiritual and feng shui benefits. If you are unsure about which house exterior design suits yours, take a look at our 4 suggestions below!

What is house exterior design?

House exterior design is the design of all that belongs to the outside space of a house, making it aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and consistent with the wishes of the owner. Therefore, a suitable house exterior design should be a harmony between creativity and artistic trends.


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Exterior includes miniatures, facades, rockeries, exterior gardens, swimming pools, garages, etc. The more impressive the exterior of the house, the more it shows the homeowner’s great taste and attracts the attention of many people.

4 principles in house exterior design

A perfect house exterior design has to impress others at first sight, making anyone who looks at it interested and wants to own the construction. To do that is not easy, the architect must pay attention to several key points. So, what are they?

Spatial layout and shapes

The balance and symmetry will create the perfect beauty for the architectural space. To do this, homeowners need to carefully calculate how to place the main door, window, balcony, roof, wall panels, wall paint …

Exterior paint color

Exterior paint color is an important factor affecting the value of the house. Experts recommend choosing 2 paint colors for the exterior, in which one is the main paint color and the other color will be the highlight color to improve the best aesthetic effect.

Natural elements

Exterior is what is on the outside, it belongs to the front, porch, garden, etc., so it is impossible not to mention the green tree. The decoration and planting of ornamental plants around the house will bring fresh and green air to every house.


Natural beauty is created from the green lawns, the potted plants in front of the house, the big trees with shade…

Outside door system

The main door is the intersection between indoor and outdoor space, the size and material of the door not only affects the interior space but also affects the overall exterior. Homeowners should calculate which space should arrange windows, what materials should be used, and what size to choose the best design.

4 popular house exterior designs

A house is only beautiful when the space inside and outside is beautiful. Therefore, in addition to interior design, homeowners also need to pay attention to house exterior design. So, what are the top popular exterior design styles today? Heed this little advice: Before choosing a design style to build your house, try to build 3D architectural exterior rendering with different styles to make the right choice!

Modern house exterior design

Modern style always brings freshness, elegance, and delicateness to a house exterior. The highlight of this style is not being too picky about decorative patterns but emphasizing strong geometric blocks. Besides, the layout division is quite clear, bringing youthfulness to the construction.


Modern house exterior design

Moreover, the diverse colors and flexible and rich design decoration will breathe a free and lively breath into the exterior. The combination of colors such as white, orange, gray-brown, etc., and horizontal and vertical lines create a harmonious and aesthetic architectural space.


A harmonious and aesthetic architectural space

In general, the modern house exterior design is often more suitable for young people. This style brings a breath of freedom, simplicity, and minimalism of decorative items to bring elegant and luxurious beauty.


The materials also create a luxurious look for the exterior house design

In addition to using color elements as accents, the materials also create a luxurious look for the exterior. Popular materials such as iron, steel, concrete, glass, etc., combine to create solidity. In order to design an airy and spacious exterior, it is also impossible to ignore the function of large glass doors, which can beautify the architectural space. If you are looking for more modern house exterior design ideas, check out some pictures of our best modern architecture.

Classic house exterior design

Classical style has always been known for its artistic masterpieces, from the arrangement of motifs and patterns to carving and sculpting the smallest details. Classical-style constructions have elaborate and lavish architectural blocks that are extremely magnificent, loved by kings and the upper classes for showing their family status.


Classic house exterior design/ Source: Fiverr

In classic design, white and ivory colors are always chosen to create accents for the patterns and textures carved on the wall. Above all, these colors bring a harmonious combination of architecture and landscape space around the house, bringing good luck to the owner.


Source: Jcmaterial

In general, the house exterior designs in the classic style often feel nostalgic, ancient, simple, traditional, but delicate, luxurious, and elegant. Classical beauty is concentrated in the walls, door systems, and balcony designs with many sharp carving motifs. Looking at it, the owner will have the feeling that the house is majestic, splendid, and has royal beauty.

Neoclassical house exterior design

Neoclassical style is not simply a mixture of ancient and modern architecture. It is crystallized from the quintessential beauty of classical architecture, converging the simple and luxurious beauty of modern architecture, creating an architectural trend that is both modern and ancient.


Neoclassical exterior design/ Source: Houzz

Color elements and lines in neoclassical architecture are used simply, usually white tones combined with orange-brown doors to create accents for the house space. The exterior surrounding the neoclassical house is also very delicately arranged to create a connection between the inside and outside space, in order to attract prosperity and increase the feng shui value of the house.


Source: Pinterest

It can be said that the neoclassical house exterior design style has simplified the classical style. There is a full convergence of the most quintessential, most beautiful of both classic and modern. It has subtly innovated the classic details and opened up a more modern, dynamic, unobtrusive living space, not too lavish but very luxurious and elegant.

Minimalist house exterior design

Minimalism is a design that combines modern lines and soft colors to create a completely new architectural style of the contemporary era.


Minimalist exterior design by K-Render Studio

Nowadays, the minimalist style is very popular. The stylish exterior is emphasized by the two words “restrictive”. Everything is simplified as much as possible, removing all unnecessary elements and keeping only what is considered “important”, putting usability and use value on top. To design a house exterior in this style, we need to limit too much outdoor furniture. Everything needs to be carefully calculated to make the most reasonable and optimal space. This house exterior design style favors the use of natural light to create a warm atmosphere for the interior of the house.


The stylish exterior is emphasized by the two words “restrictive”

In addition, the delicate combination of minimalist architecture and green areas of the exterior space creates ventilation, and closeness to the environment, towards a wonderful green landscape space. In general, this style is appreciated for its simplicity but is still delicate. If you need some other design ideas, have a look at our best architectural designs for houses

What should be kept in mind in house exterior design?

Feng shui also plays an important part in home design. If feng shui is good, it will help bring luck, prosperity, and fortune to the owner.

Pay attention to feng shui

Feng shui is the combination of the inside and the outside, from the color, the direction of the house, the decorative objects, the area of space, and the harmony between the land and water around the house. When designing exterior for the house, we should limit objects to block the direction of space and use matching colors. This will help bring a lot of wealth.

Pay attention to your home’s value

The house exterior design also needs to bring spiritual value to people, helping homeowners relax after work. Sometimes the exterior just needs to be simple so that the house has spacious space, so the owner can feel comfortable and enjoy the freshest air around the house. One piece of advice here is to plant more trees. They help provide an abundant source of oxygen every day and improve family members’ health.

K-Render Studio: Top house exterior design studio from Vietnam

K-Render is a reliable partner if you are looking for outstanding architectural design concepts. Our studio elaborates details in every design that present an accurate proportion of each object to ensure project execution properly.


An architectural exterior project by K-Render Studio


A realistic house rendering by K-Render Studio

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