Are cheap 3D rendering services reliable?

You are looking for cheap 3D rendering services suppliers who meet your capabilities. But you are struggling in choosing cheap 3D rendering services and being not sure about the quality or choosing the extremely expensive one but the quality is guaranteed? In this post, I will explain to you why there is a price difference among each source, therefore answering the question: “Are cheap 3D rendering services reliable?” which can help you a lot in deciding which is the promised supplier for you.

Cheap 3D rendering services: An overview of 3D rendering services.

Before getting into the idea that cheap 3D rendering services are reliable or not, let’s make a brief over the “3D rendering services” term.

What are 3D rendering services?

You just had an idea for a fictional game character, but it just popped into your head. You want a Western-style house that is both modern and vintage. You are an investor in a real estate project and want to promote early-bird buying before the project is completed. All of that is just in your imagination. But did you know that you can see these rendered in amazing detail without having to go there or make it in practice? You can stroll through a room with a gorgeous vaulted ceiling into a cozy wooden living room, step up a set of stairs, and turn a corner into a beautifully decorated bedroom with just the right lighting. You can hold real estate flyers like real-life photos. That’s where 3D rendering services come in and will help you with those fantasy projects.

That’s right, the pinnacle of 3D rendering is turning a concept from a page into an image with the same realism as a photograph. When applied to the fields of real estate rendering and construction, 3D rendering saves a lot of time and effort. No waiting for the model or trying to visualize the model to scale. Take a look at the following ways in which 3D services can benefit concept formation for you, your clients, and consumers.

6 Types of 3D rendering services in architecture

Below are the 6 most common types of 3D renderings in architecture.

External 3D visualization

The most widely used solution in the industry, 3D exterior rendering, is ranked first on this list. In fact, to show the exterior of architectural work, the investor frequently requires realistic and vivid CG images that fully describe the building’s details.
External 3D visualization is widely used in architectural and real estate design because it provides the most accurate representation of the project, builds trust with investors, and aids in the process of raising capital and obtaining approval. approval for construction.


Beautiful, realistic, and vivid images can also be used to attract customers and encourage them to learn more about the project.
Exterior renderings frequently emphasize texture, lighting, and the presentation of the building to be as realistic as possible. This will allow the architect and designer to fully communicate the project’s details to the client.

Interior rendering

Interior rendering, like the exterior, is critical in selling and promoting any living space. 3D interior visualization aids in displaying the layout of a specific space while clearly depicting the function of the interior.

An excellent visualization captures the true beauty of the interior, maintains a consistent tone and mood, and evokes the customer’s desire to be immersed in that space. Customers can carefully examine the furniture using a 3D model before making a purchase decision.


Interior designers supply 3D rendering services to convey every aspect of a design, from textures and layouts to style, tone, mood, and detailed lines. This type is one of the cheapest 3D rendering services among these 5 types coming

CG panoramas

There is no better way to fully show the location and convey the atmosphere of space than to immerse viewers in a real-time, 360-degree interactive experience where they can contemplate admiring every surface detail of the space through a panoramic view in real life.

This is currently one of the most popular architectural trends, allowing both clients and investors to discover the location, experience the overall effect, capture every detail, and move. In this vividly constructed virtual space, anything goes.
Because it involves rendering 2D panoramic images (panoramic) to produce 3D images, CG panoramas require more effort and time than any other type of 3D rendering. Converting 2D images to 3D images takes twice as long and twice as much effort as producing traditional CGI images.


However, the results are completely commensurate with the effort you put in when assisting customers in getting the most authentic experience of the space, enough for them to decide to spend money right away to own the property.
One of the most effective 3D architectural renderings is the CG panorama, which aims to persuade customers to buy by allowing them to experience virtual space in a realistic manner.

Products rendering

Manufacturers experiment with design a lot when it comes to product development, which necessitates frequent prototyping. Making a prototype for every minor change in the item’s design, on the other hand, appears irrational – it not only takes time to create and transport, but it could also be extremely expensive. Obviously, it depends on the project’s complexity, but with all of the expenses for materials, labor, and transportation, the final cost of the prototype could be thousands of dollars. As a result, manufacturers must devise a more efficient method of shaping product design and developing product concepts. This is where 3D technology comes into play – 3D product rendering allows modern manufacturers to create the perfect design while saving money.


As a result, manufacturers must devise a more efficient method of shaping product design and developing product concepts. This is where 3D technology comes into play – 3D product rendering allows modern manufacturers to create the perfect design while saving money on its realization.

3D Animation

3D animation is regarded as a short film that conveys a wide range of emotions and messages in each frame.
Any customer interested in purchasing real estate wants to see firsthand the rational and emotional values that real estate provides. To assist customers in visualizing the function of the furniture, 3D animation can show it from all angles with full lighting, layout, and material characteristics. Every detail, every line of the project, appears clear and sharp, allowing the investor to skillfully “show off” the project’s full beauty. 3D animation is a combination of visuals, motion, and sound effects that show every angle and detail of any space. This is the easiest way to connect with customers’ emotions than any other type of service. And of course, this one is not been served in the cheap 3D rendering services lines.

Virtual tours

The same with 3D animation, you need to find the best 3d rendering studio, and virtual tours are not cheap 3D rendering services. Depending on your needs, virtual tours provide a complete set of panoramas strung together as a video with text and audio. This extremely effective 3D rendering technique is primarily used in architecture and real estate. Virtual tours allow professionals to literally take clients on a virtual tour of the space, so the client knows exactly what the space will look like once it is built. This is very important in construction because it helps to avoid mistakes that cost time, effort, and money to repair.
Customers can examine every detail and angle of the project before agreeing to purchase it. Virtual tours allow you to change or adjust any details you want.

Virtual tours’ detail and realism make it much easier for architects to present their work to potential clients. The presented content is easily shareable on any media channel.

Expensive vs. cheap 3D rendering services? Are cheap 3D rendering services reliable?

We need to set the question: “Why is there a price difference among 3D rendering services?” There are six crucial elements to explain this diversity.

Project types

As mentioned above, with 5 types of architectural renderings, we will have different prices. With interior architecture visualization, lifestyle images are the cheap 3D rendering services among the 5 categories. Next is the exterior rendering. Exterior rendering has an open space layout, so elements related to nature are extremely important such as light, and natural reflection, … and the more realistic, the more feats. Ranked 3rd in terms of price is panorama visualization, 360 views, also because of the high requirements in technology and service quality. Finally, the most expensive type of visualization among the ones we mentioned are 3D animation and virtual reality. These are two types of visualization that are extremely laborious and require the high skill of the person performing the animation.

Turnaround time (TAT)

Turnaround time is the time period from the filing of a process to the end of the process. It can also be thought of as the sum of the waiting times from the time the animation company starts work to the first submission of the finished version.


The average and standard turnaround times for studios rendering an interior image are about 3 days. However, the shorter this time (according to the customer’s request), the higher the cost to spend. To have cheap 3D rendering services, consider and arrange your time reasonably to get the project started.


Usually, a studio will give you a standard of 3 revisions to get a completed project according to the customer’s wishes. If the problem comes from the client, constantly asking to modify an image angle or previously agreed material, then the cost of rendering will also increase. Therefore, be sure to go through each edit to have a complete and satisfactory project, which gets cheap 3D rendering services and saves your time.

Extra-3D render and customer texture

When rendering, animators or responsible studios will have their own 3D library. This library includes 3D images of objects from interior to exterior in architecture. However, if your requirements exceed the storage capacity of this library, i.e., if the object or material you require to visualize is very complex and uncommon, then it is imperative that the render artist manually edit it from scratch from beginning to end. Each of these handcrafted products will require a separate fee, and of course, the higher the complexity, the more expensive the price will be. There are no cheap 3D rendering services here.

The number of views

Each rendered image will be a view of the project. If you want to have a variety of views and perspectives on the project, you need to add views. The more views, the more you pay. The fewer views, the cheaper 3D rendering services.


The standard resolution of the usual studios is full HD format. However, depending on the intended use, vendors will suggest which type of resolution is suitable for you. For example, if you want the image to be used to print a banner to run your real estate media campaign, the full HD image when printed will be broken and directly affect the completeness of the campaign.

cheap-3d-rendering-services-7Instead, you should choose the 4K format, and also be prepared to pay more for this format, there are no cheap 3D rendering services.

Above, I have listed the 7 most important factors that affect the price of rendering services. There are other factors, of course, but they are not significant. It can be concluded that whether the price is expensive or cheap, it can not fully represent the service quality of a person or company providing rendering services, but only a part of it. If your project is not picky about materials, your project completion time is not too urgent for the animator, your number of editing requests is not much because you can accurately indicate unsatisfactory parts after each draft, and the number of images for a project is not much, etc. Then you can absolutely lose a very small amount of money and get cheap 3D rendering services but still receive a satisfactory and quality product.

Is Vietnam a cheap 3D rendering services market? Why is it cheaper than the others?

Surely, if you are an industry insider or a future customer, you will know that Vietnam is one of the markets that provide rendering services much cheaper than the general market in the world, while still ensuring the output quality of the product. So why is the Vietnamese market so cheaper?

Low labor cost makes cheap 3D rendering services

One thing to know first of all is that the standard of living and income of Vietnamese people, may sound unrelated, but the living standards and income of Vietnamese people compared to developed countries in the world are completely insignificant, despite the surprising economic growth in recent years. but that’s still a small number compared to the world. Living standards have an indirect effect on labor costs. For a simple example, Vietnamese students work part-time with a salary ranging from 20,000 VND – 25,000 VND ($0,84USD – $1,05USD), enough to buy a piece of bread, while Vietnamese students studying abroad in Korea working part-time can earn from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND an hour ($6,32USD – $8,42USD), enough to buy food for a nutritious meal with protein, starch, and fiber. In short, the low cost of labor in the Vietnamese market creates cheap 3D rendering services in Vietnam, making it an extremely attractive average price for international customers.

Low or free software fees make cheap 3D rendering services

Next, using free or cheap software and tools. This may sound a bit absurd and like “piracy,” but it is a fact that in Vietnam, cracking software and tools for visualization in particular and other professional fields in general. is completely possible and… normal.


Using the software crack, studios or freelancers can save a lot of outsourcing costs, from which the price for the projects launched will also be cheaper than the world market. Vietnam is a country with a serious copyright problem, but this has inadvertently turned Vietnam into a visualization market with extremely competitive, attractive, and cheap 3D rendering services. Of course, this is in the minority and often comes up in cases involving freelancers. If you are not sure about the quality, look for 3D rendering services companies that have professional teams. But think about it, you are a client looking for a cheap 3D rendering services company, do you need to care about anything other than price and quality?

Top reputable and cheap 3D rendering services sources in Vietnam

Vietnam is an extremely diverse and competitive market because of good quality and cheap 3D rendering services.

K-Render studio

With the motto “It’s not simply rendering, it’s the vision for life,” K-Render Studio is the best 3D rendering studio, always bringing visionary and strategic project products. K-Render understands and captures the wishes of customers and always meets the highest expectations. K-Render has a professional team and complete technical system to meet your needs. K-Render is currently providing the best quality services, from interior rendering, and exterior rendering to 3D animation, at extremely reasonable and affordable prices. We are one of the companies that provide quality 3D rendering services at a reasonable price. In addition, K-Render studio also has quite favorable policies for customers such as correction times, price in charge, etc.

Whatssapp: +84855555092


This is a 3D architectural visualization company with offices in Saigon, Vietnam, and Dallas, Texas. Their services include virtual reality architectural visualization, architectural design concept, architectural cad drafting BIM services, real-time architectural visualization, 3d exterior interior renderings, 3d architectural renderings, and 3d architectural visualization. If you know how to negotiate, you can also find cheap 3D rendering services here.
Address: 7th Flr, HUD Bld,159 Dien Bien Phu Str. Binh Thanh District, HCMC, VN
Tel: +84 908 637 455

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This is an extremely cheap source of 3D rendering services because it saves a lot of labor costs compared to professional companies. There are numerous platforms that provide cheap 3D rendering services, such as Truelancer, Linkedin, Vwartclub, Houzz, or relevant groups on Facebook. You will get thousands of options for cheap 3D rendering services.

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