Hermes orange shades of Jefferson’s 3D Apartment Rendering

When a couple moved from Chicago to Los Angeles, they wanted to do more than just build a house. They desired to build a home for themselves, their two children, and their future. A 150-metre-square apartment near Lafayette Park was an ideal 3D apartment rendering project made by K-Render Studio, which combines classic and modern styles.

3D Apartment Rendering Project – General view

With a balance between function and fashion, modernity and elegance, this natural and beautiful 3D apartment rendering project inspired by Hermès is combined with a traditional local feeling, respecting simplicity and elegance and highlighting the charm of Hermès.


Overall space of Mr Jefferson’s Apartment

The overall space of this 3D apartment rendering project is coloured in orange tones to open up a “modern” artistic journey. Elegant paintings are framed by silky and temperamental HERMES silk scarves. A touch of orange shade brightens up the lively atmosphere of the walls, and the unique pieces of furniture also reveal the identity and life quality of the owners everywhere.

3D Apartment Rendering Project – Living room

The living room of the 3D apartment rendering project emphasizes the importance of the quality of furniture in the space. The orange furry armchair is a dynamic element throughout the area.


The orange furry armchair

The grey rhombic plaid rug has convex patterns that contrast and extend different colour shades with the sofa. Noble grey marble is used as the main theme to create a luxurious feeling.


An American architect Sullivan once said: “Design comes from function”. Functional design in space comes from life, not for the opposition but for mutual causality. The large floor-to-ceiling glass area on the balcony makes the space modern and bright, spacious, modest and beautiful, covering the world with an open and natural soul.


From floor to celling

True luxury is hidden in the carving of details, and only when it is condensed into a concise and elegant existence can it reach the heart.

3D Apartment Rendering Project – Dining room

As the link between the kitchen and the living room, the dining room of Jefferson’s 3D apartment rendering project maintains the coherence of the space through the use of colours and materials. The unique tableware makes life more artistic.


Dining room connecting with living room

Despite the pressure and busy work outside, Jefferson and his wife return to their families, where they can keep calm and peace of mind, and enjoy a sip of champagne with a few friends.

3D Apartment Rendering Project – Kitchen

Below is the kitchen render of Jefferson’s apartment. All orange and yellow accessories instantly make the whole kitchen space lively. The design takes full advantage of the space by dividing the functional areas through logical and ingenious methods and incorporating delicate accessories to let the bright sunlight freely fly through the space.



The semi-open kitchen of the 3D apartment rendering project of the Jefferson’s is visually arranged. Life is based on convenience, loyalty to function and strength rather than aesthetics, but home is a space that also needs visual enjoyment. Come the Spring and autumn, dawn and dusk, Tagore said, “Let my love, like sunlight, surround you and yet give you illumined freedom.” K-Render studio will make their home a place of freedom.

3D Apartment Rendering Project – Workroom

Using animal fur on the desk and towering bookshelves convey the taste through subtle expressions.



The desk located next to the large window allows the homeowner to receive full of sunlight, making his mind so energizing and refreshing.

3D Apartment Rendering Project – Master Bedroom

The design of the entrance cabinet is inspired by traditional Chinese craftsmanship, embodying a balance between wisdom and playfulness. The cabinet becomes a player, a traveller through different scenes with Hermes.


Chinese inspired craftmanship cabinet

Across from the grille are a walk-in closet and the master bedroom in a contemporary minimalist space dominated by calm grey tones. Drop-down chandeliers and folded cowhide art create a balance of tones in the bedroom of this 3D Apartment Rendering Project.


Master bedroom

The warm-toned bedding in the master room and the warm wood finish complement each other, creating exceptional comfort. The glossy painting at the head of the bed is a good outline of a happy old age, walking hand in hand, and simply enjoying life.

3D Apartment Rendering Project – Children’s Bedroom

Children’s space is free and full of joy, abandoning conventional space arrangements. Orange furniture and bed feature an overall tone of contemporary design. The players on the desk and the rugby suit by the bed lead to a fantasy world.


Children’s bedroom

Blue white ceramic table lamp enriches the materials in the space. The bright yellow-orange colour is used for a creative and childish space.


Working with K-Render Studio, completing a big project like Jefferson’s 3D Apartment Rendering Project is our pride. We constantly do our best to provide the finest customer experience. It is a pleasure to create such a masterpiece for Mr Jefferson’s family.

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