Diamond Goldmark project rendering by K-render

Beautiful apartments always attract people with their luxurious, trendy, and classy beauty. Every detail in each space exudes a distinct beauty that makes viewers unable to take their eyes off it. K-render invites you to look through the Diamond Goldmark project to see the impressive luxurious beauty of the design of the apartment.

Overview of the project

Mr. Hoang is the owner of this apartment – Diamond Goldmark project. In general, his apartment is about 200 meter square with 3 bedrooms and is designed with a modern style.  He was going to hire an outsourcing 3D rendering company to render his house due to its drawings of it. After that, he consulted about 3D rendering companies on the Internet and he found K-render.

Diamond Goldmark project: Common room

Stepping into the apartment, you will feel the class with a high and airy living room, combined with marble walls. Interior design using marble helps to bring luxurious, elegant, and artistic beauty to your living space. Marble is one of the most beautiful stones, it inherently brings very natural beauty. It promotes its beauty and brings a noble and luxurious look to the living space. Marble not only gives living space high aesthetics but also has feng shui. Its balance makes it possible to harmonize all aspects of life, used extensively in feng shui since ancient times to create a feeling of peace and harmony, and balance.


Livingroom in the apartment

Comfortable living room space with outstanding highlights such as high-class wooden wall panels, large L-shaped sofa sets, or fancy copper-plated decorations. All create an attractive and surprisingly luxurious beauty of Diamond Goldmark apartment. Each of furniture in the living room is a special individual that resonates together to create the most perfect living space for the owner. Natural light fills the room with full-wall glass doors and double-layer curtains to help the Diamond Goldmark apartment be more airy, spacious, and liberal.


Using cool-tone colors makes the apartment look more luxurious and elegant. Besides, in this project, the living room is designed as a common room to meet the entertainment and rest needs of the family.


Common room of Diamond Goldmark apartment

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Architectures combine the living room and dining room into the common room. If you have your own design-related apartment ideas and would want to see them in visual form, K-render will provide 3D interior visualization services. Using a visualization service will allow you to make design decisions on your home before they go into construction.

Diamond Goldmark project: Working room

Architectures design the working room in a minimalist way and use contrary colors like white, black, and grey. Furthermore, the big window is utilized to make the room look bigger and have more light. 

woring-room-Diamond Goldmark-apartment

Working room in the project

Diamond Goldmark project: Bedroom

This project includes 3 bedrooms: one master bedroom, one for Mr.Hoang’s, and one for guests. Overall, the three bedrooms are designed in the same style: wooden floor and beige ceiling. Light, color, and interior materials are the 3 most important factors that are focused on and appreciated when designing a resting space for the family. Only top the best architectural visualization studios can render images with high realism for your house. The principle of contrasting and similar color schemes is applied selectively to each detail, thereby creating a harmonious whole but with accents, without causing a sense of dullness or monotony.


Main bedroom in Diamond Goldmark apartment

The grey-tone bed stands out among the high-class wood floor, attracting the viewer as soon as they enter the room. Glass wall combined with a tempered glass wardrobe and full glass ceiling windows make the space more spacious and airy. This design also creates depth for the master bedroom, which is one of the most effective ways to “trick the eye” in interior design today.


The guest bedroom is designed to make the occupants feel like they are in a 5-star hotel room

The bedroom for Mr.Hoang’s son uses blue as the highlight. Blue is believed to enhance relaxation and stress reduction. Thus, utilizing blue in the bedroom will be a smart decision that promotes restful sleep. Lights from the window make the room bright and airy.


Bedroom for Mr.Hoang’s son

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We really appreciate and thank Mr.Hoang for choosing K-render as the studio to render the design of the Diamond Goldmark project. Hopefully, in the future, K-render and Mr.Hoang as well as our potential clients will have many opportunities to cooperate with each other. 

Nowadays, with the continuous development of today’s society as well as the ever-increasing demand for housing, the growth rate of apartment buildings is also increasing. As a consequence, a large number of architectural rendering design companies and construction services are in the market. Therefore, for the perfect space for your apartment or house, choose reputable and professional units. 

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