Aerial rendering: The powerful way to showcase that your design is a worth investment.

In this article, K-render will introduce one of the most mesmerizing kinds of 3d rendering: Aerial rendering. What makes aerial rendering so unique and why should the architects use this kind of 3d rendering? Let’s find out.

What is aerial rendering?

Aerial rendering or in other words you can say exterior rendering with bird’s eye view is a kind of CGI that CGI specialists create a visual presentation of commercial or residential areas on a larger scale, by setting the camera angle at a high altitude like the bird’s eye view.


What is aerial rendering?

The viewers use aerial rendering to see how it looks from afar and to create a map of the surrounding terrain and landscape, which also makes it unique and beneficial for architects and the viewers compared to traditional and boring rear, front and side elevations.


Another example of aerial rendering

In an aerial rendering, the viewer can see property’s surroundings:

  • Landscape
  • Roads
  • Parking lots
  • Surround lots and buildings
  • Terrains

Who needs aerial rendering?

With a variety of benefits of aerial rendering- real estate visualization services in the real estate and property marketing field, it can be applied to a lot of subjects .


Who needs aerial rendering?

As the overview of aerial rendering I mentioned, aerial rendering can be suitable for anyone who works anything related to property. They are:

  • Architects
  • Real estate companies
  • Investors
  • Developers
  • 3D advertiser and marketers.

Why should you use aerial rendering?

Let us tell you the awesome benefits of aerial rendering that you can get for your work and why aerial rendering is a booming technology in the real estate field.

Aerial rendering is a powerful marketing tool as it makes a sale

If you- the architect is trying to explain to the customers how their houses or the buildings look, just imagine who can understand and visualize the building with boring and traditional rear, side and front elevation. Hence, aerial rendering is a solution for attracting your customers and convincing them to choose you, not other competitors.


Aerial rendering is a powerful marketing tool as it makes a sale

Aerial rendering is appealing to the eye. Using them for outdoor banners and billboards posters will increase the chance of sale as it will give the customer the security and the trust. They can see their future home even if it is under construction.

Aerial rendering helps you to identify errors in your plans

Aerial rendering- Real estate renders is a wonderful approach to improve the finished product’s quality because it offers us a clear picture of what needs to be changed or improved. You’ll impress your clients if you can quickly spot any abnormalities and act on them.


Aerial rendering helps you to identify errors in your plans

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You can create your plan but you might have no idea what it looks like in reality because it only has lines, text, no color, no texture,..

Aerial rendering helps you to visualize the actual size of your buildings accurately

Nothing is better than seeing an actual size of a building by seeing it from above and seeing what surroundings are next to them.


Aerial rendering helps you to visualize the actual size of your buildings accurately

Aerial rendering can showcase the whole structure from top to bottom in a realistic setting, making the magnitude of the structure much easier to comprehend.

If your building is complex and has a large scale, it will be much harder to imagine just with boring drawings and how each building connects to each other.  You can see more aerial rendering via Bel Air Central- best project for real estate.

Aerial rendering helps you to see the entire design

This is the benefit that makes aerial rendering stand out from other exterior rendering services. No street view or close-up exterior rendering can let your client see the full pictures like aerial rendering.


Aerial rendering helps you to see the entire design

They’ll be able to see and scrutinize every design decision you make, from the geometry of structures to the finishing materials you choose, in this way.

Aerial rendering helps you see the harmony of the building and its surrounding

By using aerial rendering- 3d rendering for real estate, the architects and the viewers can demonstrate and visualize how the building looks in its actual environment and how the building connects to its surroundings. You can check out the Bel Air Central project picture above to see how the box, modern, simple-looking houses fit with their surroundings, the plants, the people and the park. They all create a worth living area.

The viewers can feel the beauty of your mesmerizing design

As I mentioned before, with all the advantages of aerial rendering for showcasing the design in an intuitive way, aerial rendering is one of the most powerful CGI technologies to demonstrate how great and mesmerizing your design is.

Aerial rendering can showcase your geometry building, landscape and its surrounding. Hence, the clients can have something to visualize your design.

Tips to help you work with a 3d visualization studio for the best aerial rendering.

Now, you got to know how aerial rendering can be so beneficial for your work. It’s time to find a 3d visualization studio that can work perfectly for you. Let’s check out.

The input you need to provide for a studio to create an aerial rendering.

For this kind of task, the client needs to provide us those materials:

  • The Sketchup files that include 3D models.
  • Some examples of renders you want. Not really a lot of 3d rendering studios require this material but as our 8 year experience, the clients often do not know what they want and they might change a lot. To avoid that, you should clarify what they can get, the quality they can get, the pixel they can get.

The input you need to provide for a studio to create an aerial rendering.

  • Google map location for the surrounding landscape. Visualization studio creates vegetation from it.
  • The angle of the customer’s requirement.

Regular workflow of a studio for creating an aerial rendering.

Let’s see a regular visualization studio deal with aerial rendering.

Dealing with 3D scene, lighting and camera angle in aerial rendering.

The first step that K-render deals with is to create texture and 3D scenes.

Firstly, the Sketchup files will be used as a base here to reproduce geometry’s houses in 3ds Max and add some extra 3D models of houses or landscape if required.

Most of our landscape style is plain, simple looking with various trees and few flowers added.

Next, K-render CGI specialists apply materials and texture to all the 3d models in aerial rendering.

For K-render, at this step we often let the customers review the camera angles so we can edit them and avoid any misunderstanding.

Applying the color, materials in aerial rendering

This step, it’s time for K-render to apply all colors and materials. After assigning all of them, K-render sent the clients for the second revision.


Applying the color, materials in aerial rendering

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For this revision, the clients can change what they want in their renderings within 1 or 2 days after receiving the draft. The correction often takes 2-4 days depending on the work volume of corrections.

Final Visualization of aerial rendering

After all corrections and comments, K-render will send the final visualization in high resolution.

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