An Exterior 3D rendering design – Collin Celeste Resort

Collin Celeste resort is a place with an area of 5000 sqm, is one of the largest projects taken by K-Render Studio in 2019. The article will focus on the factors that affect the work of rendering the exterior of the building. And as well as the difficulties of our rendering artists when implementing the project.

The light

The rendering photo will be placed in an open space. Because the time of day that our client’s demand is at dusk. The moment of interference between day and night.

If the picture is in daylight, the ambient light here will be different. Rendering artists may use different color and contrast correction techniques to clarify outstanding details in the design.

And the time is evening. Light levels are softer and most of the time we will have to use artificial light, which is the lights in the house.


The light of Collin Celeste resort

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Although it is an exterior rendering job, K-Render’s designers have focused on describing the interior lighting of the building. This seemingly contradictory work about producing a wonderful result.

In the context of a lakeside resort villa, located in the middle of a pine forest in the evening twilight. The project stands out brilliantly with shimmering light from the interior space. That is very open with the array of their big glasses. With this light effect, looking from afar the building brings a feeling of warmth and wanting to explore.
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The resort is surrounded by trees, so the main materials used in the design of this project are metal and stone. Both materials are extremely strong and durable.

To be able to properly represent those materials, K-Render’s renderers had to study very carefully to be able to visualize them. Because this is a picture of the whole project of the resort, it will be difficult for people to see all the details in the photo with the naked eye. That is the difficult thing for our rendering artists. They will have to use colors and techniques to be able to make the picture look exactly in real life.
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The material of Collin Celeste resort

In addition, in the design there is also wood material. Wood is the most difficult material to render because it has a certain grain and luster of wood. To do this, professional artists must know how to use palettes and color schemes appropriately. Pay attention to every little detail and give the wood a shine.

Characterized as a resort building in the middle of a forest, the project had to use thousands of small 3d objects. In order to accurately describe the landscape. And also trees around the building. This requires great software engineering and a computer high end workstation and K-Render is the company that has it all.

Camera angle in exterior rendering

The demonstration work located in an outdoor space. So there will be a variety of shooting angles for the rendering artist to choose from. Mainly the angle from the top to cover the whole view of the resort.

There are other shooting angles such as horizontal shooting from the front of the apartment or shooting right and left. The rendering artists will have to try to set any shooting angle that can see the entire design intent of the exterior project.

If taking from the top, you can see the entire resort and the details outside the apartment, the diagonal angle (left, right) will help people see more clearly the construction details of the Collin Celeste resort.
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After being completed in 2019, until now, the Collin Celeste resort has been more popular and wants to experience life in that area. As one of the units behind the success of the exterior project, K-Render Studio we always want nothing more than that our customers are always happy and satisfied with the quality of our products.


The camera angle of Collin Celeste resort

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