3d rendering house: 6 tips to create realistic 3d house renderings

Whether you are an amateur or a professional 3d rendering artist, you must have spent a lot of time learning how to make a realistic 3d rendering house. However, practice makes perfect! We hope the 6 tips for house rendering we provide below will help you in this hard work.

What is the 3d rendering house service?

The 3d rendering house service takes a 2D image and turns it into 3D through a digital wireframe model. Then, computer artists apply realistic colors, materials, and textures to the model, as well as proper lighting and the accompanying shading.

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Why do we need 3d rendering house service?

The boom of the real estate market has brought many attractive career opportunities to 3d rendering house designers. From high-end resorts and apartments to townhouses, there is a need for skillful arrangements of interior animators.


3d rendering houses

Imagine you are the investor of a luxury apartment project. You only have the technical drawings of the building, but you have not completed the construction of the whole building. So, how can you market to buyers, help them envision the future of your apartment, and buy yours? At this point, you need to hire a 3d rendering house service, including rendering the exterior and interior to simulate the completed apartment, including rooms with tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, etc. Thus, you will have an image of the future apartment authentically to market to your customers.

2 things to focus when doing 3d rendering house service

Learning to make a realistic 3d rendering house is like studying subjects, you need to pay attention to a few things if you don’t want to make a “fake-looking” rendering.

Pay attention to the “Photorealism” perspective

To create a realistic 3d house rendering, “Photorealism” is a must-have focus. The closer the settings you create to reality, the more realistic the results will be. In other words, if the exposure, camera, and lighting settings are not correct and far from reality, the results will turn out unreal.


“Photorealism” in rendering

It is very important to achieve optimal rendering quality that you need to know what factors affect the quality of photos taken in reality. After acquiring this knowledge, you can apply them to rendering. This is the most important focus when you offer a 3d rendering house service.

Be aware of the entire process

When working on a 3d rendering house project, you need to know clearly what you are doing, whether it is in accordance with the wishes of the customers or not. From ideation and modeling to rendering images, you have to carefully understand the requirements and control your work at every step. Or not, you are forced to perform settings randomly, this trial and error process will take a lot of time and effort, and it does not guarantee the results will be as you want.

3d rendering house: 6 tips to create realistic 3d house renderings

What is your approach on this matter? What are the 6 important factors we need to keep in mind when working on a 3d rendering house project?

Tip 1: Giving a consistent style throughout the project

In order to create a realistic and quality render, it is first necessary to have an idea of a consistent style. This style includes colors, themes, materials, layouts, etc that will be used throughout the project.


Rendering with a consistent style

So, what are the different design styles? For example, we will choose to render a royal-style building with yellow tones, copper, and gold materials, with a luxurious, antique style; instead of using white and black tones, minimalist materials like the minimal style.

Tip 2: Focusing on scale and composition

“If the story is king, the composition is queen in a work of rendering.”
Without a coherent layout, the story will become disjointed or will become boring. The term “composition” means “to put things together”. This principle applies to all forms of art, from painting to music, from poetry to photography, and of course, 3d architectural renderings services as well.


Focusing on scale and composition

Some of the basic types of layouts that we can list right away are symmetry, hierarchy, rhythm, repetition, axis, etc. Or the layout can be based on topics such as form, scale, space, organization, proportion, etc.
In 3d rendering house services, “scale and composition” refers to how the individual parts of a building relate to each other and to how the overall building relates to its site and to people.


Create the relation between objects

In order to create a realistic 3d house rendering, you should:

  • Change the scale as you get closer to the house: Rather than keeping everything large or grandly overwhelming, scale down the size of the architectural details and compress the space between them
  • Use a proportional system to establish dimensions: The ceiling height and room width of this design were determined using the golden section, a proportional system that’s been used for thousands of years. Because it is found in nature, it is generally considered to have the most pleasing proportions.

Tip 3: Focusing on color and mood

Having harmonious colors is also a key element to create a realistic 3d rendering house. It’s the fact that color and mood are the two elements that go hand in hand in work. You can’t render a house with colors that are too different from reality or don’t have the same shade as the surroundings. In addition, depending on the time you choose to render the house, the color of it must also match the lighting conditions. If at night, a house cannot be as bright as when it is sunny during the day.


Focusing on color and mood

Color affects shade and vice versa. It is best to come up with a suitable color theme before you start to work on a 3d rendering house project. Besides, it’s also necessary to decide what moment you choose to render. Then, your work will have a very appropriate nuance when finished.

Tip 4: Focusing on the lighting balance

Lighting is the most important factor to create a realistic 3d rendering house. Light has also been the most important element in painting and photography for centuries. Since every painting, rendering or photograph is generally a 2D image, the visualization of the three-dimensionality is recreated thanks to the law of perspective, especially thanks to the light.


Lighting condition at daytime

Light helps to display and create effects of lines and shapes. In photography, you use light to display an image, create contours, balance light/shadow, and emphasize and highlight certain areas while leaving the rest in the shadow. This process requires awareness of the world around you, and that’s what it is.


Lighting condition at nighttime

Lighting is key. When working on a 3d rendering house service, we need to correctly use different lighting conditions depending on the requirements as well as the context or material characteristics: Outside light, light from indoor lights, combined light, etc. We need to pay attention to the right lighting factor so that the rendered image is as realistic as when we take a photo.

Tip 5: Focusing on the texture

It’s safe to say that a 3D rendering house is lifeless without the appropriate textures. Textures can improve the quality of 3D art dramatically. They give life to the boring and lifeless polygons in a 3D model. Simply put, texturing an object is the addition of color, shininess, grittiness, transparency, etc on the surface of an object to make it look real.


Focusing on the texture

While texturing an object, we need to remember all the real-world fundamentals to make the 3D object/model look and behave as realistic as possible.

Tip 6: Don’t skip the post production

Remember that when working on a 3d rendering house service, don’t skip the post-production stage. Please check that all lighting conditions, materials, colors, composition, and styles are used correctly and in harmony with one another. A realistic 3d house rendering needs to be right first, then consider whether it’s beautiful or not. Sometimes it also needs to have emotional value and satisfy the client’s needs.

4 common mistakes when creating 3d rendering house

  • Light sources are everywhere (keep in mind that this is a light source, not a “light”)
  • Hidden or moving light sources in the middle of a scene
  • Inappropriate exposure/adjustment in backgrounds
  • The textures are not properly proportioned

K-render studio: The best choice for a 3d rendering house service

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