3D visualization services: a solution for your business.

Let’s create a nice inside and exterior representation. With our own style, we will assist you in making your project stand out. K-render caters to the best 3d visualization services. 

Overview of 3d visualization services.

3D visualization is the creation of a three-dimensional graphical depiction of a product or a building that excluded the demand for physical models. The graphics are developed by software such as 3Ds Max, Sketchup, and the designs are rendered. 3d visualization services can be helpful in lots of fields such as the movie industry, game industry, games, hospital, engineering, manufacturing, and architectural field. 


Overview of 3d visualization services.

Types of 3d visualization services in the architectural field. 

Let’s talk about the architectural field, we clarify 3d visualization services into 5 types of services:

  • Interior rendering – showcasing the still images of interior spaces 
  • Exterior rendering- one of the most widely used 3d rendering services in the architectural field. 
  • 3D animation-a short film in which the main plot revolves around the design of some form.
  • 3D panoramas-putting the viewer through an interactive 360-degree experience in real-time
  • Virtual Tours- a film made out of a whole collection of panoramic photographs

There are two main services that are most widely used are interior rendering and exterior rendering. In exterior rendering, it has aerial render,  exterior rendering with bird’s eye view, facade view, street view,… etc. 

The benefit of 3d visualization services. 

With the help of professional 3D architectural visualization services, an architect may create a show-stopping photoreal presentation of a design with minimal work. Let’s discover what 3d visualization services can help you more with their benefits. 

3d visualization services help to create a top-notch marketing campaign 

Social media pages, portfolios, email marketing, and offline ads are compulsory to launch an effective marketing campaign. In order to have ultra service marketing materials, 3d architectural visualization services are the best choice for you. 

Using high-res 3d visualization services, you can benefit from:

  • Using those materials to post all channels
  • Many potential clients and investors will be attracted to your business.
  • The architect may show off not only current structures but also their visions for future developments in photorealistic detail.

3d visualization services help to show the best version of architectural designs

Architectural design plans often go through multiple changes throughout the whole project. Before it is selected for construction, the homeowner tends to adjust the plan to fit their hobbies, aesthetics, and their budget. Just by looking at the drawings, the homeowner might not really visualize their houses. It leads to a case that the homeowner might adjust the plan a lot, which the architects have to take into account even If they do not personally like them.

For example, a client may reject sustainable materials to save up fees. Construction materials are very important, because they not only affect the aesthetics but also determine the quality and durability of the work, and thereby determine the cost of the work.

Hence, 3d visualization services come in handy.

  • Only the best iterations are shown.
  • Photorealistic recreation of the original design
  • The design expert can present concepts at their best. 

3d visualization services help to visualize the design online as effective as offline 

Distance is not a challenge now due to the development of 3d visualization services.  It’s quite common that the homeowner and architecture expert to live in different areas or even countries. In addition, with the invention of the internet, remote collaboration is exponentially growing each day. 

But there is one problem. Your client might be confused with the Sketchup file and schematic drawings explanation through WhatsApp or Google meet. Both parties find it difficult to understand each other and the online format just makes it worse. 

Fortunately, outsourcing 3d rendering service come in handy and help you nail an online presentation. With photorealistic 3d visualization services, the architect can explain a concept easily by letting your client look at the digital renders. 

3d visualization services help to identify any errors in your design.

It’s not a rare case that the design looks perfect on paper but when it is brought to reality, it’s not as good as that.  A minor inaccuracy may go undiscovered during the design stage and only become apparent once the job is underway or completed.

For instance, the position of power sockets is not rational, which could cause fire hazards. In that situation, the architects have to fix it at their own expense if it is found out too late. 

It not only wastes time and money, but it also has the potential to harm the relationship between an architect and their client.

With K-render strengths- all CGI specialists are architects who have capacities to check your design and identify any errors. By choosing K-render, you can be less worried about your design, save a deal of time, and benefits the relationship with your clients. 

3d visualization services help to attract your clients.

It’s kind of boring if you just look at 2d drawings without any visual presentations and even worse, no one can understand how stunning your design is.  You can use visual presentations to post every marketing channel to attract your prospects.

K-render offer the best 3d visualization services

With 10 years experience of in this field, K-render is confident to be the leading studio that caters to the best high res 3d visualization services. 

K-render offers a reasonable price for 3d visualization services.

Our price ranges from thirteen dollars to a thousand dollars depending on the seniority of artists, the quality of renders, the timeline, and the scale of the project. Below is  3d rendering cost of K-render. You can take a look but just take note that it’s just a general price list, the accurate estimate is only made when we receive enough input. 


K-render offers a reasonable price for 3d visualization services.

 K-render provide 3d visualization services with the best timeline

With more than 30 CGI specialists of K-render studio, we commit to catering to visual photorealistic images with all timelines that you require. 

For 5 interior renders of an 80-meter square detached house, we can finish them all in 9 working days. That makes our clients feel incredible and amazed by our productivity. 

K-render CGI artists are architects who can understand your design easily and might give you advice if any troubles or errors occur with your design

K-render not only caters to rendering service but also provides designing service. Serving more than a thousand clients, we help to advise a lot of houses to avoid some mistakes or adjust the design appropriately for the home owner. 

For instance, the OSAMA and QODAMA project, 

They are the 2D functionality floorplans for OSAMA and QODAMA houses 

For the kitchen layout, we know that you haven’t sent us. However, we still give you references 

For the bedrooms of two kids, we have three options. Because of the difference between males and females, we have option 1 for each person’s privacy. For other options, which one would you like to choose? You can choose them for QODAMA’s sons. 

This is the end of our K-render article about 3d visualization services. We hope that through this article, customers would understand more about the 3d visualization services. 



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