Find out what hotel rendering is and where to find that services

Hotel rendering is one of those areas that is complex and time-consuming. Therefore, if you are planning to render a hotel project, you should consider and note some of the things mentioned in the article below. In addition, in this article we will also suggest some ways to work with the studio or hotel rendering company you are looking for.

The definition of hotel rendering

Hotel rendering is the use of rendering tools or rendering software by architects and rendering artists to create renderings in the model of a quality hotel. artistic and aesthetic.

Besides, people still use traditional ways such as hand drawing or design sketches in hotel rendering. However, the methods will not bring high efficiency and quality as using 3D visualization software.

Benefits of hotel rendering

So why should we use hotel renderings? In the following section, we talk more clearly.

The benefits of hotel owners

Firstly, hotel rendering will help the hotel owner visualize his project after completion in the most realistic way.


Benefits of hotel rendering for the owners

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    • First of all, because the hotel is a very well designed project. An ordinary hotel had to have an area of ​​​​550 square meters or more. Therefore hotel rendering will be able to help the hotel owners imagine what their work will look like after completion. From there, they can consider and choose the next appropriate steps for their project.
    • In addition, hotel rendering will help hotel owners to calculate and limit risks when constructing this project. The risks that hotel owners may face are that the construction is delayed or the final works do not satisfy the hotel owners… Therefore, hotel rendering is very important, contributing to the success of the hotel projects.
    • Hotel rendering can help the owners quick return on capital due to media before the project starts, but also increase revenue because better images actually attract more customers

Secondly, hotel rendering will help hotel owners choose the furniture and items used in their hotel.

    • Next, if you choose hotel rendering, the rendering architects will come up with a rendering idea for you. They will help you choose the most suitable materials used in the hotel. Of course, this idea will still have to be based on your design ideas. However, hotel rendering will help you get the most unique and beautiful source of materials and interiors.
    • Besides, the ultimate purpose of building a hotel is to make a profit and serve customers in need. Therefore, the choice of furniture is very important to make the best exterior building rendering. This will directly affect customer satisfaction. You should also choose for your hotel a set of bedding, toiletries or other items and equipment that are most reasonable and comfortable for customers. Hotel rendering should be able to help you do that in an easier way.

The benefits of hotel rendering for architecture firms

Hotel renderings also bring huge benefits to architecture firms:


Benefits of hotel rendering for the architecture firms

    • Firstly, hotel rendering will help your architecture firm demonstrate its competence, create the company’s reputation among its customers. The hotel rendering will show the qualifications of the staff in your company. Hotel construction is always a big project. If your architectural firm can get the contract for that hotel complex, it will increase the level of prestige much more than other architectural firms.
    • Secondly, hotel rendering will increase the brand value for the architectural design company. Unlike the architectural works of gyms, offices or private houses, the hotel is a place with extremely complex construction costs and designs, far more than the rest. Therefore, if your architectural firm has hotel rendering projects, the brand value of the company will increase. This proves that your company’s capacity, qualifications and services are very good, customers will trust and order your architectural firm.
    • Thirdly, hotel rendering will help architectural design companies to earn more income and increase revenue. From enhancing the brand value of the company, customers will have confidence in your architecture firm. This will make them look forward to working with and experiencing hotel rendering services from your company.

Notes on hotel rendering

In the next section, we’ll talk about the things you should keep in mind when rendering hotel

You should choose the right style for hotel rendering

First of all, choosing the right style is an important factor.

    • Firstly, depending on which region the hotel belongs to, which country. In addition, it also depends on the aesthetic eye of the hotel owners. If they are those who are inclined to the classic style, the hotel rendering will have a classic style but may favor a mixed modern style.
    • Secondly, most hotels are designed in a free style or in a contemporary style that is easy to coordinate. With this contemporary style, the company or rendering artists with hotel rendering will be more easily.

How to use light for hotel room rendering

Next, lighting in hotel rendering is also an important factor that we need to pay attention to. Natural light will be the light of the surrounding environment. Rendering artists will use visualization techniques and software of hotel rendering according to the lighting chosen by the client similar to office building render.


How to use light for hotel room rendering

In addition, the lighting system installed in the hotel will also contribute to making the hotel more luxurious, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing.

Note about image angles in hotel rendering

The third factor is that we must pay attention to the shooting angle of each rendering image. The shooting angle in the hotel rendering will depend on the area and requirements of each customer. In fact, the larger a hotel is, the more angles it needs to render. The job of hotel rendering artists is to render enough of those angles so that customers and hotel owners can feel the entire space and interior details of the architecture.

Notes on materials and materials for hotel rendering

And finally, the material of hotel furniture is also very important when hotel rendering. Hotel owners should choose materials that match all of the above: angle, style and lighting of the hotel.

In addition, we should also remove unnecessary and cumbersome items that make customers feel uncomfortable.

A guide on how to work effectively with hotel rendering studio

Here we will show you how to work with hotel renderings studio and what you should pay attention to in the process

Why should you hire a hotel rendering studio?

For that answer, you should cooperate with animation studios that have hotel rendering services.

Benefits of cooperating with hotel rendering studio:

So what profit will cooperation with a hotel rendering studio bring you?

    • Firstly, you will be able to save a lot of money. Specifically, the cost of training rendering artists and the cost of purchasing equipment and hotel rendering software for students. In addition, the cost of updating those visualization software every year is not small.
    • Secondly, you will also be able to save time on training and apprenticeships for architects. Apprenticeship in hotel rendering can take as little as 3-6 months or even more as a hotel is actually a very complex piece of architecture. If you don’t waste that time, your architectural firm will be able to have the opportunity to reach more clients. This will help you to accept the contract and increase the revenue and profit for the company.
    • Thirdly, your architectural firm will bring you high quality, satisfactory and aesthetically pleasing hotel rendering. Rendering studios have architects with very high technical and professional qualifications in this field. They are well trained and can fully guarantee the quality of your hotel renderings.

Why should you hire a hotel rendering studio?

With the above advantages, you can completely consider and rest assured to choose to cooperate with a rendering studio that has hotel rendering services.

Recommendations for 3D rendering reputable studio with hotel rendering

One of the best 3D rendering studios is K-Render Studio.

    • K-Render Studio is a studio established 7 years ago. They have become a reputable visualization company with the best quality of products and services.
    • Next, the outstanding projects of K-Render Studio include Kenli Showroom, Arredamento showroom with an area of ​​1300 square meters except for the hotel rendering project.. In addition, there are many other large projects in cooperation with famous corporations and resorts such as Flamingo.
    • Besides, the rendering price of K-Render Studio is also an advantage. K-Render Studio always has rendering price packages suitable for each customer. Therefore, if you choose K-Render Studio with hotel rendering and other projects, you won’t need to feel the price pressure like other rendering companies.

How to find hotel rendering companies or studios

Besides K-Render Studio you can also choose other hotel rendering companies in the following ways:

    • Firstly, you can rely on existing relationships: Existing relationships you can trust about your partner. This will make the working process both more convenient and faster than having to get acquainted and learn about the partner company many times. Cooperating with existing relationships will save you time, you can understand whether the other party can be trusted or not, or their working style in hotel rendering.. Business transactions based on existing relationships will have a higher success rate than other normal relationships.
    • Secondly, you can find partners who are hotel rendering studios on job forums or social networks and other media. Regarding social networks, you can go to Facebook, Instagram, .. or popular social networking sites for the community of architecture and visualization people like Linkedin, Behance, Pinterest..

K-Render Nolan Jolie project 2020

About search forums, you can refer to the Upwork page to learn about rendering artists or hotel rendering companies of your choice.

Process when working with hotel rendering company

The following will provide you with information about the process of working with hotel rendering companies or studios in particular and 3D rendering in general.

    • Step 1: Provide detailed information about the idea, concept, sketch design of the hotel project. This is an important first step for the hotel rendering company to understand your design concept and this project.
    • Step 2: You will have to ask the hotel rendering company for a quote on the project you just submitted. Then the two sides will negotiate and negotiate to come up with the most suitable price.
    • Step 3: The two partners will sign the contract. The hotel rendering company will send you a contract to recommit the terms during the cooperation period and you will sign it.
    • Step 4: You will be responsible for paying the contract with the deposit amount as in the signed agreement about this hotel rendering project
    • Step 5: You should monitor and check the working process of the hotel rendering company for your project to grasp the situation of each stage of preparation.
    • Step 6: After receiving the hotel rendering drawing, you will have to comment and send it back to the rendering company so that they can edit and perfect the final product as you like.
    • Step 7: In this step you will receive the hotel rendering product after the edits and that is the final product that the rendering company completes for you.
    • Step 8: The last step you will have to complete the remaining payment procedures in accordance with the contract set forth is to transfer the remaining amount to the hotel rendering company.

Top 5 best hotel renderings

In this last part, we will introduce you to the best hotel renderings that you should refer to.

Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht – Top 1 famous hotel renderings

The first is Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht in South Korea – top 1 most advanced hotel rendering.


Top 1 famous hotel renderings

One of the top hotels in the world. Sun Cruise owns a majestic scenery and a majestic and luxurious space for the upper class who want to experience the most high-class service in Korea.

Park Hyatt – Top 2 famous hotels renderings

The second is a 5-star luxury hotel in the Japanese city of Tokyo – top 2 most luxurious hotel rendering


Top 2 famous hotels renderings

Also one of the top hotels in the world, Park Hyatt has been built and is present in many countries around the world.

The Four Seasons – Top 3 beautiful hotel renderings

In third place is The Four Seasons hotel in New York City – the top 3 most luxurious hotel rendering.


Top 3 beautiful hotel renderings

When looking at the outside scenery of the hotel, it is enough to see that this hotel has American 3D rendering product design.

Wynn Hotel – Top 4 beautiful hotel renderings

Next is a hotel with a view of the pool is Wynn in Las Vegas – the top 4 most advanced hotel rendering.


Top 4 beautiful hotel renderings

Consistently ranked among the world’s top hotels, Wynn is the leading hotel in classic style in the form of a castle, a royal garden, and a swimming pool for its guests.

Six Sense Ninh Van Bay – Top 5 famous hotel renderings

Finally, the most famous hotel and resort in Asia is Six Sense Ninh Van Bay in Nha Trang, Vietnam – the top 5 most advanced hotel rendering.


Top 5 famous hotel renderings


Six Sense is a hotel built 1-2 years ago. But its charm cannot be underestimated. You can come to Vietnam and experience the services at this hotel.


Hopefully through this article, you will be able to find the information you need!

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