3d rendering service: All you need to know

The 3d rendering service is popular nowadays and has become more important for marketing purposes. In this article, K-render will show you signs that show you really need a 3d rendering service for your business and how you can benefit from using it.

Signs that show you urgently need 3d rendering service

You might wonder “Do I really need a 3D rendering service”? I understand your concern because no one wants an extra fee If he or she is not sure whether it benefits them or not. Below are signs that prove that you need 3d rendering service right now.

Your in-house team is overworked.

You are in this case:

  • Currently you have a lot of projects that need to be done in a tight deadline. Although you have your in-house specialist team, they are not compulsory to work 24/7.

Your in-house team is overworked.

  • You have to ask them to stay longer at the office, work overtime and pay for it. Some of them may say Yes. But some of them can not. They might have their lifetime, their family or they may get sick or go on a vacation.

You have to ask them to stay longer at the office

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In that case, what should you do to get both projects done and not to ask your specialist to work overtime? The answer is using a 3d rendering service.
It can let your inhouse specialists team get off work in time, no conflict or argument about it. You can also handle the project well and timely.

3d rendering service is more beneficial than hiring a 3d rendering artists team

You do not have regular projects that need a 3d rendering service based one your target audience. Just some of your clients ask for them.


3d rendering service is more beneficial than hiring a 3d rendering artists team

For example, If you specialize in interior design such as hotels, houses, restaurants, bars,… CG visualization is a must, but If you specialize in residential properties, it’s optional for each project. Maybe you can satisfy your clients with basic CG visualization, drawings or mood boards. Or sometimes your clients do not have a budget for that.

In that case, hiring an in-house team for 3d rendering is not necessary and costly. You not only have to pay for 3d rendering artists’ salary but also pay for the office, where they work and purchase computers and software licenses.

You need realistic render- the third sign that you need 3d rendering service

Nowadays the majority of architects know basic 3d rendering and they can do simple CG visualization.

They can show dimension, proportion of architectural objects geometry with Sketchup software or Revit. For some basic projects, that is totally enough.


You need realistic render

However, using those simple CG visualizations is not enough for marketing purposes.

  • If you want to attract your clients, show how great your design is, stand out from your competitors, photorealistic visualization is needed.

High-quality renders- a project by K-render

  • High quality 3D architectural rendering services are only provided by visualization studios, which have many years of experience, train their skills for a long time. Outsourcing 3d rendering service can help you get done your work fast, realistically without your effort.

You need to attract more clients and do marketing-the fourth sign that you need 3d rendering service

You wonder how to attract your clients and how to make clients choose you, not your competitors.

Furthermore, you want to increase your brand value.


You need to attract more clients

The answer is 3d rendering service. Due to its benefits above, I think I don’t have to talk a lot about it, right?

You are not satisfied with your current quality of renders of your available expertise.

If you hire the right people for your in-house team, having an in-house team for your work is a good option. Finding a CG gurus-a rare treasure in your area is not easy, it will take a lot of time to find him or her.

The solution is use 3d rendering service.

  • Outsourcing 3d rendering service is much better.
  • You have no limit for choosing any expertise, experience and artistic style. You just need to check their portfolio and choose who fits you.

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How can 3d rendering service support your work?

Now, you are sure that 3d rendering is compulsory for your business. How can they benefit you? Let’s find out with K-render.

3d rendering service helps to attract more clients

Human brain is drawn by pictures and images more than others.

When a customer looks at 2D drawings, they won’t be able to see the design’s size and depth.


3d rendering service helps to attract more clients

Rendering services for 3D architecture can help.

  • The photos can be displayed in their natural environment.
  • A flat blueprint is less enticing to clients. You nearly feel as if you’re looking at the real thing.
  • It’ll always be preferable to staring at scribbles.

 3d rendering service helps to visualize the design realistically

One of the most significant disadvantages of 2D pictures is that you are still looking at measurements and theoretical designs.


The design of the kitchen


The render of the kitchen

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You never know how well those calculations will hold up in practice. You won’t be able to put those designs to the test until you’re on the battlefield.

When showing the design to clients, this creates a problem.

  • They may be oblivious to the wider picture. They might not be able to comprehend all of the details of a complicated 2D plan.
  • You can avoid these issues if you use 3D architecture rendering services.
  • You’re more likely to receive client approval quickly using 3D renderings than you were before.

3d rendering service helps to find the problems easily

Aside from the feedback of the clients that you need to correct and change, there may be other issues that you can identify before the job is started.

  • By using a 3d rendering service, you can see If there are any problems with stability or integrity or anything else.
  • You can use test audiences to check if there is a lack of space or if the design is unpleasant.
  • You’ll be able to identify all of these issues prior to the start of construction. The company will save both time and money as a result of this. Making big architectural alterations while people are already on the job is the worst case scenario.

 3d rendering service helps you to work with client’s feedback easier.

Putting yourself in a client’s situation is very crucial for a design project. However, if they don’t fully comprehend the technical components, it may be tough for them to articulate their wishes and thoughts.

Furthermore, because your clients are unable to understand schematic drawings effectively, they may be even more perplexed.


3d rendering service helps you to work with client’s feedback easier.

On the other side, using 3D interior rendering, you won’t have to go into great detail with your clients about all of the intricacies.

  • You may just show them all of the functional solutions on a photorealistic graphic, and they will speak for themselves.
  • Customers will be able to comprehend your idea and get much more involved in the creative process if you do it this way.
  • Plus, before accepting a project, they’ll be able to point out any adjustments they think you should make. As a result, communication will run considerably more smoothly throughout the entire process.

Why should you choose K-render for 3d rendering service?

Serving thousands clients. K-render is proud to be the leading studio in Vietnam providing high quality 3d rendering service.

K-render has 8 year experience in 3d rendering service.

Established in 2013, K-render has gained 8 years experience in the visualization field and we have finished more than hundred big projects, serving more than thousand clients from all walks of life.


K-render has 8 year experience in 3d rendering service.


Some big projects by K-render

Some of our big projects are Flamingo projects, KDI projects,…

 K-render has 50 professional CG specialists in 3d rendering service

With 50 professional CG specialists who are well-trained and gain more than 5 year experience in 3d rendering service, K-render has capability to serve big scale projects such as hotel complexes, ressorts, …etc.

K-render can provide 3d rendering service in tight deadline

With more than 50 CG specialists, it is understandable why we can finish your project in a tight deadline. For a 1000m2 project, we can finish it in 3 weeks.

We have reasonable pricing for 3d rendering service.

Below is the price list of our 3d rendering service. However, the price will change depending on each particular project such as the scale of the project, the quality of the renders: medium complexity or high complexity, the quantity of the renders or particular requirement for style, timeline.


A price list of K-render

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Those factors listed will affect the cost of 3d rendering service.

We are architects

Our CG specialists are architects, which means they do not only specialize in CGI but also design.
With that strength, we can

  • delve into your drawings and understand the design ideas and convert the ideas in renders, the presentation.

K-render’s projects

  • Find errors or problems of your drawings
  • Create the renders accurately like your drawings
  • Understand the style and convert it into the renders
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