All about architectural design 3D you need to know

You might have heard about this phrase “ architectural design 3d’. This phrase is hard to define. But don’t worry. We will inform you of the definition, the benefits of it, should we outsource them. If so, how to select a reputable architectural design 3d studio.

Overview of architectural design 3D

In this part, we will give a general look of this term architectural design 3D from the definition to benefits of it.

Definition of architectural design 3D.

Architectural design 3D is a process in which the architect brainstorms ideas, designs and draws 3D at the same time by using the support of different software.

In other words, the architects do 2 steps at the same time. They both think about their design ideas and visualize it in 3D. It requires a lot of computer skills to do it


Architectural design 3D definition

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Architectural design 3D can be seen as one of the working ways of architects. Some get used to the traditional method: express their ideas on 2D drawings then use software to draw 3D. Some take the advantage of technology and learn how to design and draw 3D at the same time by using software.

Benefits of architectural design 3D

There are two targets who can take advantage of architectural design in 3D: architects and stakeholders.

Some benefits of architectural design 3D for architects

There are two obvious benefits of architectural design 3D for architects

Architectural design 3D saves time.

When designing 2D, to see the space requirements of an object, the designer must construct a seperate plan and elevation view, which takes longer.

When working 3D, the design completed in a single model. It saves a lot of time compared to designing 2D.

Architectural design 3D helps architects avoids mistakes

When designing in 2D, however, numerous models are often created, one for each view. Because information is duplicated when a design is done in numerous models, it creates an environment where more errors might occur. When a design is created in 3D, it aids in coordination for designers.


The benefit of architectural design 3D

With sophisticated software, the designer may walk through a 3D model and view the actual size and space of the design. It also allows the designer to see if their designs clash with other disciplines or current situations that they might not be able to perceive in two dimensions. The designer can also use the 3D walkthrough program to perform interference checks to see if the design clashes with other things in the 3D model.

The designer may quickly determine whether the design allows for equipment maintenance and operational access, as well as whether it solves safety concerns, by using 3D walkthrough software. This enables the designer to build a design that is more user-friendly for the end user.

Architectural design 3D helps architects increase their revenue

By taking the advantages of using architectural design 3D above, architects increase their reputation, their product quality. Hence, they have more chances of convincing their customers choosing their service

Some benefits of architectural design 3D for stakeholders.

There are two obvious benefits of architectural design 3D for stakeholders.

Architectural design 3D helps stakeholders follow and supervise easily

The designer can also evaluate a design with stakeholders utilizing 3D walkthrough software when designing in 3D. This is especially useful for people who struggle to visualize designs from 2D graphics. This gives them an idea of how much clearance and access they’ll have around a design before it’s created.

Architectural design 3D helps stakeholders make sure the whole process fluently

As I mentioned above, architectural design 3D helps architects save time. Hence they can finish quickly and earlier before the deadline.


The benefit for stakeholders of architectural design 3D

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Moreover, they also ensure safety standards. Stakeholders don’t have to worry and spend lots of money on repairing and renovating.

 How to do architectural design 3d

If you are an architect or a member of an architecture firm, you want to do architectural design 3d, there are 2 ways to do it: self-studying and outsourcing architectural design 3d.

Self-studying architectural design 3D

Try to avoid drawing 2D by using software. It is like you learn how to build up a new habit.

Some tips for you:

    • It’s only suitable for architect individuals, not a firm or a team. In case you are an architecture firm or a team, you should outsource.
    • Take it slow: don’t give up if you can’t do it initially, everything starts at 0.

Start with friendly user softwares. It is very important because it will make your beginning easier and smoother.

Outsourcing architectural design 3d.

Find self-studying too hard? Outsourcing is the best choice. This way is perfectly suitable for those who are architecture firms or studios and have a lot of projects that they can’t handle.


Outsourcing architecture design 3D

There are two ways of outsourcing architectural design 3D

    • Outsourcing from a to z, from design ideas to rendering
    • Outsourcing only rendering step

The advice here is to choose a reputable and reliable architectural design 3d. How to know whether they are good or not? Please read the whole article.

The reasons for outsourcing architectural design 3d

There are 3 main reasons why you should outsource architectural design 3d.

Architectural design 3D is cost-saving

When you work with an architectural design 3D, it’s expected that the cost of architectural design 3D will be reduced by 20% to 30%.

Reasons they can reduce 20% to 30% cost:

    • Architectural design 3d partners will cut the service price if they work for a long period, which is another point worth considering by design firms such as cost for buying software license and computers or the annual cost for updating software.
    • If you need a high volume of architectural design 3D and you cooperate with an architectural design 3D studio in the long run, they often give the discount, which also reduces your cost.

Architectural design 3D is time-saving

Architectural design 3D studios are all experienced, specialized in this field and equipped with high quality computers and softwares, so time will be optimal.

Instead of stressing yourself on starting to learn how to do architectural design 3D, outsourcing is quicker and more comfortable.

Architectural design 3D reduces opportunity cost.

With outsourcing, you can save time to reach out to more prospects. You and your team members have time for marketing, market research to attract more clients or have time for customer service. The more clients you can get, the more profit you can increase.

Architectural design 3D provides better quality products.

Architectural design 3D studios are experts in using design 3D software so their products are technically more beautiful and in high quality than their products of typical architects.

As I mentioned above, they are also equipped with high-quality computers or softwares to ensure their work, so the quality of their product is more optimal.

How to work with architectural design 3D

If you make the decision to choose outsourcing architectural design 3D, the key point is to find reputable and reliable architectural design 3D. This is quite challenging if it is the first time you do it. Don’t worry, you are in the right place

Criteria to choose an architectural design 3D partner .

Below is the list of criteria to choose an ideal architectural design 3D studios

Architectural design 3D studios must be trustworthy and experienced.

There are 4 signs that you evaluate whether they are reliable and reputable or not.

    • They have many years of experience

The more years of experience they have, the more professional and skilled they are. Obviously, you will want to work with an experienced architectural design 3D, right? You don’t want to risk your money and your time, right?


3d architecture design 3D

    • Checking carefully references from their past clients

Client feedback is one of the most trustworthy signs to evaluate a studio. Check it carefully on their website, social media, etc.

Some tips for you

    • Check reviews on their facebook, identify who reviewed them.
    • Join facebook groups related architecture, post to see feedback about that partner.

The advice here is to see whether their feedback is real or fake by checking clients’ identity.


Check client feedback- one way to find a architecture design 3D

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    • Checking feedback- one of ways to find a reputable architectural design 3d.

They have clear websites and social media full of information and are active regularly.

There is no reason why a reputable architectural design 3D studio doesn’t have a website or social media. If they don’t, no matter the reason, just skip it.

How often do they post on their website or social media? How quick do they reply to your messages?

Answering those questions before choosing an architectural design 3D is never superfluous

    • They are experts in architectural design 3D.

The sign to show they are experts in architectural design 3D is the quality of their projects, how they are knowledgeable about architecture and architectural design 3D.

The tip to know whether they are experts or not is to try to ask them a lot of questions related to architecture or architecture design 3D. If they hesitate or try to change the subject, you have to question why.

Architectural design 3D studios have to be good at your styles.

There are a lot of architectural styles in the world. No one can be good at every style. Even the most popular architecture firms are only good at some architectural styles like Gensler for modern and unique architectural styles, Stern and Albert for postmodern style, …

The key is to find an architectural design 3D studio which is experienced and skilled in your styles.


Check their portfolio- a way to find an architectural design 3d studio fitting your style

Check their portfolio- a way to find an architectural design 3d studio fitting your style

Some tips for you

    • Check out their portfolios.
    • Check out their blogs on their websites to see how knowledgeable they are about this style.

Architectural design 3D studios have to fit your working style.

You can’t underestimate this factor. Just imagine that you and they have different working styles, which leads to some postponements or delays or even worse, arguments.

Both sides are angry and have bad impressions about each other.

To avoid those things happened, you should check carefully

    • Texting is one of the potential ways to do that.
    • Take a look at their workflow.

Some helpful tips for you to deal with architectural design 3D studios

If you have done choosing a reputable architectural design 3D, it’s time for you to learn how to work with them potentially.

How to deal with price with architectural design 3D studios.

Some people feel shy when talking about price. But here we give you tips to give the ideal and fair price for both sides which is accepted and you can save money


negotiating with architecture design 3D

Some tips:

    • Give the first price 80% of your investment. Why? If they deny, we can budge them a bit by increasing your price up to 90%. Do it, you can get the deal.
    • Try to convince them by showing the benefits of working with you: monthly projects, recommendations, …

Some tips for effective working process

To begin, thoroughly examine their procedure on their website to determine whether it matches yours. If that’s the case, that’d be fantastic. If not, you’ll need to talk about it.

The advice is to use a client’s authority to force them to match your schedule.

Some tips on payment

You have to pay attention to the payment. The payment has to be clear and fair for both sides.

A reputable company never requires you to deposit 100% after signing the contract. If they do so, be careful.

According to our experience, with this service, they often have more than 2 installments: one after signing the contract, one before sending the final rendering.

Find those things not enough for you, check out 3d architect studio or 3d visualization companies.

Top 5 architectural design 3D studios

Based on the criteria abow, here is Top 5 architectural design 3D studios

K-Render Studio – one of the best architectural design 3D studio.

K-Render Studio is an architecture and 3D visualization studio based in Vietnam. With 10 years experience in designing and rendering, they become one of the best 3D architectural rendering studios in the world.

Styles: contemporary style, postmodern style, farmhouse, Taiwan style, Singapore style, Neo Semi classic style, ..


    • Architecture and designing
    • Exterior rendering
    • Interior rendering
    • Furniture rendering

Services of K-Render-one of the best architectural design 3D]

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Their strengths;

    • Time-saving : They render in a very short amount of time. They finish in 15 business days for a 1500 m2 project ( not including edition time)
    • Budget-friendly: In the photorealistic architecture rendering business, K-Render Studio offers competitive pricing so that all clients can immediately afford it. The pricing has been proven to be reasonable, allowing even a large project to go without hiccups.
    • Few editions: Due to its professionalism and comprehension, K-Render Studio’s service restricts the number of edition turns. K-Render Studio’s projects are often completed in less than three editions.

Famous projects

Some of famous projects are T-place project- one of the most luxurious building in Vietnam, Rillasante Projec, Casanova Project,…

MR.P Studios- a creative architectural design 3D.

MR.P studio is an Australian architectural design 3d studio which is found by the Asustralian architects Phil Horton

Their services

    • Exterior rendering
    • Interior rendering


    • Modern design
    • Creative design

They are often penthouse apartments, luxury restaurants, coastal villas, … etc

Find this list not enough, check out 3d architectural rendering design services

Brick Visual

Brick Visual is a Hungarian high-end architectural design 3D which is headquartered in the beautiful city of Budapest

Their services

    • Visualization
    • VR
    • Movies

Their projects: Architectural Animation Showreel 2020, Architectural Animation Showreel 2019

 Praxis studio

Praxis studio is an architectural design 3D studio based in India .

Their services

    • 3D exterior rendering
    • 3D interior rendering
    • 3D walkthrough animation
    • 3D floor plan visualization

Want to know more 3D rendering studio, check out architectural rendering company

 Arc Renderings 3D

This is an USA-based architectural 3D rendering studio. They provide optimal marketing tools for real estate agencies. Their team members are architects, interior designers, developers and builders

Their services

    • Exteriors
    • Interiors
    • Floor plans

Their projects: ARC Rendering 3D Interior Animation Walkthrough, The Harvard House.

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