Collin Celeste Resort With Biggest Place

Collin Celeste Resort is a project with a scale and area of up to 5000 square meters. This project is one of the biggest projects that K-Render Studio has ever collaborated with and implemented. Through the article below, we will introduce the 3D rendering product of Collin Celeste resort and related information.

Clients’ ideas

Based on the input data of the project, the following are the key factors that clients want us to emphasize.


According to the client’s original idea, the lighting of the entire Collin Celeste resort is mainly natural light.

Most clients prefer to use this type of light in their rendering products. By:

  • It will make the space of the building much more emotional and delicate.
  • It will help viewers feel the highlights of the artwork.

Collin Celeste Resort With Biggest Place

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The furniture in Collin Celeste resort

As with other luxurious style-based works, the main furniture of Collin Celeste project is wood, stone and brick similar to Di Interni.

The main colors of the utensils are brown and white:

  • These combined two colors are the trend
  • White and brown tones will create a luxurious space for the room
  • These are two colors that are easy to choose for the interior, and can also be easily rendered.

The furniture in Collin Celeste resort

The layout of the Collin Celeste resort

With a very large area of more than the T Place project before, up to 5000 square meters, the rooms of Collin Celeste resort are arranged very fully and comfortably.

The layout includes: 4 bedrooms including 3 small bedrooms and 1 large bedroom. There is also a karaoke room, living room, spa room..


The layout of Collin Celeste villa

In particular, the spa room and karaoke room are the highlight of this entire resort.

Rendering process of K-Render

So with the client’s initial idea, the artist will have to know how to render 3d in photoshop to create a final rendering product.

The space of Collin Celeste Project

Unlike the exterior space, the interior space of Collin Celeste is brighter and more luxurious.

With the main colors of white and brown, the rendering artists have re-enacted the entire open space of the house. With the technique of color mixing and editing down to the smallest details, they have somewhat realistically portrayed the final rendering product.

The striking white-brown color scheme of the entire space makes it worthy of a 5-star resort villa with an area of ​​​​5000 square meters.

The lighting of each room is also different. Spas, or bedrooms, and living rooms are mainly in favor of the light of the surrounding environment. Especially for the spa space, which is the highlight of the whole resort, the light and color of this place is also different from the rest of the rooms.


The space of Collin Celeste Project

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A room like a karaoke room will have more light. Because the karaoke room is a room that needs to be soundproofed so loud sounds cannot escape. Therefore, outside light cannot appear in this room.

Materials used in Collin Celeste

The materials that the investor wants to use in the Collin Celeste resort are mainly stone and wood.

As above, the main color of the house is white and brown similar to Ms. Ashley’s house project.

  • Brown is the color of wood.
  • And white is the main color of bricks and stones in the house.

In addition, to highlight the white color in the house, the rendering artists also paid attention to the details to create contrast for that material by adding a few black objects against the white colors of selected material used in the house.


Materials used in Collin Celeste

The artists also render wooden materials that are very similar to real life. We can clearly see the wood grain, the gloss of the wood used on the items.

The camera angle

Angle is also an important factor in 3D rendering.

The total number of rooms arranged in the house is 8 rooms. With such a large number of rooms, it requires animators to be extremely productive in order to keep up with the work schedule assigned by the investor.


Angle is also an important factor in 3D rendering.

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Depending on the area of ​​each room, the number of scenes as well as the shooting angle will be different.

There are small bedrooms, the number of shooting angles only ranges from 2-3 scenes. Larger rooms such as the master bedroom or the elevator lobby will have about 5-7 more scenes. A total of 8-10 scenes for large rooms.

In terms of shooting angle, Collin Celeste project all have extensive shooting angles such as the front angle, the left and right angle of each interior or the highlights around this resort.

Clients’ feedback about Collin Celeste project

  • About how K-Render works:

Customers after working with K-Render staff were very satisfied with the professional and punctual work of the whole company.

  • About the quality of K-Render’s renderings:

If you look at the pictures of Collin Celeste resort, you will be able to feel the rendering style. As well as the quality of that product.


Beautiful Interior in Collin Celeste villa

Customers have shared that they are very pleased with the final rendering and will be very happy if they can work with K-Render next time.


For projects as large as Collin Celeste resort, we have partly affirmed the company’s position in the field of 3D rendering. Hopefully in the future, our company will have more projects like this so that we can go on a long road together.

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