Gardenista Village Home is a garden villa by K-Render

Gardenista Village Home is a garden villa located in a small American town. According to the needs of Americans, they are very fond of farmhouse-style houses. However, it still has to be modern with a bit of luxury. Therefore, K-Render had the opportunity to cooperate with the architects of this Gardenista Village Home project.


Gardenista Village Home is a garden villa by K-Render

This project is a combination of houses next to each other. Each apartment has a garden in front, which looks very natural and can serve the needs and interests of outdoor activities of many families. You can refer to Halifont Cafe and Apartment.

The interior of this project is characterized by the fact that the adjacent houses are all designed in the same way. However, depending on the owner, they will have different arrangements and decorations inside the house. The brown tone for the exterior of the project stands out. K-Render we used more techniques and details to make the house stand out in the middle of nature. That is, we have added a set of tables and chairs outside the house, surrounded by decoration and installation of trees. Bring to the space a peaceful feature with a comfortable life. The green of the trees along with the light and color coordination are very harmonious, giving customers a feeling of peace and being able to close the order for apartments like this as quickly as possible.

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