Star Lake Project – An 3D Rendering Product

The Star Lake project has been prepared by our K-Render – 3D rendering studio and completed in just over 1 month. In this article, we will introduce and help you have a closer look at the Star lake villa. Through this project, once again K-Render we always want to send our sincere thanks to our clients who have always trusted in us so that we can grow up like today.

Why Star Lake?

The reason this project is named “Star Lake” is because the idea of ​​the villa is associated with the stars. Star lake is a river full of stars. In fairy tales, mentioning the stars in the river are the two details that make you feel peaceful, relaxing and dreamy. Maybe that’s why the name Star lake was taken from this meaning.

Important factors in the Star Lake rendering process

Here are the important things in the rendering process of the Star Lake project.


Space is the most important factor in the 3D rendering process.

Open space in rendering is used the most. For the Star Lake project, the rendering artists not only needed to use technology to expand the area of the room. But also applied many other techniques.

For example, the technique of setting the shooting angle. In this villa, the horizontal angle is the most suitable. Because it will help the viewer to feel the coverage of the whole room and clearly see every detail depicted on the overall picture.. Such as ceiling, wall, furniture…

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Star Lake Project rendered by K-Render artists

How to use light

The lighting used in the Star Lake project is mainly natural light. Villas placed in a space filled with natural light will become more splendid and spacious. Ambient light will also help to make the points that the designer wants to focus on clearer and more attractive to the viewer.
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For rooms that need natural light according to the available design, our rendering artists will have to place different points of view in every corner of the room.

The most difficult thing is that the rendering artists need to adjust the light and color in the places where the light shines most clearly. As for the places where the light doesn’t shine, our rendering artists need to make it darker, but in general, the viewer still has to see every detail inside that room.

Interior details and materials

Besides the two most important factors are the space and light of the house. Next we will introduce another feature that is the interior details of the Star Lake villa.

Each appliance is made from its own materials. In order to properly render the intention of the design, the rendering artists had to carefully study each material. Besides, with many years of experience, they completely have enough knowledge to reinterpret the design intentions of clients.

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The rendering artists combined the application of construction techniques, as well as the skills of color correction and color correction. With wood materials, they will use brown color and create the gloss of wood for that furniture. About stone materials, they will use black and white colors. In the material being metal, they will use the dark blue color for the utensils.. so that the furniture becomes the most authentic.


All of the factors that used in this project

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It’s not just a 3D architectural rendering studio like us – K-Render can bring great experiences to clients. But they are also the ones who bring more valuable experiences to us – the people doing the rendering work. Indeed, the Star Lake villa project is the result of all our staff as well as our clients – who have brought such a great idea. So what are you waiting for, contact us to own the most beautiful illustrations!

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