Happy Apartment project – The simple happiness 

“Happy Apartment” design project was designed by K-Render Studio – one of the best 3d architectural studios. Our customer is Mrs Minh – a young woman with a big interest in reading books. In this article, we will introduce a closer look at this interior design . Through this project,we want to send our sincere thanks to our clients who have always trusted in us so that K-render can grow up like today.

Overall of this interior design project 


Happy apartment project

With the total size of 300m2, there are 4 rooms in this apartment: 1 living room, 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom. This project follows the Scandinavian style, which is very popular and becomes an endless source of inspiration. Scandinavian style is a trend that not only balances beauty and convenience but also focuses on simple elements and individual effects. This design is quite suitable for those who live in a small apartment but still want a distinctive apartment.

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 After a 2-hour discussion about the construction site for the Happy Apartment design project, our team has started to do the project. Let’s admire the special beauty of the design project that K-render team has made! 

Happy Apartment project – the living room

This has been Mrs Minh’s dream room since she was a college student. She always wants a big reading room and K-render has helped her to make her dream become true.


Happy Apartment project

Triangle bookcase together with a colorful window is an ideal option in this project. This is one of the wonderful ways to make the apartment become more luxury and casterer. This beauty is not only through the diverse colors but also the effects it brings. Moreover, a tree is added to help the room have a comfortable and fresh atmosphere.


Happy Apartment project

Gray color is popular because of its balance and easy to combine with other colors. We chose a Gray sofa for Happy Apartment design, which is gentle and suitable for relaxing and reading books. 

Happy Apartment project – the bathroom 

The bathroom’s wall is decorated with fancy pattern in order to bring the feeling of cool and clean. Gray – the main color of this room accompanied with golden frame reflects the highlight of the room as simple but luxurious that not many 3D architect companies can do as well as K-render. By using chandeliers instead of bulbs in the bathroom, this design turns out to be more artistic and special.


Happy Apartment project

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Happy Apartment project – the kitchen 

The kitchen design follows the casual features with a simple and dynamic aesthetic lifestyle to build space in a more subtle and atmospheric way. The natural light is made use of by a large window with the view of the city. This design highlights the clear mode and the spirit of warmth and comfort. It would be a wonderful place for family members to gather together after a tiring day.


Happy Apartment project

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Happy Apartment project – the bedroom 

As Mrs Minh is going to give birth to a baby boy next year, we have designed a bedroom that both is in harmony with adult and kid. The gray simple rug with the paintings of blue skies and clouds reflect the creativity of the design.


Happy Apartment project

Blue bedding combined with the gray checked pattern of the bed and table is a wonderful combination to make this design distinguished. Gray walls with patterns create the room more spacious and comfortable. In regard with helping the pregnant period peaceful and happy, our team has tried our best to create a really ideal place for Mrs Minh to relax.


After about 2 weeks, K-render finally finished the project. We are happy to see Mrs.Minh was so satisfied with her dream house project. Thank you Mrs Minh for trusting and choosing K-render as a partner to carry out this interior design. 

These are all the information about the project – Mrs.Minh’s interior design .Working with K-Render Studio, we are happy in working with Mrs.Minh  and accomplishing this 3D rendering product. We are continually striving to give the best 3D architect service to our customers. It gives us great joy to make such a work of art.We are ready to counsel you to find out the most suitable design style for your own home. 

Thanks for reading!

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