The Astronaut Project From K-render

The Astronaut Project is the newest project that the K-render team has designed recently. This project is strongly influenced by the modern and luxurious design style. It is a vast assortment of well-designed layouts, upscale decorating concepts, stunning lighting schemes, gorgeous furniture, and sumptuous draperies along with some breathtaking architectural features.

About the Astronaut Project 

It is not an easy job for K-Render to design wonderfully in every aspect for a 1000m2 house with the owner’s highly particular and comprehensive requests. However, thanks to the rigorous, expert, and worldwide standard working approach used by K-Render Studio, not a single client has any discomfort or dissatisfaction with the outcomes.

We will talk about the design cost for our customer the organization based on facts regarding the building site for a villa interior design project and the client’s specifications. We will offer our client a contract to confirm and assure payment as soon as our customer accepts the design pricing. After that, choose whether to ratify the agreement as is or make any amendments.



Since this is a brand-new design project, our architects will present detailed design concepts as soon as the contract is signed, and clients will actively participate in the conversation to ensure that no request is overlooked.

The 2D and 3D interior layout plan comes next. There are two interior layout possibilities available to you at K-Render Studio. We will create a 3D blueprint to let consumers easily picture their room to make it simpler for them to visualize. Regarding the 2D floor plan, we will continue to deliver it back to the client so that we may submit it to the builder to finish the home while building with certain proportions and more expertise

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Thorough the 3D perspective sketch at the end to provide consumers a complete visual representation of every aspect and detail of every room in the property. He has a typical 3D perspective sketch with just information on the lighting and materials of each piece of furniture thanks to a 3D high quality rendering service.

Let’s awe at the exquisite beauty!


interior project

The living room in this Astronaut project is very impressive as it is light up by an eye-catching modern chandelier. This particular lighting arrangement uses various sized forms to create what resembles many stars in the sky. A red sofa can bring the warmth and close feeling to anybody coming to the room. 

To ensure that the house receives lots of sunlight, we decided to utilize two big windows. This gives the space a cozier, livelier, and more welcome appearance. This might be replaced as night falls by a breathtaking glimpse of the starry night sky. Large windows not only offer beautiful views but also enhance the appearance of the living area as a whole. They produce a cozy sense of space, which is ideal for the area where friends and family are meant to unwind together.


interior project

The kitchen is very big as the owner wants for reception. As we want to emphasize that the main point of the room is the decoration on the wall. When you or your guests walk into a room, your eye is automatically drawn to specific spots. This  draws attention and creates dynamic in a space. It can be used to make it feel roomier, to highlight a specific feature, or even to start a conversation.


interior project

The working room suite’s design adheres to a common notion of the rule of formal beauty in design in terms of its sense of balance, color, rhythm, and creativity. The atmosphere is serene, calm, and peaceful. The gray rug’s geometric borders and lines demonstrate the design’s originality and the grace of conflicting dynamics in harmony.

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interior project

The most impressive room should be the bathroom. It is covered with floor-to-ceiling marble, which is a cornerstone of luxury. Nothing is better than having a chill bath and having a look on the city outside.


We constantly make an effort to provide consumers with the finest possible service, designing items that are not only attractive and satisfying but also cozy for the entire family. K-Render – best 3d rendering company  aspires to work with more clients in the future that share values of always putting the customer first, offering a wonderful experience, and delivering high service quality.

K-Render Studio – It’s not simply rendering, it’s the vision for life.


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