3D renderings of a luxurious furniture showroom

Arredamento Showroom is one of the major projects of K-Render Studio. The design unit has made strict requirements for the 3D rendering of this luxury interior showroom. The article will show you how K-Render Studio did to successfully complete this project and meet our client’s requirements.

Arredamento Showroom design

Arredamento Showroom has an area of ​​1300 sqm. A project with such a large area requires rendering artists to have a thorough understanding of design to successfully complete the rendering product.


A 3D rendering in Arremento Showroom

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    • The design idea of ​​Arredamento Showroom

The owner of Arredamento Showroom is one of the pioneers in importing high-end furniture. Arredamento is his second showroom – where high-end imported furniture is displayed.


The working area in Arredamento Showroom

Since then, the design company has come up with the idea of ​​a large space with many different areas displaying interior products. These areas need to be linked together to create a harmonious whole.

    • Functional subdivision of Arredamento Showroom

Arredamento Showroom is divided into 5 zones. Each zone is designed with the aim of bringing different experiences about both space and interior products to customers.


A 3D rendering of Zone B in  Arredamento Showroom

    • Furniture in Arredamento Showroom

Since this is a high-end furniture showroom, all furniture products in the showroom are products of the most luxurious furniture brands in the world. These products are selected by the showroom owner to bring the best product usage experience to customers.

3D renderings of Arredamento Showroom – a luxurious furniture showroom

Arredamento Showroom’s high-end furniture products have become the stars of the showroom space thanks to the professionalism of the rendering artists from K-Render Studio – the top 3D rendering studio. How did the artists create the greatness of these 3D rendering products? Please read below for details.


Modeling is the first step in the 3D rendering process. This is also an important step, especially with high-end furniture showroom 3D rendering like Arredamento Showroom.


Modeling of each product is made as close to reality as possible

The rendering artists need to model the interior products in the most realistic way.

The rendering of high-end furniture products is not an easy thing. The ratio of these products has all been studied and calculated very carefully to create a perfect whole. You can see this talent in the 3D rendering products of the New Kenli Showroom.


Walk-in closet area in  Arredamento Showroom

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To perform well in rendering, K-Render Studio’s rendering artists not only understand the concept of space design but also learn about the high-end furniture products placed in that space. Therefore, the modeling of interior products has been done very well.


To highlight the elegance and perfection of Arredamento Showroom’s high-class furniture, K-Render Studio’s rendering artists chose lamplight to use.


The lamplight enhance the beauty of the furniture

The light focuses on the interior products. The uneven lighting in the space makes the viewer immediately notice the sofa, table, cabinet, or bed when looking at the 3D rendering.


You can see the light from the buildings through the window

In addition, the light from the buildings when looking through the windows also contributes to making the showroom space more elegant and impressive. You can view our interior rendering of Sunshine Apartment to see the talent of using light.


Material is an extremely important factor to show the high-class of interior products.


Every material is rendered with passion

Before starting to add materials, K-Render Studio rendering artists studied the properties of each material. As a result, the materials in the Arredamento Showroom are meticulously re-enacted and close to reality. The materials of the Dreams Ville project also impressively appear.

The feedback about 3D renderings of Arredamento Showroom

The 3D renderings of Arredamento – a high-end furniture showroom have been highly appreciated by both the design company and the showroom owner.

  • Design company’s feedback
    • 3D rendering products clearly show the design, contributing to highlighting the design
    • The completion time is short
    • In the process of completing the product, K-Render Studio always listens to the design company’s ideas to perfect the product.

A bedroom in  Arredamento Showroom

  • Feedback from the showroom owner
    • The 3D renderings show the luxury of the showroom
    • High-class interior products are highlighted
    • The details are realistic and vivid

Both client and showroom owner love the 3D rendering products of  Arredamento Showroom

3D rendering products always receive a lot of positive feedback from customers. K-Render Studio is very grateful to customers who have always trusted and supported us. If you want to be the next customer to experience K-Render Studio’s 3D rendering service, please contact us now!

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