House design plan: an important thing for housebuilding

What is a house design plan?

Basically, a house design plan is a complete set of construction documents to carry out the construction of a solid and aesthetically valuable house. For those who work in the construction field, this is not too strange. However, what we want in this article is that even people who are not in this field can understand.

House design plan is one of the important tasks before proceeding with construction. In fact, for each project, the investor needs to calculate in advance all the specific costs such as the cost of building materials, the cost of human effort, time and effort…

To ensure a solid, safe and economical building, a detailed plan of the house is required. This means that this drawing is a complete profile of the work from shape, size, structure and all details of each item.

In fact, to build a house for us is not easy. Because homeowners need to prepare a lot of things from money, effort and psychological problems. So to do this, what does the drawing profile include? We will have the answer when we learn more in the later content of this article.

House design plan contents

Usually, each set of house design drawings will include 3 main parts: Architectural drawings, bridge drawings and electrical and water design drawings. So what is the content of this drawing?

House architectural design plan

With this drawing is a description of the style of the house from the outside to the inside. Specifically, the drawing must help the homeowner see how the style, color, and materials are used. Observing this, anyone can see how this house was built, its style.

In addition to the overall architecture, the drawing also shows the floor plan. This plan is actually the cross section of the house according to the floors. They must show the exact dimensions of the wall panels, including where the stairs are located. Not only that, the drawing needs to annotate all the locations of the rooms. Doing so will not make it difficult for viewers.

Structural design plan.

This is an important part of the house design drawing. Therefore, for the drawing designer, it is necessary to show all the following contents:

  •       Structural drawing documents are indispensable for the notes specified in construction such as: Notes on concrete protective steel layers, belt structure of columns and beams, distance between bearing steels, steel hooks. bearing…
  •       Show the foundation plan and structure of the house foundation. This depends on the structure of the soil as well as the complexity of the works, but we have different options for the structure and structure of the foundation …
  •       A very important part is the detailed layout of the columns. Specifically, the drawing must show the position as well as the distance between the columns.

An indispensable part is the system of steel columns, detailed calculation of some construction materials during construction. This will ensure the structure of the works and is also a suggestion for homeowners in the preparation of materials.

Electrical design plan

With modern construction, the design of water and electricity is one of the tasks that cannot be ignored. With this drawing, the designer must show the following contents:

  •       Electrical design: The whole building must have a ground to arrange electrical parts on each floor. Including electricity for lighting, electricity to install household appliances such as: Air conditioners, ventilation parts and location of sockets, location of equipment for washing machines, refrigerators, fans…
  •       Water design: The drawing must show the entire water supply and drainage system in important positions such as: Toilet, bathroom, washing machine system, kitchen, water purifier. … Even the rainwater supply and drainage system.

How important are house design plans?

As far as we learn, the cost of a house design drawing is not cheap. Each construction project and depending on the structure, design and interior will have different costs. At K-Render, we have the best price in the market at the moment. A past project by K-Render: Upper Styria Project.

So why is the cost of a design plan so expensive? To answer this question, perhaps we will make a comparison between the previous house constructions and the current houses, what is the difference? It’s really worth the money, isn’t it?

In fact, with simple houses we don’t want to go too deep. But for high-rise buildings with high structural requirements, the estimated cost for the design is only about 1% of the overall cost. However, what the owner receives is extremely large. Specifically as:

  •       The construction works will ensure the quality as well as the structure of the houses. Moreover, it is to minimize errors that are easy to arise in the construction process. In reality, all constructions cannot reach 100% according to design.
  •       In addition, the plan will help homeowners choose a suitable house, even the cost to the aesthetic factor is met according to preferences.
  •       If there were no plans before, during the construction process, it is necessary to have a combination of the construction party and the owner. This is an obstacle that slows down projects. In cases where there is no common voice, it will cause difficulties in the construction process.

So, we can see the importance of drawings. Almost all construction works today, from small to large, must have drawings. This not only shows the professional work as well as the requirements of the owner in terms of the quality of the works. Hopefully, with the content that the article shares about home design drawings, readers have had the most detailed view on this issue. Surely they will help you in choosing and designing a suitable house model.

The benefits of house design plan

  • Visual impact

Since a long time ago, when using paper drawings to deliver the design plan to customers, architects had difficulty explaining to viewers, understanding and visualizing the architecture of the work or project. Now, with 3D design plan, designs become much more intuitive and vivid, customers can easily understand and imagine your design. You can see how beautiful it is by viewing one of our project: Tafjord House.

  • Easy to change

Making changes on paper drawings is done manually and unprofessionally, with 3D design plan, the implementation becomes more accurate and complete. Customers and designers will easily communicate ideas and understand each other in the right change.

  • Cost savings

With information being communicated properly and effectively, conflicts or errors will be minimized when using a 3D design plan. From there, the costs and resources will be significantly reduced compared to using conventional paper drawings.

  • Effective marketing

Using 3D design plan will support businesses in the field of architecture and construction to make Marketing more effective than before. With vivid and eye-catching construction description images with 3D plan, it will certainly attract customers more than dry and confusing paper drawings.

The benefits of using 3D design plan in architecture and construction are great, not only making the connection between businesses and customers easier, it also helps businesses optimize the design and construction process of projects. judgment. Therefore, it is understandable why today many businesses have started to change paper drawings instead of 3D house design plan.

K-Render became one of the best interior renderers after more than 8 years of business and gained positive feedback from clients due to the reasonable price and high quality output.

Interior rendering is the strength of K-Render studio, we have visualized interior designs for many projects all over the world to make amazing ideas into pieces of art.

Our studio provide interior – exterior rendering, as well as VR, 3D walkthroughs, and virtual tours from every viewpoint. We hope this article helps you understand about a 3D design plan, so you can choose the best design for your places.


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