Exterior 3D rendering And Things You May Not Know

Exterior 3D rendering is a very new concept in recent years. The keyword exterior 3D rendering always appears with keywords: 3D rendering and interior 3D rendering. But in this article, we will only focus on the introduction of exterior 3D rendering. If you also have the same interest in the role of 3D rendering of exteriors, this article is for you!

What is exterior 3D rendering?

In the first part, we will introduce the concept of exterior 3D rendering.

Definition of exterior 3D rendering

Exterior 3D rendering is the job of simulating the actual context outside a building.


It is a sub-field of architecture that deals with the exterior 3D rendering of structures such as residential, commercial or industrial buildings. It can involve transforming landscaping, facades, outdoor furniture, foundation elements and more. So it’s important for designers to be familiar with exterior rigid frame designs.

The role of  exterior 3D rendering in architecture and design

Next, we will cover the role of exterior 3D rendering in architecture.

For architectural design companies

Firstly, exterior 3D rendering enhances the possibility of signing for architectural design companies:

  • The collaboration with best exterior render companies will help for the possibility of acceptance of that company’s contract with the customer will be higher. Products exterior 3D rendering will help the design become more realistic. Customers will be able to feel the whole project through your company’s illustrated photo. This will speed up the contracting process for your architecture firm and the client.

Secondly, exterior 3D rendering will contribute to enhancing the brand value of your architectural firm:

  • Next, exterior 3D rendering will be able to increase brand awareness for your company. If you own quality exterior 3D rendering products, customers will put their trust in your company and place many orders from your architectural firm. This will increase the brand value of your architectural firm. Besides, when your company uses exterior 3D rendering, it will make a difference in service compared to other architectural firms.


For customers

Firstly, if you are an individual customer or investor, the exterior 3D rendering will help you visualize the architecture in the most realistic and clear way.

  • Indeed, exterior 3D rendering is the use of visualization software techniques to describe the most detailed and accurate depiction of exterior materials, lighting or the entire exterior space of an architecture. When the client can follow the project through the exterior 3D rendering product, the client will have a better understanding of the architectural firm’s rendering concept.

From here, customers will be able to make comments and suggestions so that the architectural or rendering company can edit them according to their requirements.

  • Secondly, exterior 3D rendering will help the customer to compare the final rendered product with the original exterior rendering concept. From there, customers will be able to choose the best rendering and architecture company for them.

How to get the exterior 3D rendering you want

Exterior 3D rendering is a popular, sought-after genre. So, we will suggest to you how to get the exterior 3D rendering you want, that is, you should hire the exterior 3D rendering studios directly.

You should hire an exterior 3D rendering service provider

To get the exterior 3D rendering you want you could hire a best 3D architectural rendering services provider

  • An exterior 3D rendering studio will have you get renderings with high quality.
  • Firstly, the benefits of partnering with a rendering studio will be that you will be able to have exterior 3D rendering products that are guaranteed to be quality and can satisfy your clients.
  • The second reason is because the exterior rendering company has a team of highly qualified and well-trained rendering artists.
  • You will be able to save on the cost of purchasing visualization software by hiring a visualization company. More than that, the software also has to be updated every year. This will also cost a large amount of money to buy them.
  • In addition, if you hire an exterior 3D rendering company, you only need to contact the hotline or the manager, send the necessary documents to be able to get quality drawings. That’s how you will save on travel costs when hiring a 3D rendering company.


  • However when collaborating with an exterior 3D rendering studio you should consider a few things are as follows:
  • You will probably spend some time verifying that the exterior rendering studio is a serious business or not.
  • In addition, checking the basics of an exterior rendering studio is not difficult. You can search for government verified websites.
  • However, if you hire an exterior rendering company, sometimes they will not be able to fully understand the architectural ideas you want. And the security of the company will not be high

You can train your own exterior 3D rendering department

If you are an architectural design company looking to have exterior 3D renderings, the second way is you can train your own exterior 3D rendering department.

  • The first benefit of training your own exterior 3D rendering department is that you’ll be able to directly pass on the knowledge and exterior 3D rendering to your staff.
  • Secondly, having more knowledge about exterior 3D rendering will also enable architects in your company to broaden their understanding and level of expertise in this industry of architecture and visualization.


However, you should also consider some limitations when choosing this method to have a satisfactory exterior 3D rendering, namely:

  • Training the exterior 3D rendering department will be time consuming and expensive. The first is the cost of hiring a teacher, the cost of updating and acquiring professional visualization software that you need to use in your company’s work.
  • In addition, the time to train a team of professional rendering artists takes as little time as 6 months to 1 year. This can reduce the opportunity cost for your company. You will not have time to find customers as well as generate a lot of revenue for the company.

Therefore, in case you are an architectural firm, we recommend that you choose to partner with reputable and professional best exterior render companies. This way will give you more benefits.

Criteria when choosing an exterior rendering studio

Here are the criteria when choosing a visualization studio that you should consider.

You should choose an exterior 3D rendering studio that has clear business credentials

First of all, the company needs to have all basic business information such as address, hotline, information about the founders or directors of the company..


To find this information you can visit the official website of that studio and check if the information matches or not. In addition, you go to the website to be able to look up information about the businesses of that country.

You should choose an exterior 3D rendering company with a good portfolio

A company profile shows the full range of qualifications and capabilities of that company.

Firstly, an exterior 3D rendering studio’s portfolio should clearly show the expertise and techniques and work experience of all staff and rendering artists working within that company.

  • If the rendering artists of that company have a higher level of expertise, their rendering products will be guaranteed for quality.
  • They will be able to understand the client’s exterior design ideas and make the working process easy.

Secondly, the exterior 3D rendering company’s portfolio will also show the number of projects or partners the company has collaborated with and created.

The partners that the company has cooperated with can be small or large partners. If the exterior 3D rendering company or that 3D architectural visualisation services provider has more and more big partners, it means that the reputation and capacity of that company has been recognized from not only retail customers but also from other large companies.

You should choose an exterior 3D rendering studio that has received prestigious awards and certifications

Next, the awards or certifications that the company receives will represent the recognition of professionals. subjects and experts. If the company appears on prestigious lists in the world about the field they are doing business in, it proves that the brand value of that company is very high. You can completely trust that exterior 3D rendering company and use their services.

Signs that you are facing a scam exterior 3D rendering

Next are the signs that you are dealing with exterior 3D rendering companies

Can’t find much business information from that 3D exterior rendering studio

Firstly, for cases where you can’t find much business information basics of that studio such as the address, phone number or information of the company representative. Or those sources are limited, then you should be wary of such exterior 3d rendering companies.

In this case this may not be a serious and potentially fraudulent 3D rendering company.


Next, this can also be a newly established studio or company, without much working and trading experience.

If you fall into both of the above cases, it is best to seek to avoid those companies so that you do not suffer undue harm.

The 3D exterior rendering company tries to push you to pay as quickly as possible

Secondly, if the company is trying to get you to send them money as quickly as possible, you should be careful because the company may be approaching it with improper purposes.

In this case, you should follow the workflow that you have agreed with that company. You should make an offer from the beginning after receiving the product for the first time, you will transfer the advance to them. Next to the second edit, you will forward the previously agreed amount. And finally, when the exterior 3D rendering company has sent you the entire rendering product as the contract. Then you should transfer the rest of the money to them. If you do that, it will help you avoid being scammed in the most thorough way.


3D exterior rendering

Exterior rendering company does not have good qualifications

Finally, when an exterior 3D rendering company does not have good qualifications, there can be one of the following two cases:

  • One is that the company does not does not train rendering artists methodically and seriously. Therefore, they will not be able to understand what the customer is asking and wanting.
  • Secondly, the company is a start-up. Therefore, they are not skilled enough in exterior 3D rendering and are not knowledgeable enough to understand the ideas and desires of their clients.

In both cases, you should be very careful to avoid risking yourself.

Exterior rendering companies suggestions that you can refer to

In this last part, we will suggest you exterior 3D rendering service providers that you can refer to

K-Render Studio – The best exterior 3D rendering studio you should know

Firstly, we will introduce you to K-Render.

  • History Begin: K-Render is a company founded in 2013. So far, it has more than 7 years of experience working in the field of rendering and architecture.
  • Service evaluation: Studio always brings quality products that are extremely eye-catching and satisfying 3D exterior drawings.
  • Advantages of K-Render studio: As a company with strong points in rendering in general and exterior 3D rendering in particular. K-Render focuses on contemporary or modern styles, but other genres are still appreciated.

Here are some outstanding exterior 3D rendering products from K-Render Studio.


If you are interested and want to experience the service at K-Render, please contact whatsaap at: 0855555062 for more information.

Arch Draw Outsourcing – one of the best exterior rendering services providers you can search for

As a company that was born not too long ago, Arch Draw Outsourcing has been growing into one of the best exterior 3D rendering companies.


Above is the contact and website of Arch Draw Outsourcing, you can contact to get the best service from this company.

Vrender – The 3rd exterior rendering studio you may know

Vrender is a pretty familiar studio for those looking for exterior 3D rendering services.


To be able to contact Vrender directly, you can visit the company’s website for more details.


Hopefully, through this article, you will be able to understand more about exterior 3D rendering as well as the necessary information to be able to hire the 3D rendering company you are looking for!

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