Furniture rendering and their importance of it nowadays

Furniture rendering is one of the growing trends in the furniture manufacturing industry from Europe to Asia. If you are looking to find out what 3D furniture rendering is and why it is used so much, this article will answer enough and more.

Overview of furniture rendering

The first part will explain What furniture rendering is and Who needs them most.

  • What furniture rendering is: Furniture rendering are pictures or images of furniture placed in the white background or in the virtual space created by the software. Furniture rendering helps the viewer to have the best view of the furniture product, learn the functions of them without the manufacturer needing to produce sample products.
  • Who needs furniture rendering most: Furniture manufacturers all need 3D furniture rendering to make media for their products. In fact, this option is often used with furniture wholesalers.

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Great benefits of furniture rendering brings to manufacturers

There are always reasons for the popularity and popularity of furniture rendering among furniture manufacturers. Let’s find out together

Furniture rendering helps manufacturers save cost and fee.

Here are the costs that 3D furniture rendering saves you a lot of.


Some notes that you need to check with the furniture rendering studio

  • Save the cost of producing furniture samples: As far as you know, to produce sample furniture is not an easy thing, with high cost due to small quantity. Instead, if you use furniture rendering, you don’t need to produce any furniture and still have beautiful advertising media pictures, even better than the real product.
  • Save cost of renting media: With furniture being very competitive, it is necessary to have a beautiful product image to attract customers. So manufacturers have to spend a lot of money to hire their own studio to take samples, while if they use furniture rendering, they will be able to have the best picture of their furniture.
  • Furniture storage costs: With a large number of sample products, manufacturers will have to rent warehouses to store them. This is quite a large cost, and will be completely deducted if using furniture rendering.

Furniture rendering helps manufacturers save time

By not having to produce sample products, manufacturers can save production time and time taking photos and editing photos as media for products. Instead, use furniture rendering and you will have media images right away

Furniture rendering helps you increase work efficiency, increase sales

3D furniture rendering offers great economic benefits for the following reasons:

    • Aesthetically, furniture rendering is judged to be more beautiful than real product photos. In addition, furniture rendering can give users a better view of furniture when placed in each environment, so sales can be increased.
    • Besides, because furniture rendering can bring your products into different spaces, customers will realize that your furniture products can be suitable for many types of spaces, thereby making decisions. making purchases easier. And as a result, your sales will increase
    • Because furniture rendering saves manufacturers time, so they can focus on finding new customers
    • In addition, in the process of furniture rendering, animation studios may realize some errors in furniture design drawings, from which the best finished product.

Some notes that you need to check with the furniture rendering studio

Creating furniture renderings is not an easy task, so most furniture manufacturing companies look to studios that specialize in 3D furniture rendering.

So we give some notes for you to ask and check the working process of these furniture rendering studios:


Some tips for manufacturers who want furniture rendering

  • Firstly, you should ask the studio to keep the dimensions of your furniture product according to the drawing or modeling.
  • Secondly, you should be careful about the materials of your furniture. These 2 things are the 2 minimum things you should ask furniture rendering studios to do carefully so that customers have the most accurate view of your product.
  • With some types of furniture such as cabinets with drawers, or cabinets, you should ask for furniture rendering that will include angles that can let customers see the internal function of the product.
  • With furniture rendering with furniture placed in the environment, you need to check the proportions of the products and objects are correct or not.

Some tips for everyone who want furniture rendering

To help manufacturers find the most suitable furniture rendering level, here are some tips:

  • If you are wondering whether to find a freelancer or a studio to do furniture rendering or provide product 3d rendering services for you, then I recommend working with a studio. They are professional and won’t mess things up. You can trust the quality of 3D furniture rendering you have more.

Some tips for everyone who want furniture rendering

  • If you are wondering if you are getting an offer for furniture rendering at a higher price than usual. Then look for some suppliers in Vietnam, India. Furniture rendering services in these countries are considered the cheapest and you don’t have to try to decrease the price.
  • And if you’re wondering how to reduce the price that studio furniture rendering offers, here’s the answer. Give you a budget that is 20% lower than what a studio offered you. And you always say your budget is just that. Maybe they will actively reduce the price for you significantly, now is the time to really consider the furniture rendering price.
  • After negotiating the price, negotiate some other benefits such as: more products, more views for the product, reduction of the first deposit, … This is the most suitable time because furniture rendering studios are eager to close the contract soon, their acceptance will be higher

Top 5 Studio have the best quality furniture rendering

In order to save time searching for readers, this blog post will give some suggestions for you to choose easily. These are the top 5 furniture rendering studios we will suggest.

 K-Render – Top 1 on furniture rendering

This is a studio founded by famous architects in Vietnam. Since they have a good architectural look, this is the best choice for you when you want to have furniture rendering and gym 3d renders in a beautiful space.


K-Render – Top 1 on furniture rendering

Here are a few reasons why you should choose K-Render Studio

  • Firstly, K-Render Studio has architects – who are knowledgeable about aesthetic spaces, who can give you some tips to have the best furniture rendering.
  • Secondly, in a country like Vietnam, the price of K-Render’s furniture rendering service is very reasonable. With white background furniture 3D rendering, the price is from 50$ for 3-5 views, with interior 3D furniture rendering services, you just have to pay about 300$ for each room, including 3-5 views. It’s lower by 20-30% compared to others.
  • Thirdly, their furniture rendering quality is very good, especially when it comes to furniture 3D rendering in space. You can ask them to put your products in any space
  • Fourthly, with a large number of artists, K-Render can meet your schedule with a large number of furniture rendering in a short time.

To contact K-Render Studio and give special offer in furniture rendering, you can contact Hotline/ Whatsapp: Mr Kaylin – Manager of K-Render: (+84)855555961

Cgifurniture – The second studio specializes in furniture rendering

This is a well-known studio with expertise in furniture rendering services. They have many years of experience and the quality is quite good, receiving a lot of good feedback


Cgifurniture – The second studio specializes in furniture rendering

However, when compared to the price, the studio for furniture visualization is rated quite high, with a simple modeling for furniture, the price they offer is $ 99, 2-3 times higher than K-Render Studio

Blue Ribbon – An other option for furniture rendering

This is a studio that can offer many choices for furniture makers

This studio has a special style, they meet a variety of client requests from low-poly to high-poly furniture rendering, 360 photo and animation.


Blue Ribbon – An other option for furniture rendering

The quality of this studio is considered to be quite good. You can see in the above picture.

Spotless Agency – Top 4 furniture rendering studio you should try

This is a studio that can do both architectural rendering and furniture rendering. There are some reviews about this studio listed below:

“The price is quite reasonable with the quality: For a furniture rendering in a white frame, I had to pay 50$, but unfortunately I only got 1 render and I had to hire more”

“I am quite satisfied with the quality of furniture rendering service. Customer care service is also great.”

Renderfurniture – The last one on Top furniture rendering studios

This is an experienced furniture rendering studio in India. With India, you probably also understand the price here is a good option. This will be the best choice for manufacturers with a small and medium budget.


Renderfurniture – The last one on Top furniture rendering studios

However, you will have to accept that the furniture rendering quality of this studio is somewhat inferior to the rest of the options

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