3D rendering products of New Kenli Showroom

Following the success of the two previous Kenli showrooms, the New Kenli showroom was born. K-Render Studio is once again responsible for creating 3D renderings of this showroom for the design company and showroom owner to get an overview of the upcoming showroom.

The design idea of the New Kenli showroom

Design ideas are always the top factor K-Render Studio cares about. We know that only deeply understanding new design ideas can create 3D products that are exactly what our customers want.

    • Functional subdivision of New Kenli showroom

The space of the New Kenli Showroom is divided into 3 floors. The first floor is the lobby and kitchen furniture display space. The 2nd and 3rd floors are both places to display high-end sofa sets.


The lobby of New Kenli showroom

    • Light in New Kenli showroom

In order to highlight the elegance of the furniture, the design company wanted light to be used appropriately by our interior rendering studio. Light is the element that enhances the beauty of the furniture and creates harmony for the space with many different types of sofas.


Light enhances the beauty of the sofa

    • Luxury furniture in New Kenli showroom

Furniture in the New Kenli Showroom is all high-class furniture imported from abroad. These are furniture whose proportions, materials, and colors are almost perfect.


High-end furniture in New Kenli showroom

Therefore, the client of K-Render Studio wants this high-end to be clearly expressed through 3D rendering.

The 3D rendering products of the New Kenli Showroom

New Kenli showroom’s 3D rendering products are highly appreciated by customers for the authenticity and elegance it brings. So what factors make these 3D renderings perfect?

Modeling in 3D renderings of New Kenli Showroom

The first factor that contributes to the perfection of 3D rendering is modeling.
Furniture products in the New Kenli showroom are all high-class furniture. Their proportions have been calculated to be perfect. Therefore, rendering the image closest to that ratio is a challenge for the rendering artists,


Modeling of the furniture is almost perfect

K-Render Studio’s rendering artists studied the furniture’s ratios thoroughly before rendering as in 3D rendering products of Sunshine Apartment. During the rendering process, the artist constantly compares the proportions in real life so that the shape of the furniture is closest to reality.

The light enhances the beauty of the furniture

The lighting in the New Kenli showroom needs to enhance the beauty of the interior and K-Render Studio has done this.


The light enhances the beauty of the furniture displayed in the showroom

There are different types of lights in the New Kenli showroom. Therefore, the light distribution of each area will be different. You can see the natural light in our Taiwanese House project. The light focuses on the displayed furniture products, exalting the beauty of materials and colors.


Kitchen area in the New Kenli showroom

There are two types of lighting used in the New Kenli showroom: yellow light and white light. Yellow light is used in the sofa display area. This helps high-end products stand out. You can also see the talents of rendering materials in the interior rendering of The Luce Del Sole. White light appears in the area of ​​​​the desk and the toilet – two spaces that need bright light. Such a lighting arrangement is extremely reasonable.

Materials in New Kenli Showroom

The materials of high-class furniture are all rendered by the artists of K-Render Studio in the most realistic way.


The first floor of the New Kenli Showroom

The color, gloss, and detail of the materials are all meticulously rendered. It is this that makes viewers seem to see high-class sofa sets right in front of their eyes.

Our client’s feedback for the 3D rendering products of the New Kenli Showroom

This is the third time the client has cooperated with K-Render Studio. Like the previous two times, customers are very satisfied with the 3D rendering service provided by K-Render.


K-Render studio received good backs from our clients

    • Products always meet the criteria given by customers. In terms of product quality as well as product spirit, customers are satisfied.
    • Quick completion time. The projects done by K-Render Studio are completed on time.

The outdoor of New Kenli showroom

    • Reasonable prices. K-Render Studio offers a good price policy in the following collaborations. This is a point that makes customers very satisfied.

The 3D rendering that satisfied our client

K-Render Studio always wants to bring the best 3D rendering service experience to customers. If you are looking for a 3D rendering service provider, do not hesitate to contact us.

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