3D renderings of Piccola Casa Project

A warm little house is the desire of many families and so does Piccola Casa. Understanding this, K-Render Studio has made every effort to render the house in accordance with the wishes of the owner. The design company used these 3D renderings to show the homeowner that their design completely met the owner’s wishes.

Our client’s design idea

Before starting any project, the first thing K-Render Studio does is listen and understand the meaning of the project, the message of the design as well as the wishes of the owner through the architectural designs house plans. And the same goes for this Piccola Casa project.

The layout of the house

Piccola Casa’s design is for a newly married young couple. They need to make the most of this small house to live in and have space to work. The design company has put all these desires into the house space.

The house is divided into 3 main spaces: common living space and working space and bedroom. To make the space more spacious, the architectural firm replaced the walls with glass.

The light in the house

The owner of this house wants the house to always be filled with light, especially natural light during the day. Therefore, the design company uses a lot of glass in the house so that the light can easily shine into the interior space. The K-Render’s client wanted to demonstrate the effect of using glass through the rendering of natural light.

Furniture placed in the house

As two young people with a simple lifestyle, the owner of the house do not want his furniture to be cumbersome and detailed. However, the furniture still needs to be fully functional.

Therefore, the design company has chosen furniture with simple designs and colors. Furniture such as tables and chairs, TV, refrigerator, kitchen, etc have 3 main colors: black, white and brown.

The 3D renderings of the Piccola Casa project met all the requirements

In order to embody the customer’s ideas into 3D renderings, K-Render Studio made the interior design rendering from the following elements.

The 3D renderings of the Piccola Casa project

A 3D rendering will be made up of many different elements. There are key and decisive factors to create harmony as well as the attractiveness of the space to the users.

  • Modeling

Modeling is the first and most important step of 3D rendering. This step needs to be done well to proceed to the next steps. In the small house space, the rendering needs more attention. K-Render Studio’s rendering artists created the space and furniture to the most precise proportions possible.

Objects that are near and far will have different proportions. Each rendered object is carefully calculated by the artists so that the distant object is smaller than the nearby object, but still maintains the relationship between the furniture. Objects in space are realistically depicted thanks to the reasonable proportions when rendering.

  • Light renderings

Natural light is used strictly according to the requirements of the customer and the wishes of the owner.
Natural light needs to be cleverly rendered. If you do not know how to regulate the use of natural light, the space of the house will be too bright and unsightly.
Understanding this, the artist of our 3D rendering studio adjusted the natural light in the house.

Natural light will not shine directly into the interior space. It shines into the house through curtains. Thanks to the curtains, the house is still filled with natural light but not too much light.
K-Render’s artist paid a lot of attention to the direction of the light, the light reflected on the furniture. As a result, the light in the house is gentle and harmonious with space, creating a sense of familiarity for the homeowner when viewing.

The main materials used in the house are wood and glass. These are two familiar materials that are not easy to render in full beauty and detail.

Each piece of wood and glass appears authentically by the hands of K-Render’s artist. The wood grain is meticulously redrawn so that there is no overlap. There are two types of glass used: clear glass and frosted glass. The appearance of frosted glass is so that the viewer can identify clear glass – a material that is difficult to visualize. This is indeed a worker’s ingenuity.

  • Rendering angle

The rendering angle is also an important factor for the most complete 3D rendering.
In this project, the artist used a horizontal angle. The horizontal angle gives the viewer the most overview of the space in the house, including the details of the ceiling, walls, and floor.

The creative contribution of K-Render that fulfilled the design

The design of the house is user-oriented with simplicity but still full of functions. However, K-Render Studio has realized a small problem of the design – the house has not had a highlight.

To create a highlight for the house, K-Render Studio proposed to focus more on the material rendering of the wall. The walls that seemed to just need to be rendered simply and in the right colors are now being taken care of by the artist.
The highlight of the house is the wooden wall. K-Render Studio meticulously rendered this wall in color and the light reflected on it. Wood-paneled walls make space feel warmer and more intimate.
This proposal has been approved by the design company and put into the house. This is also the point that makes the owner of the house very satisfied with the design.

Our client’s feedback

After receiving the 3D rendering products of the Piccola Casa project, our client quickly used it to present the design to the house owner. The owner of the house is extremely satisfied with what the design brings to the user.
“The lighting, the composition, the materials in the house are all perfectly represented. Thanks to that, our design ideas have been clearly expressed to satisfy customers. This project has been accelerated and we have more time to find and implement another project” – Our customers said to us.

K-Render Studio always listens to customers to create realistic 3D renderings that best match customer requirements.

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