EXTERIOR RENDERING can be understood as a really important stage in the fields of Exterior Design. It is the process of expressing the exterior design idea of an architectural project with 3D visuals, simulating the virtual reality of the building so that the customers can clearly visualize their projects. Let’s explore how impactful and clear up all the queries about 3D exterior rendering.

The role of exterior rendering in architectural design

As previously said, exterior rendering plays a critical role in any project from residential constructions to commercial structures such as office buildings, hotels, lounge bars or entire landscapes.

Basic role of Exterior Rendering

In this industry, 3D exterior renderings are really essential in any project as a critical piece of the puzzle. By the time you reach this stage, you’ll be able to view the issue from a completely different standpoint. That will significantly reduce the amount of time you need to spend reworking your structure because it can expose all the flaws in your design correctly. They can produce complex, lifelike animations that are simple to study and evaluate. This can be quite handy if your structure must fit in an odd space or if the surroundings are unusual.

By making a photorealistic image from an exterior rendering for your design available to customers, you can ensure that everyone knows exactly how your design looks.


Exterior Rendering Project by K-Render

Specifically role of Exterior Rendering to users

  • Real estate managers

Toward real estate managers, to advertise real estate projects, 3d exterior rendering images are indispensable.Not only for commercial purposes but also for investors to visualize the project they want to participate in. Vivid 3D images like photos are the best way for them to bring success to their projects.

  • Architects

After completing the 2D design, 3D exterior rendering is instrumental for  architects. It helps them to overview their building images most realistically. Besides, design mistakes or flaws can be noticed more easily, corrected quickly, and less time-consuming. In addition, 3d exterior rendering can help customers understand the blueprints and make requests if they want to adjust before construction.

  • Homeowners

For homeowners, 3D exterior renderings help them imagine the home vibe they want. Looking at the 3d exterior renderings, they can see the overview of the house, the surrounding view, and the details that need to be fixed on the exterior of the building.

The 3D Exterior Rendering Process

To complete 3D Exterior Rendering images, the artists must do the following tasks:

Steps to do exterior rendering

  • Step 1: 3D Modeling

A 3D artist must comprehend the project in order to create a model. A 3D artist begins by envisioning the project, using plans, drawings, and CAD files given by the customer. Camera angles are normally decided upon at this phase.


3D Modeling Stage in Exterior Rendering

To produce a digital model, the 3D artist uses several specialist 3D modeling tools. 

  • Step 2: Materials and texturing

This is similar to painting a real model or pasting materials to it on this stage of exterior rendering. Each actual material will have different properties. So we also have to adjust the provincial parts by computer to be as close to reality as possible. This refers to the options that determine whether something is matte or glossy. Depending on the software, the artist can also change the roughness of surfaces and a variety of other factors.

  • Step 3: Lighting

On exterior rendering, to be able to view something clearly, the object itself must be lighted. Light shines on items in a variety of ways, the light will help to make the area more attractive and emotive. This procedure is similar to how a photographer or filmmaker would set up lighting before filming. Except that the 3D artist must also set up the daylight and night view that make the object and its surroundings more realistic and impressive.

  • Step 4: Rendering

As with photography, we will proceed to align the camera angle and set the shooting parameters. We will have to progress from basic to advanced to super-enhanced elements in architectural and interior rendering as well. After tweaking all of these factors and testing several times, this procedure of exterior rendering is carried out entirely by the computer to generate the final output. 


Working on 3D exterior rendering, artists often use such programs:

  • 3ds Max.

It is the best modeling software, combined with Corona Render and V-Ray. 3Ds Max is a 3D drawing software that allows you to build and animate 3D objects.The software also allows users to create scenes with light, shadows, rain effects, fog, reflections, fire, smoke, and other effects that can be exported as movies, pictures, or virtual reality models. 

  • SketchUp

Sketchup program allows users to swiftly draw first exploratory ideas with intuitive, simple-to-use tools and functionalities. As a result, Sketchup is ideal for people who are just beginning to learn and become acquainted with the process of designing and building 3D drawings.


Lumion software enables users to make realistic 3D videos with numerous visual effects in both space and time. Moreover, it can easily turn all architectural designs into photos, videos, or even panorama videos. Nevertheless, this software can not create 3D models by itself that must rely on other 3D rendering software such as 3Dmax, and Sketchup.


Several Common Exterior Rendering Software

How much does exterior rendering cost?

Exterior rendering prices can valve a lot depending on your project. Please consider the most reasonable cost!

Average cost of exterior rendering

3D exterior rendering service will typically cost between $450 and $900. The price may fluctuate more or less than this amount depending on a variety of factors. 

What impacts exterior rendering’s price?

The price is affected by these 4 main factors:


Many companies have long experience, good skills and developed over many years on exterior rendering. The more reputable as well as the high-level quality, the more they will have a higher price than the general market.

If you choose a company based on reputation, you may face over budget for a small project. There are so many small and medium companies that the level of expertise and experience is also very high. In addition, the service charges can also be more affordable for your project.


Of course, speeding up the job will increase the cost of your project. Each business will have a set framework and schedule. 

To prevent both additional fees and limited revision time, you can proactively speak with external rendering firms early on, precisely stating the time to finish and a work plan to discover the best solution and time.

Scale & Complexity

Prices for 3D exterior renderings are based on camera angles or square meters of area. There will be two basic image quality levels: Medium and High. Prices will vary depending on the size of the project, whether small or usual, and the image quality you select. 

You can optimize your expenditures by selecting a suitable quality for your project.


Exterior Rendering Price from K-Render

The sufficiency of Input 

Companies in charge of 3D exterior rendering frequently require the following fundamental inputs: 

  • Reference style: Companies will offer appropriate styles if you do not have a style direction for your project.
  • Background: For less detailed, not highly complex backgrounds, the cost will be cheaper.
  • CAD Files: If you do not have a CAD file, the provider will charge you extra fee to complete the render correctly.

Frequently asked questions when it comes to exterior renderings

There must be a lot of confusion when you first research and want to use exterior rendering services. Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Should I hire freelancer or studio?

This is such a common question for those who want to hire 3D rendering service. To know whether to hire a professional studio or work with a freelancer, you need to consider many factors. Here are the advantages and drawbacks of each side



  • Freelance costs are substantially lower than studio prices cause there are not many work departments
  • Because you work directly with the 3d exterior rendering artist, you can talk to the freelancer at any time if you want to change or edit without having to go through many departments and have to wait for a long reply like the others studio side.


  • There are some people who will take the job even if they are a beginner, not sure that they can handle the job, but still accept it to gain more experience. Therefore, the quality of work will not be high, you have to spend more money to hire another 3D exterior rendering artist to redo it.
  • The working time of freelancers can be quite long because they have to do all the steps alone.
  • Freelancers may also have other jobs or obligations, which can lead to issues with slow response times as they’re not 100% focused on client work like a professional company is.
  • There are so many freelancers on job platforms that it’s hard to check their credibility. It is possible to get scammed and lose money.



  • Easily access and find out the company’s information on the website or social networks.
  • Reliable, working according to standard procedures, professional with clear project contracts.
  • Fast working time: Unlike freelancer, based on available workflow, each company will have maximum working time with great productivity to get the job done in the best way.
  • Evaluate the company’s work quality formed on their complete projects and feedback of their clients.
  • A company has a team of specialists dedicated to completing your job on time, stay connected continuously with your detailed specifications.


  • Higher Prices: A company engages a team required to complete assignments in a timely manner, its fees are significantly higher than those charged by a 3D rendering freelancer.

Exterior Render Building by K-Render

If you have a small project, a very tight budget and don’t mind long turnaround times then you might be better with a freelancer. Otherwise, 3D Rendering companies are more organized, streamlined, and professional for a higher budget and bigger scale plan.

How long does an exterior rendering service take?

The first draft takes 72 hours to complete, and the final 3D rendering takes 1-3 weeks on average. This time, however, can be extended based on the project’s complexity, the initial files available, and how quickly the client makes changes.

How to judge a company’s quality of exterior rendering?

If you choose a company based on reputation, you may face over budget for a small project. There are many small and medium enterprises that do not have much of a reputation, but the level of expertise and experience is also very high. In addition, the service charges can also be more affordable for your project.

For exterior renderings, companies will post pictures and projects they have done, you can review and evaluate the company’s prestige and quality based on these projects and their clients.

Several Exterior Rendering Companies With Exceptional Service

There are lots of studios that have high quality of work and reasonable cost.

K-render Studio – The best 3D rendering studio offers 3D rendering services for architectural projects around the world. With the motto “We would listen, understand and turn your amazing ideas into reality with 3D visualization top-notch technologies”, they are doing well in every project they take on.

Types of products/services that company is trading

Price List:


K-Render’s Price List Services

Several Done Project


Building Golden Magarie Hotel by K-Render



Unique Project Seaside Resort by K-Render



MoonYoung Airhouse project in Seoul Korea


UForis immersive real-estate solutions include photorealistic renderings, existing property capture, and virtual tours. 

Immersive real-estate solutions

  • Photorealistic 3D Renderings 
  • Existing Property Capture 
  • Virtual Tours

Several Done Project


Noble 200 Rendering Project



Vineyard Johns Creek Project


Architectural visualization and 3D rendering service that has easy workflow and fast turnaround time. 

Types of products/services that company is trading

  • Interior rendering service
  • 3D exterior rendering service
  • Architectural Animation service

Several Done Project 


High-quality 3D Rendering for a Modern University Building


A Small Residential Complex Rendering Project


3D Exterior Rendering Hotel Concept


Hopefully, through this article, you can gain more knowledge about exterior rendering and find yourself an appropriate service. Contact us if you need anything related to design and rendering!
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