Economic benefits of interior rendering that you should know

Interior rendering is important to every design company. It helps to convey the spirit of the design and show how great it is. However, finding a reputable and professional interior design rendering provider is not easy. In this article, we will share all the needed information about interior render and how to find a trustworthy interior rendering provider.


What is interior rendering?

Interior render is a not so common concept that everyone knows. This article will explain in detail the definition of the importance of interior rendering.

Definition of interior rendering

To interior design render is the process of expressing the interior design ideas of a building by simulating 3D images or videos so that customers and investors are able to clearly understand the space.


3D rendering of apartment – Example of what interior rendering is

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In other ways, it specifies what structural elements, furniture, and appliances will be present in the space, as well as where they will be located. The purpose is to provide clients with the most perfect look of the completed product possible so that they can approve or request modifications.

The necessity of interior rendering

For architectural design companies:

  • To render interior design helps you increase the company’s competitive advantage: Usually, interior design companies only express their ideas in traditional ways such as by orally or simple 2D images.

Simple 2D image – One of the traditional method of idea expression

The traditional method does not make you different but interior rendering can do it. Hence, if your company has a better way of showing your ideas to customers, you will have a great competitive advantage over other companies. Besides, the products of interior design rendering can be used as public media products for not only the interior design company but also the company property to demonstrate their abilities
To render interior design helps the interior design company win the bid

  • Interior design render is the best option to express your interior design ideas to investors. High-quality products of interior rendering are like real photos so that investors can understand in detail how the space of the building is arranged, attractive, and beautiful enough, in accordance with their requirements or not. Moreover, interior design rendering animation lets you see and feel deeply your interior from multiple angles of space.

Interior render is the most realistic way for design companies.

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  • By the product of interior rendering, the investor can detect and appreciate your capacity and professionalism.
  • The product of interior design render helps the design company and the investor to have a joint view and idea in the way of working. From there, they can make corrections as quickly as possible and bring your business to a good conclusion for both parties.

The final product of interior rendering will help you win the bid

With the advantages of using interior render, along with your perfect design ideas, your chances of winning the bid will be very high.

  • Be cost-effective when you render interior design:

Be cost-effective when using interior rendering

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  • Some architectural design company names use models to communicate their ideas. However, building the model takes more cost and time than using interior rendering and presenting through images. Therefore, interior design render is the best option for design companies in terms of both work efficiency and economy.
  • Time-saving: interior design rendering saves precious time in presenting the ideas of design companies to the investor. At the same time, it is also easy for the construction process when there is a product as a standard of construction. So that the construction workers can complete the work quickly and efficiently.

Interior rendering saves time and cost

  • Saving time is also a way to save costs as, during that time, interior design firms actually have more opportunities to increase their value.

For customers (investors and retail customers)

  • It’s so hard for investors or retail customers of the design company to understand enough reachable ideas of the designer without the support of visual images. And interior rendering can help them discern what the space they use will be like: from tones, lighting, materials, what layout? They can make decisions easier.
  • The final product of interior design rendering can support the acceptance process of both parties. Because this can be considered as the commitment of the construction units that will complete the work with the same accuracy as the product of rendering.

The works should use interior rendering

The works that should use the interior render are the works that have the following elements:

  • Large commercial buildings, lots of interiors (about 500 sqm of floors and above) need to render interior design: Such works have large investment capital, detailed contracts, need transparency, so it is necessary to be careful from the beginning stages of interior design ideas. Therefore, interior design rendering is very necessary to ensure the correct construction according to the original idea.
  • At the same time, the works have too many details and interiors to use other methods of conveying ideas. You can not convey that to the investor or retail customer that this room will put the table, how the light, … then interior rendering is the solution you must have.
  • Specific commercial buildings should use interior design render: The combination of hotel projects, resorts, gym, restaurant, residential,…
  • The works that need to have their own interior design identity, unique and highly personalized ideas need to illustrate the interior. With such works, it is difficult for companies to use the previous materials of previous works to express and model for customers. Therefore, interior rendering will be the bridge between the ideas of the design companies and the actual completion of the work.

Which options of interior rendering should the design companies consider?

The proficiency of interior render is already obvious, so how many options for you to reach it?

Interior rendering company can render their ideas by themself

This could be the first embodiment of companies’ interior design thinking after knowing the importance of interior design render: use the design department.


3D interior design rendering of an apartment

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  • Pros:
    • Cost savings: Utilizing the design department to undertake to render will help architectural firms save more costs than outsourcing human resources to visualize interiors.
    • About the proficiency of rendering: because the design concept is the person who directly interprets, they are the ones who understand the best and produce the most accurate way.
  • Cons:
    • There is no style diversity in the company: Because all the products you make are always created by a certain department from designing to interior rendering, it is not specialized and updated with new trends, so there is no identity here. With a design company, it significantly affects the brand value of the company.
    • About the time of rendering: because the design department has to demonstrate by themselves to present their ideas to customers. Moreover, due to lack of specialization, both the design and rendering process takes place at a slower pace than when the company outsources the rendering of the interior
    • Failed to seize the opportunity: You do interior rendering by yourself, it takes more time. That means you are missing some opportunities. Moreover, the opportunity cost you spend on interior design rendering yourself is quite large. It makes it impossible to find new customers, new contracts.

→ Therefore, this option is suitable for small-scale design companies that do not want to expand their market share.

Outsource a professional interior rendering partner

In contrast, hiring a professional interior render studio also has its advantages.


Outsourcing a professional interior rendering partner brings you a lot of benefits.

Animation studios have specialization. Therefore, the working time is significantly reduced, but the quality of work, the final product can still amaze you.

  • Cost savings: When you cooperate with a professional animation partner, it is estimated that the cost you have to spend on interior rendering is about 20-30% lower. In addition, when working for a long time, interior design renders artists will lower the service price, which is also a point worth considering by design companies.
  • Increase company value: During outsourcing, interior design companies can access new contracts. As a result, the value and reputation of the company are constantly increasing. Many design company owners think that this is the main and most valuable purpose of outsourcing interior rendering companies.

However, when outsourcing partners to visualize interiors, there are also risks such as encountering a scammer or potentially leaking information to the opponents.
From the objective point that we give, you can see the outstanding advantages of outsourcing interior design rendering studios compared to taking on the design and visualizing ideas yourself. This option is suitable for companies that often have to illustrate large contracts.

Notes when interior rendering that any rendering artist should know

Here are some notes to have the best interior render, whether you are in charge of the render or outsourced, you still need to know.

The interior rendering artist must be clear about the design concept.

Interior design render must ensure consistency between the rendering artist and the designer. The product of rendering must follow the idea of the design firm, and interpret the design details, without adding or omitting other things.
Not only understanding the style and following the standards, but the interior rendering artists must also have their own creativity to make an impression. The creativity here includes materials, the choice of a separate furniture brand, etc. However, this creation must also match the requirements of ​​the interior design company and the investor.

The products of interior rendering must show the light as beautiful as the realistic lighting

The lighting in the final product of interior rendering is crucial to determine the scale for the interior rendering artists. The beautiful light in the interior render is emotional and soulful light. When customers look at the interior rendering product, they can also feel the atmosphere, warmth, or luxury that the designer expects to express through interior rendering.
The art of interior rendering must accurately describe the features of natural light and the light of the lamps used. For example, there are gold chandeliers with different shades. There are also many shapes of lamps that make the light bounce with different pointed and rounded tops.
To do this requires interior rendering artists to subtly perceive the properties of each type of lighting device in terms of shape, power as well as natural light at each time of day.

The beautiful layout of the final interior rendering products

Each final product of interior design render can be considered a work of photographic art because it must ensure good composition, good technique. What is a good composition, this article will show you:

  • Full of information in a photo, covering as much interior space as possible. To do this, interior design rendering artists must choose the camera angle to see the space fully. However, they also pay attention to the camera angle to avoid bad angles of the interior.
  • Clearly show the highlight of the space that needs to be rendered. Even interior rendering artists can make inanimate furniture spaces more soulful and attractive.
    There are some beautiful layouts commonly used that you can refer to:

    • Layout ⅓
    • Center layout
    • Symmetrical layout
    • Diagonal layout

Where can you find partners specializing in interior rendering?

As the objective analysis that the article has given, outsourcing is a reasonable option for interior design and architecture companies. So where do you find these interior rendering partners?

Social Networking Channels – the first option for interior rendering artists

Unlike physical products that can be first searched through e-commerce platforms, social networks have always been where studios specialize in interior design rendering and display their products. You can judge their quality and professionalism through the Profile and Portfolio of these companies.
Some social networks you should look for first:

  • Behance is a social network specifically for art creators. They display their brainchild or find new ideas here.

Checking art and design social media to find out a great interior rendering partner.

  • Pinterest and Instagram: they are the two most popular visual social networks. You can find many art creators on these channels.
  • In addition, you should not skip other social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn. Find groups that specialize in interior rendering and choose the right partner.

You can select interior rendering companies on the top website

Reputable studios which have good service quality are often highly ranked on the top of search engines. However, you also need to choose carefully because the manner of each studio is different and may not be suitable for the building you are designing.
So how do you know if they are right for you?
Usually, the websites of interior design rendering studios display their best work, you can easily see their capabilities and what styles they specialize in. If you are in need of a Contemporary style studio, and a website you see they have a lot of projects in this style, then consider it. They might be great partners.

You can search for interior rendering partners through interior render forums

Similar to websites and social media profiles, there are many freelancers with high interior rendering expertise on the forum. They share their knowledge of the projects that they have done. When looking for interior rendering partners through forums, you may be able to outsource at a cheaper cost than the studios of interior rendering in the ways above. They are individuals specializing in interior rendering that are not suitable for interior design projects which have large scale and require fast completion time.

How to work with interior rendering partners to optimize work efficiency

To ensure maximum efficiency and avoid scammers, we offer some advice and tips for you

Tips to find reputable interior rendering partners

Reputation is always the first criterion you need to consider before starting a business relationship.

  • You should choose companies or studios instead of individuals specializing in interior rendering. The reason for this is that studios have more information to verify credibility such as business registration certificate, tax code or even through the website you can partially verify the value of that company. In addition to work efficiency, the studio also helps you complete the schedule in a faster time than individuals.

Brand reputation is the most important criteria you should consider

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  • Check out the social networks and social relationships of interior rendering partners. The more information you have about your partners on different platforms, the more assured you are that you are working with the people who really exist. Besides, how they communicate and behave on social networks and other relationships also helps you to assess their personality and working style. This is an important factor for you to consider if they are the person you want to have a long-term business relationship with.
  • Pay attention to the professional level of the interior rendering partner. With the particularity of the good 3d rendering service, the design department and the rendering department need to have an exchange of ideas in order to best understand the ideas and work effectively. This is also an opportunity for you to know the expertise and capabilities of your interior rendering partner. A reputable and experienced interior design rendering artist will surely answer all your questions.

Tips for working effectively with the studio

The process of working between an architect design studio and an interior design company requires close and continuous communication, a deep understanding of ideas, and harmonious work from the first step. To get the great final product of rendering, you need a few tips below:

  • Find interior rendering studios that specialize in the style and work you do.
    As mentioned, each studio will have its own color and style of animation. There are too many styles from classic to modern for them to understand and depict every detail. Hence, you should look for an interior rendering studio with portfolios that have a lot of projects in that style or have similar ideas. This tip can make it easier for you to communicate with your interior design render partner, saving you time in working and editing.
  • Prepare all the information and documents that the interior rendering studio needs.
    Every project has a number of technical documents that the interior render studios require to be able to understand and represent the most accurately. If you have the preparation in advance, both parties can significantly save working time to get the final product.
  • Based on the more than 10 years of experience of K-Render interior rendering artists, the materials that any interior design studio needs when negotiating include:
    • Furniture Floor Plan
    • Section Architecture Drawing
    • Mood Board, Material Board
    • List of furniture (position, brand, product code, type, size,…)
    • List of material for top, wall, floor,…
    • Other requests about time, style…
  • There is a fixed timeline of the interior rendering process
    To ensure the work progress of both the design company and the rendering studio, having a timeline is essential. Set a specific timeline for each work item: When can the interior rendering studio produce a draft? When is the first edit done? When will the final product be released?
    The number of timelines depends on the style and negotiation of both parties. Once you have a timeline, try to push your interior design render partner on the right timeline to avoid your work being delayed or interrupted.

Top 5 most beautiful interior rendering works of K-Render Studio

Why choose K-Render?
As an architect, each K-Render Studio visualizer understands the ideas of customers who are architectural design companies and easily creates the closest renderings to their wishes. What’s more, with decades of experience in architecture and rendering, K-Render Studio can help improve your design.
K-Render’s team is capable of making the best interior rendering in a short time and at a reasonable cost.
Here are the top 5 best interior render works of K-Render Studio

Casanova Showroom – Top 1 most realistic interior rendering

The showroom is a showroom project displaying K-Render’s favorite tiles and sanitary ware with an area of ​​1000 m2 in Contemporary style.


The lobby of Casanova Showroom – One of the best interior rendering of K-Render

The difference of this showroom is the design of a simulated toilet space for customers to have the most intuitive view of the product.


Showroom furniture in the 2nd floor of Casanova

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During the rendering process, K-Render Studio’s interior rendering artists focus on highlighting the wall panels displaying products and materials of products and furniture. Most of the camera angles are placed horizontally so that the customer has the most comprehensive view of the entire object in space.

Kenli Showroom Kenli – Top 2 best interior rendering project

The Showroom is a large and famous demonstration project of K-Render Studio with an area of ​​800m2 displaying kitchen furniture.
This is another successful product in the Contemporary style in the direction of Italy. The familiar horizontal camera angle captures the entire luxurious scene of Kenli. The light in the frames of interior rendering is focused and processed on the floor, brick wall. However, there are a lot of materials in this showroom, so our team needs more time to find the materials to have a product that clearly shows the nature and color of the furniture.


The reception in the 1st of Showroom Kenli

Another Kenli Showroom – Top 3 most impressive interior rendering artwork

Due to the high quality of interior render and good customer service, we received an offer to show another Kenli showroom of the same style. In the second showroom, the customer simply wanted a demonstration that focused more on the product.
However, in this showroom, the lighting requires interior rendering to be somewhat brighter than the tone used previously. Materials that take up most of our rendering time are wood products and products placed in glass cabinets


The wardrobe in bedroom of another Kenli Showroom

Private house of David – The most favorite interior rendering of a private house

For residential projects, customers often especially emphasize the requirement to clearly describe the natural light in some rooms such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom. In order for customers to clearly understand what the future picture is like in the space of realistic lighting covering each tile or shadow on the wooden floor, the team of K-Render Studio has worked very hard.
Here is our product

Private house – Rilassante Penthouse

Our customer’s favorite style is Rustic, a style according to K-Render Studio that is in harmony with nature but still brings modernity like a resort villa.

  • In terms of lighting when interior rendering, we combined the natural light and the accent light of the lamp to create a distinct blend of light and dark, giving the photo a relaxing look. The light in other spaces such as the bedroom is darker, creating a feeling of relaxation. The light in the child’s bedroom is brilliant.

A living room of Rilassante Penthouse

  • Unlike other projects, this project uses ambient light during the day, which also reduces the roughness of the building and makes the interior more comfortable, not too forested. a feeling of freshness.

A kitchen in the 1st floor of Rilassante Penthouse

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  • Materials used: to match the rustic style and exploration taste of the homeowner, the painters have tried to portray the most accurate two accenting materials: raw wood and raw concrete. In the interior space, with appropriate lighting techniques, these two seemingly rough materials gain special affection.

A bathroom in the 2nd floor of Rilassante Penthouse

For this project, the K-Render Studio animators still used a horizontal camera angle but incorporated some diagonal camera angles. This shows more interior construction details.

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