Aether Wine Pub By K-Render Studio

Pub stands for the phrase “Public House”, which means the house for the community. At Pub, it often sells alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, cocktails, .. non-alcoholic drinks such as soft drinks, filtered water, .. and served with snacks. The current pub business model is attracting the love of young people, which is a pretty good market for investors.


Horizontal view for Aether Wine Pub

Pub designs often prioritize open space with outdoor space. At the same time, to ensure privacy for customers, most of the main doors and side doors will usually be made of wood or frosted glass, or decorated with curtains. The atmosphere in pubs is quite quiet, gentle, pleasant, combined with soft, melodious music, bringing a sense of relaxation, helping customers to comfortably chat, exchange and meet.


View seeing the street from Aether Wine Pub

In addition, pubs often do not have an age limit, so pub customers are often quite diverse, from office workers, young people, … to business people, the elite …. Pub has limited opening and closing hours, but can serve all day, from morning to night, to meet the needs of all customers at all different times.

Aether Wine Pub project overview

The Aether Wine Pub project is rendered by the talented CGI artists of K-Render. 


Dispensing counter of for Aether Wine Pub

  • Some basic information about Aether Wine Pub:
  • This project has a total area of ​​200m2

Diagonal angle of for Aether Wine Pub

  • The spacious bar space is designed with many windows facing the outside so that customers can both have the experience of drinks and enjoy the most comfortable view of the outside landscape. 

The main hall of for Aether Wine Pub

  • Outside the Pub, there is also a large yard for customers to chill out with friends more comfortably. The objects in the shop are made of 100% wood, bringing a style that is both classic and modern.


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