Geometric House – The idealing interior design for luxury and minimalism.

Design Description
Typology: Interior 3D rendering
Status: Completed
Location: Norway
Customer: Chason J. Aiden
Completion time: 2 weeks

Geometric inspiration for interior design in your house

Many families use geometric inspiration in their interior design rendering. Geometric inspiration allows you to use lines and shapes in new and creative ways to enhance the appeal of living spaces. As a result, this geometric trend is widely used in contemporary living spaces.
Cubist art frequently uses squares, circles, and triangles along with bold brushstrokes and color blocks to create striking visual effects. The focal point of our presentation on current trends in interior design will be created. The unique beauty of geometry not only influences interior design but also inspires engineers to design stunning structures. It may look rough to combine monotonous lines and rigid shapes, but when done in a harmonious and artistic way, it produces fancy effects, emotional spaces, and intriguing blocks. Block art will satisfy everyone who enjoys building with blocks, trying out new colors, and seeing delicate installations, imaginative designs, and stunning color combinations.

Due to their high durability and environmental friendliness, natural materials are always the best option. In particular, it aids in enhancing the indoor area and blending in with different interior design aesthetics. Nature is an essential element in the entire home, regardless of how the interior style evolves. Of course, interior materials derived from nature play a large role in achieving that naturalness. The best materials are always those that are natural. Regardless of the interior design style, they are stylish, long-lasting, eco-friendly, and improve indoor air quality.
The angularity of geometric lines combined with the softness of natural materials brings an extremely harmonious feeling to your space, both a bit modern and organic. This is also a trending design style in 2022. Let us introduce our latest “Geometric House” project, one of our favorite projects the last September.

Design Description of Geometric interior design.

  • Typology: Interior 3D rendering
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Norway
  • Customer: Chason J. Aiden
  • Completion time: 2 weeks


There are many ways to make a room appear larger by tricking the eye, including using bright colors for lighting, letting natural light in, and utilizing smart furniture with multiple uses. Make use of translucent materials. It is recommended that you use decorative mirrors to help the room get more light. As a mirror and ideal living room decoration, this technique will give you the impression that the space is larger.

Entrance of Geometric interior design.

The wide mirror surface gives the room a three-dimensional, open feel by adding depth.


On the front wall, there are built-in cabinets for collections, books, and decorations that give the room an upscale feel.

Living room of Geometric interior design.

A distinct visual focal point is produced by the contrast between the natural wood-paneled window frames and the base wall’s concrete slab. Warm and natural, the large mustard sofa stands out against the blue walls. A high-pressure texture is combined with a shallow and deep fabric coffee table.

Even the most discerning individuals are drawn to the 45-degree herringbone wood floor’s “artistic” design. This floor’s trendy aesthetic is still present. Greek architecture is the source of the 45-degree herringbone floor pattern, which first appeared in France in the 1500s.


Since then, herringbone wood floors have gained popularity and have been used extensively in recent European architecture. Herringbone wood floors once received little attention because of the prevalence of low-quality carpets and flooring due to a history of many changes. The floor pattern is still present today, though, and has even evolved into a chic symbol for interior rendering.

Working bay seat of Geometric interior design.

As soon as you hear the phrase “window seat” or bay seat, etc., you will probably think of large houses, big villas, and new houses with new buildings. the window is so big to have enough space for the window seat design!? But you are wrong! With just a little ingenuity and a little creativity, you will turn small spaces on the windowsill into a wonderful corner to relax, enjoy the view, read a book, etc.


Even, the combination of window seats with bookcases, decorative shelves, etc. has both expanded the storage space for your home to be neater and brought perfect aesthetic value. In this design, we have turned the bay window into a computer desk, providing bright office space for the owner, optimizing the workspace, and inspiring it.

Kitchen of Geometric interior design.

The kitchen area is designed with dark tones as the main color.


Our 3D rendering service offers a wooden dining table alternating with a black marble top forming a central island. The kitchen island not only helps to decorate and create a highlight for the kitchen, but the kitchen island is also the center of activity, creating more working space for housewives when cooking. For an optimal kitchen island, designers often design more kitchen cabinets to help increase functionality for users. A kitchen island will increase the amount of storage space where you need it. It can also be used as a stove, a sink, a place to display food, etc. Maximize the use of functional optimization options to put in these designs, for homeowners who love convenience. in everyday life by designing a smart kitchen island that can be used as both a food processing table, a place for food, a quick snack, and can also a sink, helping to save maximum space and still ensure user needs.


The cabinet is designed with matte black material. Floor tiles are paved to distinguish them from the dining area. The combination of light and dark colors and different materials creates a unique spatial scene.

Main bedroom of Geometric interior design.

Master bedroom with walk-in closet and shower. Simple white areas with burgundy accents. Building a transparent atmosphere, continuing to use natural wood materials, and soft tones in private space.


Suspended ceiling with three-dimensional effect and storage, air-conditioned, relaxing like in a hotel. Dark purple walls create visual accents. Indirect light through the ceiling creates a gentleness of the space. Wooden floors always bring a feeling of warmth in winter, and cool in summer, a design that never goes out of fashion.


A long table with built-in shelves for TV and a workspace in the bedroom, natural wood material brings warmth and elegance, balanced with the cold color space of the room.

Since the owner has a need to store clothes, the walk-in closet is specially planned in the bedroom, the storage cabinet is designed specifically. The partition is made of brown glass that is both transparent and concealed. The space inside depends on the need to store clothes.

Children’s bedroom of Geometric interior design.

In the children’s bedroom, we choose a neutral tone, not too hot or cold, it is a combination of natural colors from wood materials combined with painted white. The bedroom structure is in the form of a center, in the middle there is a large area, combined with light effects, making the room like a warm living room.

When designing this children’s room, we based it on the idea of ​​creating a “pure wall,” thereby reducing unnecessary decorations and structures so that children can freely express themselves, and their creativity.

This room is also designed based on the trend of blurring the boundary between architecture and interior. Through “hybrid” designs between interior and architecture, this new design trend shapes the space in a flexible, unique way with high adaptability to meet the increasingly diverse needs of people, in modern life.
At this time, architectural and interior design are not separate but exist in parallel with “hybrid” structures: the walls are not only partitions but also integrate the function of furniture such as cabinets, books, shelves, and chairs. The boundary between the wall and the floor is minimized, making the room as spacious as possible to create more space for active games.

Another design of the trend of combining architecture and interior: The staircase next to the bunk bed, a design that combines functionality and floating materials to give the space a lively life.

Bathroom of Geometric interior design.

The master bedroom and the shower room are dominated by marble stone with a natural texture. Marble is a beautiful stone and comes in a variety of colors with varying amounts of movement, which is quite special. They always agree that white marble slabs like Carrara, Calacatta, Italian white, Greek white, etc are a miracle for bathrooms and are more and more popular, they bring a sense of comfort, minimalism, and minimalism. stress after hours of tiring work.


Not stopping there, the black marble surface also becomes closer as we are still searching for the beauty of nature, looking to delve into the mid-century modern feeling. texture enhancement, and the hidden light band combined with the black top chandelier, create a unique diffused light perception.

Guest bathroom of Geometric interior design.

The guest bathroom, on the other hand, has bold burgundy hues that impart an opulent and aristocratic atmosphere, as well as black and white blocks. Create a cozy, warm light by fusing the vanity with the shower line and the light strip behind the mirror. LED mirrors are a new interior design trend for contemporary living rooms.


Your home will be given new life by the LED mirror’s convenience and high aesthetics. Similar to conventional mirrors, LED mirrors can reflect as much light as possible, giving the impression that the room is larger and more open. Additionally, the mirror’s array of LED lights will enliven and elevate your home. At the moment, LED mirrors are popular in contemporary interior design and are trusted by architects.

Thanks from K-Render Studio

As the best 3d rendering studio in Viet Nam, we would like to give appreciation to Mr. Chason J. Aiden for choosing K-render to create this project. The project turnaround time is 2 weeks since the two sides have agreed on each other’s wishes, we have worked hard (with a total of 5 revisions) to complete the project completely the best for customers. K-Render hopes that the studio and Mr. Chason will have many more opportunities to collaborate in the future.

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