Halifont Cafe and Apartment is a new 3D exterior rendering scene

Halifont Cafe and Apartment is a completely new 3D exterior rendering style and scene. In this article we will show you an exterior view of a coffee complex project.

Inspired by a Christmas night, snow covered and golden lights emanating from small rooms or cafes are welcoming guests. This new project is a highlight in K-Render’s 10-year journey. You can check out some projects off K-Render such as Gardenista Village Home.


K-Render newest exterior rendering project

The project is not too large. However, with such a wide and quite high viewing angle, we will have to expect to be able to visualize the houses in this project complex.

After understanding the client’s idea of ​​a Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, we used details such as snow, trees covered with snow.

And the highlight in the illustration of the Halifont Cafe and Apartment project this time is the yellow lights emanating from the surrounding houses. This gives the photo a feeling of being warm, a cozy, familiar space, just like a peaceful Christmas night.

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