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Architectural style modern is one of the top choices today. The blog will help you understand architectural style modern what is, its features, and future trends. In addition, there are a few examples of famous modern architecture in the world.

What is architectural style modern?

Overview of architectural style modern includes what is modern architecture, history, type of architectural style modern, and advantages and disadvantages of architectural style modern.

What is modern architecture?

Architectural style modern is a very broad concept that refers to different architectural works that have similar characteristics in terms of simplicity in spatial layout and free space organization. Asymmetrical, the façade eliminates the use of classical decorative motifs as well as the use of new materials such as glass, steel, and concrete.


Some image architectural style modern

History of architectural style modern?

Historical stages of architectural design modern:

  • In the second half of the 19th century, the beginning of the 20th century, in the development of the West, architectural style modern, in general, originated from the Enlightenment period, which influenced the thinking of architects. , they believe that it is necessary to create a new architectural trend that reflects the spirit of the new era and must overcome and shake off the shadow of the past.
  • Most researchers on the history of modern architectural styles of the 20th century draw their starting point from the birth of the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, (London, England) in 1851 designed by Joseph Paxton. The work marks a turning point in architectural spatial thinking, methods of using materials, construction methods as well as signaling a new beauty of the industrialization period.
  • In Austria with Otto Wagner and Adolf Loos, Wagner found the beauty of architectural form through technical and structural elements. Wagner’s works and ideas had a strong influence on architect Antonio Sant’Elia. Later, among Wagner’s students was Joseph Maria Olbrich, one of the founders of the Wiener Secession. In 1899, Olbrich studied at the Commune of Darmstadt in Germany with Peter Behrens, Herman Muthesius.

The movements of architectural style modern.

Architectural style modern includes Expressionism; New Expressionism; Constructivist theory; Functionalism; Minimalism; Desert or mid-century modern.

  • Firstly, the architectural style modern is the movement of expressionism. Every expressionist design is very personal. Expressionist buildings are characterized by unusual shapes and extremely rounded edges. Every architect in this style wants to create real emotions inside through architecture. It is similar to modern architecture because of its simplicity and the modern building materials they use like glass and steel.

Expressionist movement in architectural style modern

  • Secondly, the architectural style modern is the neo-expressionist movement. It is also closely related to the architectural style modern because of the materials used to construct it. Neo-Expressionism still uses geometric shapes but adds a bit of drama to the construction.

Neo-expressionist movement in architectural style modern

  • Next, the architectural style modern is the constructivist movement. In this movement, industrial parts were used in several designs, which is a new unique feature that sets it apart from other architectural styles. One can draw a parallel between the focus on materials in the architectural style modern and the focus on construction in Movement Builder. The materials and forms of tectonic movement have informed and inspired the modern designs we see today.

The constructivist movement in architectural style modern

  • Fifthly, the architectural style is modern is the movement of functionalism. This architecture dates back to the 1930s and emphasizes the way the building works rather than the decoration as the name suggests. Functionalism considers the people in the building and caters to what the building is used for.

The constructivist movement in architectural style modern

  • Finally, the architectural style modern is minimalism movement. This idea is at the heart of the Minimalist movement and the modern movement in general. The minimalist architecture movement took simplicity to another level. The terms modern architecture and minimalist architecture can almost be used interchangeably. Both movements affect each other and are closely related.

Minimalism movement in architectural style modern

Advantages and disadvantages of architectural style modern.

  • The function line is properly appreciated
  • Save space, materials
  • No cumbersome, frivolous decoration
  • Apply scientific and technical achievements
  • There is interference with nature (Light, trees, water, etc.)
  • There are not many forms of decoration
  • There may be excess space, due to being too wide

Top 4 architects of architectural style modern

Some famous and typical architects in architectural style modern. They are very famous for their works of modern architecture in the 20th century.

Frank Lloyd Wright – top 1 architects of architectural style modern

Frank Lloyd Wright is a top architect of architectural style modern. His works are famous from the 90s of the 20th century.

    • Personal information of Frank Lloyd Wright:

He was born in 1867 is an American architect, he is considered one of the greatest architects of all time.

He who designed more than 1000 architectural works and 532 architectural works, leaving mankind with a huge volume of works as well as philosophy and thought, is famous for his design philosophy that is not harmonious interiors.

    • Famous design building: 

The Guggenheim Museum in New York

Dearly publication of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture around the world, including the United States, Japan, and Canada. The Guggenheim Museum in New York is one of his most famous works.

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Tom Wright – top 2 architects of architectural style modern

Tom Wright is an architect famous in the 20th century. He is top 2 architects of architectural style modern.

    • Personal information of Tom Wright

Tom has designed some of the most recognizable modern architectural styles. He has made a significant contribution to the contemporary movement.

He was born in 1957 in London, attended the Royal Russell School and later the Kingston University School of Architecture.

    • Famous design building:

Burj Al Arab is architectural style modern

He built the Burj Al Arab, one of the architectural style modern largest in the world. The strength of Tom’s designs can be seen in the symbolism of his work, the symbol that defines Dubai and everything it stands for.

Ieoh Ming Pei – top 3 architects of architectural style modern

Ieoh Ming Pei is top 3 architects of architectural style modern. There is some information about him.

    • Personal information of Ieoh Ming Pei

Ieoh Ming Pei was born in China and immigrated to the United States in the 1930s. He earned a diploma in architecture while studying at Harvard.

    • Famous design building:

Pyramid of Louver, Paris is architectural style modern

Louvre Tower is architectural style modernHis work at the Louvre in Paris has gained worldwide recognition; he designed the famous glass pyramid that we identify with the Louvre today.

Zaha Hadid – top 4 architects of architectural style modern

    • Personal information of Zaha Hadid 

Zaha Hadid, a modern architect, is a female architectural force. She was the first woman to be awarded the Pritzker Prize and was dubbed the “Queen of the Curves”.

    • Famous design building:

Heydar Aliyev Center is architectural style modern

The Haydar Aliyev Center is one of her current famous works of modern architecture. The building has become a landmark of the region, both visually – with its powerful soaring white curves, and culturally – with a steady stream of exhibitions showcasing thousands of The civilization, history, and language that make up the culture of Azerbaijan. There are many famous architect design groups around the world are specilizing in architectural style modern.

Architectural style modern characteristics

There are as many distinguishing features of architectural style modern as there are many. These are some of the more popular, more extensive core features that can be found in several shapes.

  • The space of the highlight of architectural style modern is open spaces with spacious areas. Space focuses on both its form and its uses. architectural style modern, uniform structure, simple lines
  • The construction material of architectural style modern is a combination of traditional and modern materials. Clean and simple lines. There is no excess border on these and the textures are usually uniform and smooth. Steel, concrete blocks, iron, and glass are all common elements in modern homes. The building materials such as wood, brick, and stone have been used in simpler ways to highlight their inherent beauty.
  • Large windows and glass walls. Glass is widely used throughout the interior, allowing natural light to flow in, which is a highlight of architectural style modern.
  • Architectural style moderne is in harmony with the outside environment by the structure will interact with the natural terrain.
  • Asymmetrical designs are the distinguishing feature of architectural style modern. Large, smooth forms and asymmetrical compositions have been used by modern architects, who have designed them to be simple and without any additional embellishments.

The popularity of architectural style modern in the future

Architectural style modern continues to be popular to this day. Not only are the old buildings revered by architects and the public, but many new structures inspired by Modernism are being built.

Today, the modern architectural style is one of the top choices of designers because it meets all requirements such as open space, natural light. In addition, modern architectural style can be combined with other styles to create an ideal design.

In architectural style modern, it also gives people a certain orientation when they like it. use modern materials to create his home. Not only that, the combination with traditional materials makes the design modern but no less luxurious.

Currently, the modern architectural style has been raised to a new level with architectural style contemporary.

Top 4 famous building architectural style modern

Some of the designs carry the famous architectural style modern. These are world-famous community projects.

World Trade Center – Top 1 famous building architectural style modern

In 2001, the building was designed by Japanese architect Minoru Yamasaki and built from 1966 to 1971. Both towers are steel frames, covered by walls, concrete slabs on top of the structure, steel truss structures.


Top 5 famous building architectural style modern

To have such a great design, they used the professional 3d rendering service and 3d rendering for interior design with modern style.

The BT Tower – Top 2 famous building architectural style modern

The BT Tower, (formerly known as GPO Tower, Post Office Tower, and Telecommunication Tower) in London, designed by Eric Bedford and completed in 1964. This Modernist tower is 177 meters high with the Extended ‘additional truss system’ to 191 meters high.


Top 5 famous building architectural style modern

Louvre Pyramid, Paris – Top 3 famous building architectural style modern

The Louvre Pyramid is a giant glass and metal-frame pyramid in Louvre’s Cour Napoleon, surrounded by three pyramids. smaller tower built by Chinese-American architect IM Pei. Louvre Palace is located in Paris, France. The Louvre Pyramid, which opened in 1989, serves as the main entrance to the museum.


Top 5 famous building architectural style modern

The Fallingwater House – Top 4 famous building architectural style modern

The architectural design modern of the iconic house was inspired by Japanese architecture by Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935.


Top 5 famous building architectural style modern

Conclusion for architectural style modern:

The article introduced architectural style modern in detail.

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