3D rendering service and all things you must know

3D rendering service is more popular these days. Currently there are many companies that provide 3D rendering services all over the world. Choosing a company that meets your needs is not difficult. In this article, we will help you find out what a 3D rendering service is and how to work with a 3D rendering service provider.

What 3D rendering service is

Firstly, we will introduce you to what 3D rendering service is.

Definition of 3D rendering service

3D rendering is a technique of rendering images with 3D space, made based on the techniques of specialized computer graphics software. The 3D rendering provides realistic views and images for the viewer to feel more clearly about the things mentioned in the frame.


Suggestions about the space in 3D rendering service

3D rendering service is a commercial job, you can hire an organization or company to show the clearest view of a design you want. They will give you from simple perspectives to architectural ideas in the most specific way, bringing impressive feelings when associated with real life.

The urgency of 3D rendering service

Here are some reminds of 3D rendering service

For architectural design companies:

Using 3D rendering service for your company will help increase the company’s competitive advantage:

Nowadays, 3D rendering services are very popular among customers who are interior design companies. But in the market, not the company also thrives in this segment. Usually if your company is an interior design company, this type of service may be available. But it is unlikely that a 3D rendering service provider is an interior design company.


The benefit of 3D rendering service

Therefore, if your company goes in the direction of providing 3D rendering services, it will be able to attract more customers, and you will have a great competitive advantage over other companies.

The 3D rendering service helps them and the investor to have a common view and idea on how to work. From there, the two sides can re-unify as quickly as possible and bring the business of both sides to a good outcome.

Using 3D rendering service can save a lot of cost:

Some units want to hire this service, they have to hire a lot of interior designers. But they don’t understand that just hiring an organization to provide this service with experienced rendering artists in the industry. The rendering artists will have the task of rendering the exact design intent available in the way you want it to be.

Therefore, 3D rendering service is the most optimal solution for design companies in terms of both work efficiency and economy.

3D rendering service can save time:

To build an interior project, it will take a while to imagine what it will look like in real life. Instead of wasting time on those things, you should immediately hire a 3D rendering service provider, they will accurately redraw, use colors and materials in the work as you like.

This will save time for both you and your customers – the investors who are looking to bid on the project.

For customers (investors and retail customers)

Investors or retail customers of the design company will have a hard time imagining the scene of the building, the design is available without the help of visual images. Therefore, rendering the interior can help them distinguish the corners of the whole building. With the elements of tone, lighting, materials, composition, they will make the most accurate and easy decision.

The final product of 3D rendering can support the acceptance process of both parties. Because this can be considered as the commitment of the construction unit to complete the work with the same accuracy as the rendering product.


The urgency of rendering service

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Works or projects that can use 3D rendering service

Buildings that can use 3D rendering services are those with the following elements:

Large commercial building, many pieces of furniture (about 500 sqm of space),floors or more: Such works have large investment capital, detailed contracts, need to be transparent. So it is necessary to be careful from the stage of interior design ideas. Therefore, 3D rendering service is essential to ensure the correct construction according to the original idea. Specific commercial projects should have architectural style modern: Complex of hotel, resort, gym, restaurant, residential area, …

At the same time, buildings with too many details and interiors must use other methods of conveying ideas. You can’t convey that to the investor or retail customer that this room will put the table, how the light, etc. The 3D rendering is the solution you must have.

Some 3D rendering service

3D interior rendering service

The animators of the 3D rendering service provider will only focus on rendering, using editing techniques, color schemes, and natural and artificial light combinations inside each room of the building.


Some models of 3D interior rendering

In addition, the photography angle in the 3d rendering interior is mainly the frontal angle, or it can be the diagonal angle (right, left) depending on the area of ​​the room. The ultimate goal is still to give the viewer a panoramic view of each room of the design.

Exterior 3D rendering service

Unlike interior 3D rendering, exterior 3D rendering will only focus on showing more natural light. Since the setting of the building is outdoors, the renderings will require a lot of natural light. Artists will have to combine many lighting technologies to focus on the right focus of the image.

Besides, the shooting angle of the exterior rendering is more diverse than the interior rendering. In order for customers to admire the entire construction scene through photos, the rendering artists will have to use the top-down angle.

3D rendering service that combines both interior and exterior

This service is a combination of the two services above.

Animators will draw rooms in the house using the principles and techniques of interior 3D rendering. As for the outdoor spaces, they will use the technique in 3D rendering of the exterior that you require.

Things you must know about working with your 3D rendering service provider

In this section, we will help you answer questions regarding the 3D rendering service we are providing.

Clarify ideas and style for the project you’re working on

Shaping the idea and style for the project according to the customer’s requirements is extremely important and the first step you need to find out for yourself before contacting a 3D rendering service provider.

You need to know what your client wants to build a place like? It can be a private house, a resort, or a chain of restaurants, hotels… This idea comes from their personal preferences or the general purpose of the organization.


Interior rendering service

Next is the style for your project. In 3D rendering, there are popular styles that are commonly used: Contemporary style, Tropical style, Scandinavian style, Neo-classical style, ..

You need to let the 3D rendering service provider know your client:

  • What are they inquiring about for the performance of the artwork to be presented?
  • Do they have specific requirements for a combination of two styles of illustration?
  • What details need to be focused on, and what parts of the design need to be highlighted?

Need to provide material board for 3D rendering service

Next, you will need to provide the 3D rendering service with the material board. This includes the materials that you want to have in your rendering.

That would be even better if you can give the 3D rendering service provider a detailed material sheet. But if you don’t have a clear material board, they can still help you complete it. The rendering artists will also give their ideas to help make your material board and your project become as possible as they can.


The layout of 3D rendering based on customer’s idea

Note: In the material table, you need to show the rendering service provider specifically the materials corresponding to each interior detail in the design. From there, they can know how to draw and color the utensils. You only need to provide the materials, and the 3D rendering service provider will render them in the most realistic way.

Need to provide exactly the quality of the desired 3D rendering service

For 3D rendering services, the quality of the image is also very important.

With each quality like 1080HD, 2K or 4K has its own effect. If the rendering picture is made from the highest quality the better. Every customer will want to be able to admire the entire construction scene in the clearest and most realistic way.

However, you should still carefully ask your customer about the image quality they want. Because the price of each quality will be different. In order to get the most realistic and clear picture, the price for that quality will also increase.

Need to provide scene numbers of rooms and timelines

The 3D rendering service provider will need you to provide the scene number of each room. Usually the number of scenes for a large room with an area of ​​​​over 50 square meters will be 4 scenes or more. For rooms with an area less than 25 square meters, only 2-3 scenes are enough.


Exterior rendering service

Finally, you need to give the rendering service provider a deadline. How long does the project need to be completed, the timelines to finish each subdivision. You need to know the timeline to be able to control and monitor the rendering 3D service provider’s rendering process and directly contact your customers if necessary.

Suggestion of an 3D rendering service provider

If you are looking for an organization that can provide 3D rendering services, you can refer to the brand!

History and development of K-Render Studio

K-Render – The best 3d rendering studio was established in 2013. To this day, the company has implemented many large and small projects, combined with many large domestic and foreign corporations. For example, Collin Celeste resort, TPLACE project, Star Lake project, Euro Style,..

Strengths of K-Render – one of the best 3D rendering service

First, about rendering speed: K-Render team renders a project faster than other 3D rendering service providers. K-Render artists can finish a project with an area of ​​​​about 1000 square meters in 3-4 weeks.

Secondly, about price: Competitive price is another advantage of K-Render Studio. We all know that 3D rendering service are not too cheap, but K-Render still keeps the price in line with the market’s tastes.


The strength of K-Render Studio

Finally, about quality: The quality of the illustrations made by K-Render’s artists is undisputed. The artists are all people with many years of experience. So they have enough thinking and ability to produce the best graphic product.

Some of K-Render Studio’s best renderings

Star Lake project:

It is a lakeside villa project. This is the project most accomplished by artists. In addition, the outstanding elements of this project are the light space of the whole 3D rendering service. The most difficult thing is that the rendering artists need to adjust the light and color in the places where the light shines most clearly.

T PLACE project:

This is a project that combines both 3D rendering service, 3D interior and 3D exterior rendering services. Simultaneously, the artists of K-Render will have to render both the interior as well as the exterior according to the design of the project. Besides, the angle of the pictures shown in this project is also a notable highlight. In order for viewers to see clearly even the smallest details in the whole picture, the artists have illustrated a photo with a front view of the exterior. From here, we can fully understand the design intent of the creator as well as the ingenious rendering ability of the rendering artists.


T Place project of K-Render Studio

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Mr. David’s house:

This is a house designed by the K-Render team with 3D rendering service. The house with contemporary style is one of the most popular architectural styles in 3D rendering. You can see the rendering artists mixed many skills and techniques.

Ms. Ashley’s house:

Here is one of the best 3d interior rendering services that the K-Render team is proud of. Ms. Ashley’s house: The light, style and color rendered in this picture of Ashley’s house are designed by K-Render rendering artists.


Through this report, we hope that the criteria and suggestions we shared above will help you find a rendering service provider that reaches your demand.

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