Armani Apartment: A timeless beauty of interior design

True design is not driven by time to be the vanguard of the times. Armani Apartment is the newest rendering project with a modern style interior design created by the K-Render team to serve a luxury customer in New York.

Armani Apartment interior design: General view

People always associate the interior design of luxury cars with a certain tradition, and the existence of Aston Martin proves that modernity and luxury are not mutually exclusive. Similarly, interior designers create works of art and maintain realism, which are eternal drivers of the times.


General view of Armani Apartment

When you step into the cloud, you can enjoy the tranquillity of Sanlitun alone. Based on the modern style in architectural residence, K-Render has created an Aston Martin-style cosmopolitan luxury apartment called Armani Apartments, to honor the classics once again.

Armani Apartment: Living room

“The meaning of culture is to spread shared memory over time. “

Armani Apartments is highlighted by clean lines and pure spatial structure. Lined facades connect to the ceiling, every movement of the furniture resonates from start to finish, and clean ink is everywhere in the space. Interior design, like Aston Martin craftsmanship, goes beyond attention to design, with every detail carefully considered to ensure a profound sensory response.


Living room

Around the ceiling structure of the empty living room, floor lamps with the flexible lines of the car windows extending endlessly into the car cabin, the space support structure and floor lamps and outlines of the city outside the car.


Living room of Armani Apartment

Armani Apartment interior design: Kitchen

The collision of black and white is an existence that is especially difficult to reconcile, but it does merge with each other. Black and white have become the main colour of the kitchen, the lights with curving lines create the track of a supercar, and the beauty of power is condensed between the bends.


Dining room

The large glass area illuminates the interior in daylight, the rotation of light and shadow leaves a mark of time in the space. The design of the kitchen uses a mini-bar as a transition to separate formal and informal dining needs.


Sunshine into the kitchen

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Armani Apartment interior design: Staircase

The spiral staircase resembles the keys of a black and white piano, the black metal lines outline the rhythm of the sports car, the transparent glass handrail and the white stone steps, simplify the complexity, forming a color filter, and finally back to nature: the light and shade of space and the intertwining lines, very meticulous light and shadow.





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All designs are as simple as the lines drawn on paper when creating Armani. Immediately, a concept is born and gradually enriched with lines and shapes giving new meaning to the eyes.

Armani Apartment interior design: Bedroom

The bedroom embraced by the Sanlitun skyline with an open and transparent border will give you a look out into the distance. You can comfortably enjoy the modern building architecture design between the surrounding spaces in the clear blue sky.


Overview of bedroom

Lines are the coexistence of simplicity and complexity. Simplicity is just a line and complexity lies in the different design semantics it creates in constant change. The background wall of the bedroom forms a rhythm in the strength, smoothness, interlacing and arrangement of lines.



If a design can solve problems, then adding aesthetics to the design takes care of all sensory experiences. Quiet solitude and warm communication, those indescribable emotions and times have long been integrated into life. The quality of life in every detail, even the longevity of the chair: ergonomic versatility wrapped in leather, family practicality and the brilliance of a sports car.


A view into the city

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The passenger’s heart is where the occupant lives. While advocating a high-quality lifestyle, K-Render integrates the art, philosophy and spirit of Aston Martin throughout, making it a dynamic experience and letting the beauty of design flow through every detail.


Working with K-Render Studio, we are happy in accomplishing large projects such as Armani Apartment. We are continually striving to give the best experience to our customers. It gives us great joy to make such a work of art.

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