Gamlitz Project- Interior rendering project by K-render in Austria

An Austrian master carpenter’s company with the request for a 3D-Rendering approaches us with an interior rendering project. This is a 80 meter square house with only one floor that includes bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom. This is a house where you find to relax and has retreat areas. We want to create a place of silence and stimulating thoughts . A place where you can think of a great vision.

An overview of Gamlitz project- Interior rendering project the mood of it.

This is what the client requires for the Gamlitz project which requires 3D interior rendering services.

  • Facade: Pure stone facade combination wood and stone mixed.
  • Staircases: Concrete stairs with wooden beams with natural brushed oak, modern with rustic touch. Spacing the bars as much as possible.

Facade of Gamlitz Project- Interior rendering project

  • Bedroom: white with rustic accents, natural colors
  • Dining room: made of natural wood, more towards gray and has a rectangular shape.
  • Kitchen: White kept. Optionally also with stone look. Lamps to separate the dining area and make the boxes floor-to-ceiling, contrary to the mood

Bedroom of Gamlitz Project- Interior rendering project

  • Bathroom: Look in stone, wood and white, wood as otherwise also white oiled. For the toilet, wood paneling instead of tiles on the wall. Box either wood and white plate, paper holder with self white. For the sink: Back wall made of wood, however, oiled white and with a different, calmer pattern.

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The input, reference and scope of the Gamlitz project- Interior rendering project.

Below is the materials that the client need to provide us:

  • A furniture floor plan displaying the space’s size as well as the positioning of kitchen furnishings and appliances;

A furniture floor plan of Gamlitz Project- Interior rendering project

  • A moodboard and a material board

Reference and scope of work of Gamlitz project-Interior rendering project

The quantity of renders: 5 interior renders

  • The first one showcases the kitchen
  • The second one showcase the bedroom
  • The third one, fourth one showcases the living room with two different camera angles
  • The fifth one showcases the bathroom

The camera angles of Gamlitz Project- Interior rendering project

For Gamlitz- Interior rendering project, the client requires some specific kitchen equipment such as kitchen equipment from Siemens Studio Line. Cooker in gas stove optic, baking oven, steamer, dish washer, fridge and wine refrigerator

What we need to do is to make the house like a retreat place, a relaxing place and the CGI images have to show stylish furnishing, decor and lighting features.

How K-render accomplished the Gamlitz project-Interior rendering project

Let’s see How K-render studio- the Vietnamese leading studio providing best quality 3d rendering service finish those tasks

Workflow of Gamlitz project-Interior rendering project

Firstly K-render CGI specialists started with building a 3Ds Max scene from the furniture floor plan. He set the lighting in the scene once it was finished. Due to the mood board and the material board that the client provide, we create a morning light with cozy atmosphere.


The model of the bathroom of Gamlitz Project- Interior rendering project

Next, K-render CGI specialists move one to fill the scene with 3D models of furnishings, kitchen equipment and decor. Due to the particular requirement of kitchen equipment, K-render has to try to find some 3D assets from our library.

Fortunately, we found some. For those that do not have it in our library, he had to model himself and purchase some 3D assets to add in the scene. You can take a look at the exterior rendering project Orion House project.


The model of the bedroom of Gamlitz Project- Interior rendering project

The next step is to apply materials based on the mood board. Then, we set up the required camera angles. After that, K-render shows the resulting images to the client.

Revision round

Receiving the first draft, the client is really satisfied and gives us an email for that.


The feedback of the client of Gamlitz Project- Interior rendering project

She had some changes for the renders:


The client’s feedback of Gamlitz Project- Interior rendering project

  • Colour of the windows inside is changed to wood and its light, too
  • Change the floor covering to a long floorboard. Reference is attached, too.
  • Their customer wants to change the chairs in the eating area again. Besides changing the sitting cover to lighter, they want to have another chair now again.

The bedroom’s feedback of Gamlitz Project- Interior rendering project

  • Bathroom storage space: “Mirror will become a three-door mirror cabinet. We call it „Alibert“ or „Allibert“ in German. And it is just visible by the 2 dividing gaps. And it has depth. Please draw it with a depth of 15cm. I will attach a reference picture for you”.

The final visualization of Gamlitz project- Interior rendering project

Receiving all the feedback, K-render specialists finish all the corrections and changes within 2 days. After corrections, we proceeded to the post-production stage- using Photoshop to make them more stunning.


The final visualization of living room


The final visualization of living room with horizontal angle


The final visualization of kitchen


The final visualization of bedroom


The final visualization of bathroom

Konstanze really like them and approved them.


What the client said about us

We are happy to receive such nice words from our clients. Thanks so much for choosing K-render.

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