Dreams Ville House – A dreamy place in the middle of capital

Dreams Ville is a luxury apartment designed perfectly suitable for a family. This project has now successfully constructed and our K-Render has received very positive feedback about the house and its renderings. So what makes a successful visualization product, let’s find out through the article below!

Client’s idea

Firstly, we would like to introduce the initial idea of ​​the customer when coming to us.

The light of Dreams Ville project

With the initial idea and style, they want the light of the house to be filled with natural light.

  • Light will focus in the main rooms such as the living room and bedroom of the house.
  • This will make the house much brighter and more spacious.

The furniture of Dreams Ville project

The furniture that customers want to use here is mainly stone or artificial wood. Besides, the main color of the house is gray and black at the discretion of the customer.


The furniture of Dreams Ville project

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  • This will make the room more luxurious and sophisticated.
  • Living in the family will be more convenient and complete because artificial wood is a material that is easy to buy and design.

The layout of project

The layout of the Dream Ville project is designed as follows:

  • A large living room: full amenities and relaxation equipment, open space
  • Two large bedrooms: cozy space, spacious bed
  • A dressing room: a special room designed specifically for the homeowner.

Rendering process Dreams Ville project of K-Render Studio

In the next section, we will talk about the process of rendering K-Render’s Dreams Ville project.

Modeling for Dreams Ville

Rendering for apartments like this is no longer difficult for K-Render. Because most of the customers who come to our studio are individual customers and have the need to visualize their own house.


Modeling for Dreams Ville

  • The team of architects K-Render created for Dreams Ville apartment a design based on the rendering software and the parameters provided initially.
  • Next, the rendering of Dreams Ville house also has the same characteristics as other apartment houses in the same building. You can see that modeling in 3D rendering products of The Luce Del Sole

Materials and interior details of Dreams Ville project

The second element in the rendering process of the Dreams Ville project is the source of materials and furniture.

  • Firstly, according to the customer’s idea, the material of the house is mainly stone and artificial wood with the main color being gray – white – black. These three colors have created an extremely elegant and sophisticated color combination. The team of architects has carefully selected and used the items in the visualization software to give customers the interior material they want such as our New Kenli Showroom.
  • Secondly, about how to arrange furniture in the room. We can see from the main room to the side room of the house are arranged in a clear and logical sequence. The difficult thing in rendering Dreams Ville house is the number of used items a bit too much. Therefore, the team of architects had to work very hard and carefully to be able to choose the right objects to decorate each room.

Editing the light for Dreams Ville project

The light of the room is also an extremely important element of Dreams Ville. So in order to get natural light in the pictures below, the architects had to do that?


Editing the light for Dreams Ville project

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  • Firstly, they have to master the tools in professional visualization software to be able to create such amazing lighting.
  • Next, with areas that do not have natural light in, the rendering artists also handle them extremely professionally. The natural light in the illustrated picture of Dreams Ville house not only highlights the highlights but also the hidden corners of the house that viewers can still see and feel.

Find a photo angle of Dreams Ville project

Finally, the element of Dreams Ville house is photo angle

  • Firstly, the number of views and shooting angles will depend on the wishes of the customer and the area of ​​the project. For this Dreams Ville project or a Taiwanese style house as Piccola Casa, we have suggested to the homeowner the number of views suitable for the project and his visualization ability.
  • Secondly, with different shooting angles, viewers will also feel more of the house’s own sophistication.

Customer’s feedback about Dreams Ville project

You can take a look at this final visualization that we sent to our clients to see how satisfied they are with the Dreams Ville house created by K-Render – best interior rendering studio.


Find a photo angle of Dreams Ville project

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With the motto of always focusing on customers and products that demonstrate quality, we hope to be able to cooperate with more customers.


Hopefully with rendering products like this, customers will know more about the K-Render Studio brand. We are always ready to receive great ideas from you. Come to K-Render Studio to experience our service!

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