High-rise rendering buildings probably show modern urban architecture

Increasing aesthetic demand makes people love and tend to choose luxurious and high-class housing spaces. Therefore, high-rise rendering will help us have the most complete and realistic view of an unfinished project. Modern urban architecture or green city will be associated with high-rise building renders. Let’s learn it in the article below.

Customers using high-rise rendering services

In the first part, we will talk about customers that should use high-rise render services.

Owners of houses in need of construction

The first audience is retail customers who want to build a house of their own. The characteristics of these customers are:

  • They do not have much experience and knowledge related to high-rise rendering. Therefore, we will need to consult and have our own strategies for that project.

Osama project in 2022 a high-rise interior house

  • Next, they do not have all the necessary documents for the project.. Specifically, 2D, 3D drawings, or mood boards, building materials tables, favorite colors.. Therefore, the high-rise rendering team will be the ones to give suggestions and help customers complete their project. This will make the job quicker and easier.
  • On the other hand, these customers will be people who are very comfortable in terms of pricing. However, there will also be people who are meticulous and have to negotiate many times to be able to agree on a reasonable price for high-rise render services for both parties.

Relax place of Osama house

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Those are the characteristics of retail customers. The more retail customers, the more features they will have, no one is the same. Therefore, you need to equip your team with adequate technical skills. Besides, the ability to convince and talk to customers is also an important factor leading to the success of the contract as well as the project.

When working with clients with high-rise rendering needs, no matter who they are, you should create goodwill from the first time you meet or interact. Avoid conflicts on all interfaces to maintain a good reputation and professional working attitude.

The specific architectural design company

Secondly, the object we can target is the architectural design company. Maybe they are housing design, room design companies or interior design renderings and display companies.


Kitchen and dinning room of interior space

  • Therefore, they will have a certain budget for this high-rise rendering service. Maybe a lot, maybe a little. Unless they want to work with you, you will have to convince them for a long time to get a long-term contract.
  • These companies will need high-rise rendering to beautify their websites. As well as using 3D images, beautiful media to affirm the brand and elevate the product in the eyes of their customers.

Real estate companies use high-rise rendering to call for investment

Real estate companies are also the next customers who need to use high-rise rendering. Like the architectural design companies in part two, the real estate company will also want to have beautiful media images to introduce to customers about their latest homes.

For real estate companies, they will have a professional working style. As well as a steady level of expertise in this industry and high-rise rendering service. Therefore, it will be easier for you to cooperate with customers who are businesses and companies related to this field. You will save time to approach and advise them on the project. Because to make e-commerce trends in architecture projects, they had to plan it for a long time. In addition, they will also search and consider among high-rise rendering artists like you to choose to work with.

3D rendering studios need human resources to outsource high-rise rendering services

And finally, the objects that need to outsource high-rise rendering services are famous 3D rendering studios who have many orders or are overloaded with projects. . In this case, they will contact you directly to discuss the new project and want to push you on it. For one reason, because they are overloaded with orders and do not have time to fulfill the deadline.


Bedroom rendering needs high-end picture for more detail and luxury

This is also a new way to reach customers. Especially, because of working with customers in the same industry, knowledgeable about high-rise rendering services as you or even more than you. You should be careful and prepare your documents carefully. These studios will base on your portfolio to assess your ability. Having a good resume will also increase your chances of getting a job this way.

General price for a project related to high-rise rendering

Next, we want to talk about the cost of the high-rise rendering service you are interested in.

The general price of a high-rise rendering service will be slightly from $1500 to $2000 or more per image. Why is it called “high-rise”? Because these are the best quality images. They are well-invested and created from sophisticated and diversified crafting techniques or software.


Another angel in the kitchen

We can perfectly compare normal rendering images with high-rise renderings. Thanks to that, we will be able to see why the cost of this service is so high.

In addition, there are additional ways we can reduce the cost of high-rise rendering:

  • Eliminate unnecessary features for the image
  • Reduce the overall size of the high-rise rendering image
  • Simple Space and complexity of projects or buildings
  • Provide longer deadlines and deadlines for 3D artists to work on and have time to edit. The faster it is, the higher the cost will be.

Finding your next high-rise rendering artists

There are two ways you can get the best high-rise rendering. One is to find reputable and highly qualified freelancers. The second is to cooperate with 3D rendering studios with reasonable prices.

Combined with 3D rendering studio

First of all, you can search for information about domestic and foreign animation studios. You should check the credibility that the studio gives you. See if the company has any projects related to high-rise rendering, your high-end interior design style is right for you..


Many high-end furniture used in this house

Also we will point out some pros & cons when you cooperate. with the animation studio.


  • Having dedicated consulting service and using on-site service
  • Cooperating and working with the best experts
  • Guaranteed high-rise rendering quality output
  • Having the opportunity to participate in Interviews and provide feedback for the website and fanpage of that studio.


  • The cost is a bit high, hitting customers who want the best services.
  • How to fix it: you can choose more suitable, competitive and mid-priced visualization companies like K-Render Studio..

Partnering with freelancers

Next, you can boldly collaborate with 3D artists. They work individually, not contracted with any organization or company. However, working with freelancers will also have advantages and disadvantages as follows. You should consider if that purpose is to get the project with high-rise rendering quality.


Pros when working with K-Render is we provide the best quality images


  • Low cost, very competitive. You can absolutely negotiate the price you want. Freelancers can claim to be paid by the hour worked. This will also benefit you more.


  • Output quality is not guaranteed
  • There’s a lot of risk that the 3d artist may be a scam
  • Communication is difficult and the working process is not as professional as the rendering company

Some kind of lighting used in the bedroom

The above are subjective judgments based on research and experience in providing high-rise rendering services for many years. We believe and are sure that we are helping you to accumulate new knowledge about this industry. Wishing you great success in all your projects. For more information, please contact

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